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What is Crypto Gambling?

Crypto gambling involves using digital coins to wager online. So, rather than fiat money like USD, EUR, or GBP, you use BTC, ETH, USDT, DOGE, and other coins. Cryptocurrency gambling encompasses sports betting and casino gaming. However, in this guide, we’ll be focusing on gambling at crypto casino sites.

Today, there’s a large number of crypto casinos that allow players to use digital coins. If you join these platforms, you can fund your account using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Likewise, when you win, you can withdraw real money to your crypto wallet.

Players choose crypto gambling platforms over conventional casinos for many reasons. Indeed, our analysis shows that there are notable advantages to using digital coins for gambling over fiat money. We’ll explain that later on, but first, let’s go into more detail on how crypto casinos function.

How to Find the Best Crypto Gambling Sites?

Some specific traits define the best crypto casinos, and we look out for them while testing platforms we recommend. You must consider the features, too, if you want to play at quality sites. To provide an insight into how we rate and review crypto gambling sites, below are the criteria we consider when choosing the best crypto casinos:

  • License: Platforms with a valid operating license provide a noteworthy advantage – you can trust them to be legit. Such casinos are the best because they’re approved by recognized online gaming authorities to provide transparency and safe gambling services.
  • Supported cryptocurrencies: Some crypto casinos let you deposit and withdraw using four or five popular coins, while there are others that allow over 20. Without debate, the more digital currencies available, the better. It guarantees you have varied payment options and can use the most convenient ones for you.
  • Available games: Ultimately, whether you enjoy using a casino or not depends on the games present. If the site has titles you prefer, you’ll appreciate signing up. Our recommendations are always platforms with an extensive library featuring thousands of games in distinct categories. That way, you’re sure to find something you love, regardless of your preferences.
  • Bonuses and promotions: This criterion is relatively easy to evaluate because crypto casinos generally have rewarding bonuses. However, when looking out for promotions, always check the Ts&Cs. The best crypto gaming sites will feature bonuses with favorable conditions, allowing you to withdraw winnings without satisfying heavy requirements.
  • Security systems: It’s important to look out for dependable security features at any crypto casino that you are considering. The focus here is on technologies like encryption, firewalls, and 2FA. These will guarantee the protection of your personal data and crypto funds.
  • Payout time: It’s true that crypto transactions are speedy, but gaming operators have varying withdrawal confirmation times. Some casinos need up to 24 hours to review and approve payout requests, while others have automatic confirmations that take seconds. The latter are the best to sign up with, so we only recommend platforms that fit the description.
  • Customer support: A crucial criterion you don’t want to skip is customer service. If you run into issues with playing crypto casino games, you’ll want fast resolutions. That demands prompt and professional customer support agents. We test each available channel during our reviews, including live chat, email, and support tickets. Notably, it also helps when there are resources like an FAQ page, help center, and knowledge base.

Type of Crypto Casino Games

At the best crypto casinos, you’re sure to find an impressive collection of games. From our research, here are the top categories to anticipate:

  • Slots: Games with spinning reels are always present at casinos, and it’s no different with sites where you stake with Bitcoin and altcoins. You’ll find slots with distinct themes and features, ranging from three-reel classics to progressive jackpots. Regardless of the mechanics, the target remains the same: match symbols on the reels to win.
  • Table games: Here, attention is on traditional casino games like blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat. You can also play these with digital coins at crypto casinos. They’re worth playing if you don’t want to bank on chance alone, but also skill and strategy.
  • Live dealer: This category primarily accommodates table games. But the difference is that you play with an actual human dealer in real time. With live dealer games, you get an experience similar to being in a land-based gaming house.
  • Dice games: As you’d expect, these games involve rolling a dice. You simply predict the outcome of the roll to win, and they’re constant at crypto and Bitcoin gambling platforms.
  • Crash: The most popular crash game is Aviator. You find a plane or rocket with a multiplier, and the target is to cash out your bet before it crashes (or flies away). All crash games follow this straightforward pattern, so they’re easy to play.
  • Provably Fair games: Generally, this category consists of all titles that feature Provably Fair technology, allowing players to verify randomness using the blockchain. Hence, they’re native to crypto casinos. The Dice and Crash gaming options mentioned earlier fall under the Provably Fair category, and others to expect include Plinko, Keno, and Mines, to name a few.

Technology Behind Crypto Gambling Sites

Crypto gambling platforms are as secure and reliable as they are due to the innovative technologies they employ. We took the time to examine and pinpoint the parts that make up the primary infrastructure of these sites, and we’ve outlined them below:

  • Blockchain: Introduced along with Bitcoin in 2008, this technology serves as the base of all cryptocurrencies. Simply put, the blockchain is an immutable and decentralized ledger that tracks transactions. Being decentralized means it’s not owned by a single entity, so all records are viewable by anyone. It’s the fundamental reason casino players trust crypto transactions to be transparent.
  • Smart contracts: This innovation came into the crypto space with the launch of Ethereum. It involves digital agreements made on the blockchain that are automatically executed when the terms and conditions are met. The automatic execution is the primary advantage, as it means transactions are much faster. At crypto casinos, you leverage this technology when you transact using coins like ETH, ADA, and SOL.
  • Provably Fair algorithms: Provably Fair technology is specific to crypto casinos. Basically, it allows you to verify the randomness of each game’s results using cryptographic techniques. Hence, Provably Fair takes after the blockchain in terms of transparency. It’s a more trusted approach for fairness in online gambling than Random Number Generators (RNG).

Encryption: Crypto casinos leverage encryption systems for security to protect players’ data and funds. The industry standard is SSL, but some gaming platforms that support digital coins also employ asymmetric encryption and hash functions.

Is Crypto Gambling Legal?

From our research, whether you can engage in crypto gambling or not depends on your location. Some countries allow it, while others don’t.

This variance stems from our earlier explanations regarding regulatory uncertainty in the crypto space. There is no universal consensus on whether digital coins are legal currencies or not. To make things easier, we developed a straightforward assessment to help determine if you can use crypto gambling sites. Ask these questions:

  1. Are cryptocurrencies legal in my location?
  2. Is online gambling permitted in my location?

If your response to the two is yes, then crypto gambling is legal in your jurisdiction. But if your answer to one or both is negative, don’t engage in crypto gambling.

Is it Safe to Bet with Crypto?

Yes, it’s safe to bet with crypto. Digital coins have native protective features that make them safe to use for online gambling. You don’t have to share sensitive financial details when depositing or cashing out; you only use wallet addresses, which are characters that reveal nothing. Consequently, you can stay 100% anonymous while playing online casino games.

Furthermore, the blockchain is heavily encrypted, ensuring no third party can intercept your transactions. Yet, everything stays transparent.

However, it’s important to note that there are some unsafe Bitcoin gaming sites on the web you must avoid. That’s why we recommend following our evaluation criteria, as outlined earlier, to select only the best crypto casinos.

Crypto Gambling Tax

You may be curious about how the government views your crypto funds as an online gambler. Do you pay tax when betting with digital coins or on your winnings when you withdraw? Let’s discuss these in detail.

Betting Crypto Tax

When you bet using crypto at online casinos, there’s usually no tax applied to your stakes. That’s because the majority of governments only tax citizens on their income. So, since you’ve not won yet, you won’t have to remit any part of your digital coins.

Crypto Winnings Tax

Taxes on crypto winnings exist, but whether you pay them depends on your location. Let’s look at the situation in some popular online gambling countries:

Selling Crypto Winnings Tax

When you sell your crypto winnings, you get fiat money in return. Hence, you’ll pay capital gains tax, and the exact percentage varies depending on your country.

The Rise of Crypto Gambling: Trends and Opportunities

Recent trends indicate that crypto gambling is becoming more popular than ever. From our research, we uncovered stats that crypto gamblers wager up to $3 million worth of digital coins every day. Additionally, more than 60% of Bitcoin transactions are gambling-related. This popularity is predicted to surge as more players embrace digital coins.

One anticipated trend and opportunity in the crypto gambling space is increased adoption of the Provably Fair mechanism. Currently, the technology is prevalent in instant win games like Crash, Dice, Plinko, and Keno. However, with time, it could extend generally to slots, table games, and even live dealer tables.

Furthermore, crypto casinos are leveraging their user base to introduce native tokens and faucets. Some sites limit the use of these coins on their platforms, while others make moves to list them on top exchanges. If the latter becomes mainstream, it’ll open more opportunities for crypto casino players to make more profits from their gambling.


Thanks to crypto casinos, online gambling is now much more private and safe. You leverage the security and anonymity of the blockchain while enjoying fast transactions. Additionally, signing up at crypto gambling sites gives you access to bountiful bonuses and innovative Provably Fair games.

The risks involved result from regulatory uncertainty and market volatility. Nevertheless, the best crypto casinos operate legally using valid licenses from recognized authorities. Also, you can avoid fluctuating crypto prices when you use stablecoins. Ultimately, crypto gambling has more perks than pitfalls, which is why we recommend it. Follow our tips on how to pick the best crypto casinos, register, and start having fun in a secure gaming environment.


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