Our Rating Methodology

DAppGambl has clear guidelines when it comes to providing information to our community. Our methodology helps us to provide the information our users need in a clear and simple way each and every time.

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Core Rating Theme

1. Clarity and simplicity

Time is the most valuable commodity we have and therefore we want to help you find what you need as fast as possible. While testing the casinos on our site throuroughly we put great effort into summarizing the information in a clear and simple way. Therefore we always provide a casino overview with the most important information on one look – no reading necessary – as well as Pro and Cons for each section. Additionally you can use the sidebar to skip to the information that really matters to you.

2. Up to Date & Exact Matches

The internet is full with websites marketing the next best Bitcoin casino. Though those reviews are not always true or have false/outdated information. We do not only keep our reviews up to date, we also take care that if you are looking for a Monero Casino on our respective site, that is what you will find.

3. Trust & Transparency

If a casino underperforms in any area or doesn`t seem to be trustworthy we will point it out in our review, so that you can make an informed choice yourself. There is no use for us to sell you an insecure casino as safe. Our mission is to provide gamblers with all the information they need to make their on calculated decisions.

Review Structure

All of our crypto casino reviews follow the same structure, that we carefully put together, to deliver you the most important information, so that you can make an informed decision.

The quality indicators are the following:

  1. Casino Overview
  2. Bonuses & other promotions
  3. Payment options & Withdrawals
  4. Game selection
  5. Safety & License
  6. Customer Support
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQ

Before we start playtesting the casinos, we first take a look at security and trustworthiness. If all the important questions regarding safety and security are answered, we deposit some crypto and start experiencing the casino for ourselves.

For the most important quality indicators of a casino, we also attribute a rating, to give a quick overview. This rating is calculated into the overall rating of the brand, that you can find at the top of each review.

While summarizing all pros and cons for every category, we include all important details in our content. Moreover we compare similar operators with each other to give you a quick overview of the best options.

We also want to encourage you to leave a comment/review below our reviews and take your time to rate each brand. Every user is different and may have different experiences at the same casino. Your reviews will contribute massively and help other partakers of the dAppgambl community to make better decisions.

In the end our reviews are here to save you hours of research and help you make smart and profitable decisions.


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We want to bring attention to the fact that:

We do not share investment advice. We do not provide trading tips or advice or other information that could help you make money. We only share information on the operators so to help you research.

As a thumb rule in the blockchain universe: Always do your own research (DYOR), before investing your money.
We do our best to provide accurate information and triple-check what we share on dAppGambl.com. Use the information we provide at your own risk.

We use affiliate links to stay profitable – this means that we may earn commission as you decide to play in casino through our link.