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Josip Putarek

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Josip is a crypto writer, content/website manager, blockchain industry follower and supporter who also likes to create and collect NFTs. His crypto journey started back in 2017 during the altcoins season where he made his first contribution in the industry. Since then, he has been working in various crypto departments such as Social Media and Marketing, while his last focus is on crypto gambling.

2017 January

The Beginning

First learnt about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, also had his first contribution in projects ICO.

2018 January


Started interacting, creating and collecting NFTs.

2019 January

iGaming Experience

Started creating affiliate websites and expanding his knowledge in the iGaming industry.

2021 January

Web3 Community Manager

Managed marketing and social media channels (Discord & Telegram) for crypto projects.

2022 January


Joined the dappGambl team in December.