Will Wood

Will has been writing professionally since 2015. He worked in education for almost ten years and had always written as a hobby, so when he decided to change careers, writing was the only right choice for him. Initially, he ghostwrote both fiction and non-fiction books but soon moved into writing about sports betting. From there, he found gambling was the topic he enjoyed the most. In 2016 he reviewed a Bitcoin faucet and since then has never looked back. 

Will Wood
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What is your Crypto Background?

After reviewing a Bitcoin faucet in 2016, I created an account there and started to collect free BTC. It wasn’t long until I began researching cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I actively searched for crypto jobs and started ghostwriting for various publications while investing in any cryptocurrencies which caught my eye.

I managed to make enough of a profit on Bitcoin holdings to get a deposit for a house. Although it wasn’t my initial aim to sell when I did, it was the right move for my family. Of course, I almost immediately began building up my BTC collection and other crypto holdings.

The potential for blockchain game development is what excites me the most. As I initially entered the crypto space through casino gambling, it’s still my main passion. So, the potential for blockchain games to take casino games to entirely new areas is something I am looking forward to seeing. 

I genuinely believe crypto is the future of the gambling world. It may not seem like the most significant development to many people within the crypto space, but it’s the development closest to my heart. 

How did you start writing about DLTs, Crypto and Gambling?

Content writing first started for me when I realized my passion for sports betting and casino gaming had an audience. From there, I saw how crypto and gambling were intrinsically linked, and I became obsessed with the potential of blockchain technology. Having seen what crypto can do with provably fair games, I’m excited to see what it can create next to take casino gaming to a new level. 

Why have you decided to join the dappGambl team?

What stands out to me about dappGambl is the dedication to accurate information. One of the first things said to me at dappGambl was to tell the truth, regardless of how difficult it might be. My values match this level of integrity which makes me dedicated to helping dappGambl become the premier venue for crypto gambling information. There’s also a dedication to continual education. Always aiming to improve and be more knowledgeable makes me strive to provide the best work possible for the dappGambl team. 

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