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Julien Ross

Julien Ross

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Julien is a digital experience writer and storyteller building bridges between his new love for the crypto space and his passions for remote work, travel, and entrepreneurship. He is the owner and operator of Content by Design and Blockheads! Creative.

What is Your Crypto Background?

This all means that he’s able to seamlessly shift between the different passions in his life. His writings about crypto are all tinged with his love for creativity and desire to share his knowledge with the world. The world of travel and working remotely means that Julien has the ability to easily keep up to date with all of the latest innovations within the world of crypto. As a byproduct of that, he then uses his flexible working life to ensure that the latest info is shared with our readers.

Of course, he also shares knowledge through his other business interests. He’s been able to build up a huge amount of experience when it comes to teaching others. Whether it is organizing conferences and bringing in the best keynote speakers or even leading talks himself, Julien has enough expertise to back himself in any situation.

With crypto being a big part of his life, it wasn’t a surprise to us that he wanted to join our team. His desire to keep growing his own knowledge base, while also sharing what he knows with others, means that this is the perfect home for him.

We feel as though it is our pleasure to have Julien on the team. His level of knowledge and attention to detail means that he can provide the very best content for our readers. This ensures that our dedication to providing high-quality and detailed reviews is followed up by Julien. The skills that Julien has developed as a storyteller mean that he will always lead to the right path.