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Eugene Abungana

Eugene Abungana

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Eugene is a crypto and iGaming writer, with a passion for sharing the latest trends and developments in the industry. His fascination with cryptocurrency started in 2014 when he first discovered Bitcoin. He has since expanded his knowledge and experience through education, trading, gaming, and working with different experts. My goal is to offer unbiased and accurate information while promoting ethical and responsible gambling practices.

What is Your Crypto Background?

I first discovered the world of cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) in 2014. At the time, I had just started trading stocks and Forex and was always interested in learning about new trading opportunities. I stumbled upon an article about Bitcoin on LinkedIn, which led me to Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper. Later, I invested in an online crypto fundamentals crash course to expand my knowledge of blockchain and virtual currencies.

While I was fascinated by the idea of a censor-ship-resistant currency, I didn’t think crypto would become so huge. So, when crypto CFDs were launched in 2017, I would only scout for opportunities to short-sell the coin. I created a trading group where I would drop my analysis which was mostly bearish as nothing could convince me that influential central banks and governments would be unable to tame BTCs’ fast-growing popularity.

A proprietary fund in Singapore spotted my analysis and gave me a job offer to join their team of crypto and financial analysts. Working with the company changed my perspective of digital coins after seeing how much they had made from holding crypto. I started actively buying Bitcoin and other coins at a personal level in 2018, which I later cashed in with massive returns. Though I wasn’t one of the lucky crypto millionaires, I can say that digital coins have been among my greatest earners in the past years. Dogecoin is among the cryptos that paid me the highest returns.

Am quite excited about DeFi, which I believe has the potential to disrupt traditional economies through an all-inclusive financial regime. I am convinced that crypto and DLTs are the future because they offer several advantages over traditional systems. I still maintain an active personal crypto portfolio and am ever looking for digital assets to buy. Am hopeful that some of my virtual coin investments will yield 1000%+ returns in the next few years, and I will be back with another story.

How Did You Start Writing About DLTs, Crypto and Gambling?

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to write something. My interest in finance and crypto led me into conducting price analysis and writing short reports that I would then share with my followers via telegram. I always enjoyed sharing my perspective on trends in the finance and crypto sector and I still do. Before I knew it, writing grew into a career and I started specializing in the gambling and iGaming niche of the crypto and blockchain sector. You might not get me to talk that much in person, but a pen and paper do the magic.

Why Have You Decided to Join the dappGambl Team?

My expertise in the crypto and gambling industry would perhaps land me a role in most content firms but none would match dappGambl. The company is not only at the forefront of blockchain and cryptocurrency gambling but is also committed to leading a whole community of enthusiasts through unbiased information sharing. Working in an environment where I have the freedom to express my factual views is important to me. DappGambl’s brand messaging and the values it promotes also align with mine. I strongly believe in ethical and sustainable practices in the gambling industry. Professionally, I hope to keep learning from other experts in the company and have a positive impact on the lives of our dappGambl community members and beyond, as well as, take part in promoting responsible gambling.

2014 January

Bitcoin Whitepaper

Came across the Bitcoin whitepaper. Was fascinated by the concept of censorship-resistant currency and began reading about it voraciously.

2017 January

CFDs Trading

Ventured into trading CFDs and futures after their introduction in 2017. Also created a course.

2018 January

Crypto and Forex Analyst

Started developing algos for crypto CFDs. In the same year, started working as a forex and cryptocurrency analyst on a trading desk in Singapore.

2022 January


Joined the dappGambl Team in April.