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Metaverse casinos are the future of gambling. Delivering a revolutionizing gambling experience from the comforts of your own home, while rewarding players with shared house profits and play to earn mechanisms, they are sure to take over the gambling world.
In this guide you will learn everything basic about the Metaverse, the best Metaverse casinos and how to start playing in them.

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What Is a Metaverse Casino?

Metaverse casinos are gambling platforms that are created to operate and provide gambling opportunities to gamblers in a metaverse. Like gambling dApps, metaverse casinos are built and run using blockchain technology. As a result, cryptocurrencies are the principal way to make and receive payments on these gambling platforms.

The game selection on most metaverse casinos is quite similar to casino games offered on traditional gambling platforms. As a result, gamblers will find casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, Backgammon, Poker, and Slots on our recommended metaverse casinos.

Metaverse casinos and virtual reality gambling using cryptocurrencies are still very new and most of them are currently in construction. As a result, there is only a limited number of metaverse casinos available in the gambling world, most of them currently in Decentraland.

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Decentral Games

Decentral Games is a network of casino dApps governed by token holders of its native DG token. In the decentral games network, governance is done using a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). However, this governance system only allows token holders to become the partial owner of the casino.

Decentral Games is run on two different types of blockchain; the Decentraland blockchain and the Matic blockchain. A unique feature of decentralized games is that they give users control over casino activities. This feature makes decentral games stand out among other gambling platforms across the globe.

Decentral Games offers two different types of Metaverse gambling experiences: ICE Poker and a normal Metaverse casino.

$DG token holders can stake their in-game token to earn up to 40% APY. Besides that holders also gain decision-making power in the casino and get the opportunity to add proposals.

Gambling Apes

Gambling Apes is a Metaverse casino in Decentraland. For those not yet ready to enter the Metaverse, they also have a static online casino available.


Benefits of Metaverse Casinos

There are several benefits attached to joining any of our ranked metaverse casinos. This section of our guide will reveal some of the benefits users of our listed metaverse casino will enjoy.

Fiat vs Crypto Decentralization

Metaverse casinos are launched and operated on blockchain technology, so central authorities cannot control the activities on these platforms. As a result, users will enjoy features like smart contracts and a wide range of digital assets. Due to all of these features, metaverse casinos provide more transparency and security to players than traditional gambling platforms.

Icons_BTC bonus Excellent Rewards

Several metaverse casinos offer cool rewards to players who use their services. Some gambling platforms even integrate play-to-earn features into their games. As a result of this feature, players will be able to earn money while playing on the platform. Additionally, with this feature, players can win back money after losing during gameplay.
Gaming Experience

Crypto Wallet bitcoin Payment Options

Metaverse casinos only accept and offer cryptocurrencies as their primary payment option. Therefore, casino players should enjoy fast deposits and withdrawals when they gamble on any of our listed metaverse casinos. Additionally, the transaction fees attached to transactions on all of our listed gambling platforms are low.

Safe Earn House Profits

Metaverse casinos generally distribute a good chunk of their house profits to their token or NFT holders. Moreover many of these casinos have integrated Play-to-Earn economics and therefore make it possible to not only generate a small passive income but actually make a living.

Password / Passphrase / Secret Key Anonymity

Since you will use a web3 wallet to register your Metaverse account, you have the possibility to stay completely anonymous while gambling at these Metaverse casinos as they generally do not require a KYC check.

Slot Gaming Experience

If you haven`t tried it yet – what are you waiting for?
Metaverse casinos are the future of gambling. They deliver an exceptional gaming experience unmatched by any other online casino. Only going to Vegas in real life can combat this.


How To Play In A Metaverse Casino

The process for playing casino games in a metaverse casino is very simple and uncomplicated. However, new players are expected to register and create a new account on their desired metaverse casino. This will also include creating your first digital twin, that will roam the metaverse casino of your choice.

Furthermore, users need to have their crypto wallets and link them to their personal accounts at the casino. Many of our listed metaverse casinos accept crypto wallets like Meta Mask, Fortmatic, and Wallet Connect.

  1. If you wish to play in a metaverse casino, select and create any of these wallets. Decentral.Games is currently only compatible with Metamask
  2. Choose one of the listed metaverse casinos on our list.
  3. Connect your wallet. 
  4. Fund your wallet with the native metaverse token. In Decentral.Games this would be DG.
  5. After successfully connecting your wallet to play in a Metaverse casino and creating an avatar, you can enter the Metaverse casino.
  6. Find your table and start betting with your funds in your web3 wallet. 


What is a Metaverse Casino?

With the unleashing of virtual metaverse worlds such as Sandbox, Decentraland and many others, online casinos have also found their way into the metaverse.

A metaverse casino is a blockchain based casino accessible with your avatar through the metaverse world. Decentraland, an Ethereum based metaverse, hosts the first metaverse casino Decentral.Games as well as the Gambling Apes Metaverse Casino.
In metaverse casinos you can play many different casino games with other players from all over the world. While doing so you can communicate with them and possibly even make new friends.

As technology evolves you soon will be able to experience this via augmented reality and it may just be like a real life casino experience – although in your digital twins outfit.

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