Eugene Abungana
Eugene Abungana Investment Analyst, Financial Analyst, and Institutional Trader
107 Articles

Eugene is an investment analyst, MQL developer, financial trader and an expert in blockchain technology. He is a graduate in…

Julien Ross
Julien Ross Crypto Enthusiast
23 Articles

Julien is a digital experience writer and storyteller building bridges between his new love for the crypto space and his…

Kevin OBrien
Kevin O'Brien Web3 & DeFi Writer
16 Articles

Kevin is a native Texan focusing on DeFi, Web3 & NFT content. He’s written for Bitcoinist, CCN, CryptoGlobe and for…

Vlad Hategan
Vlad Hategan NFT Gaming Specialist
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Vlad is a cryptocurrency expert and social media specialist. With a focus on cryptocurrency culture and how network variables affect…

Will Wood
Will Wood Crypto Gambling Expert
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Will is a professional writer who has been active in the crypto space since 2016. With a growing portfolio and…