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LC Stroud

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LC is a crypto content writer who fervently keeps up with the latest Web3 news. With a passion for blockchain sparked by Bitcoin in 2016, she soon found herself studying more about the technology through University of Nicosia’s DeFi and Blockchain Technology courses and Maggie Love’s SheFi season 8 cohort. Armed with new knowledge, LC decided to spread the word the best way she knew how: by writing articles, news pieces, blog posts, and social media threads. Her excitement for the future to come can be read through the lines of her work.

2016 January


First learnt about Bitcoin. Read its whitepaper and fell down the blockchain rabbit hole.

2018 January


First started actively learning and engaging in communities.

2019 January

UNIC Courses

Took UNIC courses:

  • Decentralised Finance
  • Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrencies

Also engaged in SheFi S8 course.

Soon after started working in Web3 content writing.

2024 January


Continued spreading the knowledge acquired through content writing and contributing to DAOs such as Sunrise Stake, 0xx Community, AthenaDAO, and more.