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Vlad Hategan

Vlad Hategan

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Vlad has been active in the crypto space since early 2013 with a hands-on approach since late 2017. His focus has always been being able to showcase the value crypto brings to our digital landscape. That’s why he tried almost every possible category from mining to NFT and ICOs – back in the day. In short, he enjoys every part of the blockchain space, from the community to the nitty gritty technological details.

What is Your Crypto Background?

It was 2010 when I first heard of Bitcoin and started reading about the use case of blockchain technology. In 2013 I started mining Bitcoin and Litecoin in my living room with 2GB video cards – yes, it was that easy to mine Bitcoin. After the first crash of 2014, I stepped back and began HODLing tokens. During the first major bull run of 2017, I started getting involved with crypto working and providing writing services for ICO projects – this involved creating market research report on tokens like TRON and NEO and creating blog posts for blockchain companies. By 2017 I also started mining Ethereum again using GPU video cards and Ravencoin, Doge, and other PoW tokens. Since 2018, I’ve been actively working in the crypto/web3 sector, writing as a DailyCoin or Crypto Banter journalist. In addition, I’m working as a marketing consultant for NFT and token projects, connecting them with top-tier influencers and KOL and making sure their projects gain market recognition.

I’ve studied, written, and marketed almost every sector of the blockchain space. What gets me still out of bed in the morning is the underlying technology that powers the Web3 economy – the blockchain.

Even as crypto continues to go up and down and sideways, its utility is paramount to creating a financial sector where anonymity and user privacy primes – especially as more focus is on digitized technologies.

How Did You Start Writing About DLTs, Crypto, and Gambling?

I started writing about Crypto and Gambling because I was involved in all these activities, and I’ve been writing for other sectors, especially FinTech. The pleasure of gambling with CSGO skins fits perfectly with the crypto industry’s growth. There’s not a lot of reason why I continue to write about both, just because I like to keep up to date with new information as much as I enjoy interacting with both industries.

Why Have You Decided to Join the dappGambl Team?

I joined dappGambl early at the start of the website because I saw the company was committed to providing factual, accurate, and truthful information. There is a lot of wrong data about the sector, and dappGambl is tackling that gap perfectly. While at dappGambl, I want to help people understand the value crypto brings, not only in gambling but in our digital lives as well. Compared to other “professional” gambling companies dappGambl is harsh when it comes to giving its readers high quality.

2013 January

Crypto Space

Active in the crypto space since early 2013

2017 January

ICO Projects

Started getting involved with crypto working and providing writing services for ICO projects

2018 January

Crypto Writing

Actively working in the crypto/web3 sector, writing as a DailyCoin or Crypto Banter journalist

2022 January


Joined the dappGambl team in April