Will Wood

Will is a professional writer who has been active in the crypto space since 2016. With a growing portfolio and a keen interest in blockchain technology, he is always on the lookout for anything new that can have a positive impact on the world. Will has spent a great deal of his time as a writer ghostwriting for other people. He’s written everything from non-fiction books about World War 2 spies to Science-Fiction space operas. Despite the wide range of different writing tasks he has undertaken, gambling is without a doubt what he has written about the most. Falling into writing about video slots, Will soon realized that he had a certain level of proficiency for the gambling world. This expanded to casino reviews, table game guides and sports betting guides. However, it wasn’t until 2016 when Will reviewed a Bitcoin faucet that he found his true calling. After reviewing the faucet, he signed up to the site himself. From here he got bitten by the crypto bug and started to become a rabid consumer of crypto information. From here Will started writing about crypto and crypto gambling on a much more regular basis. He started to build up his expertise and has been able to share his knowledge on a regular basis. You might not know it, but if you’ve been researching the crypto world yourself, there’s a good chance you have read something written by Will in the past. Will’s knowledge of the gambling world combined with his passion for the crypto space makes him an excellent addition to our team. He’s able to quickly hone in on the most important details on any topic and cut right to the core of what people want to know. You can look forward to seeing his writing on the topic of crypto gambling, this time with his own name attached.

Will Wood

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