Shared Profits Casinos – Crypto Casinos with Dividends

Like you can trade in the stock markets, some casinos allow players to invest in their operations and earn part of the profits declared at the end of the financial year. While this method has partly worked, many casinos lied about their earnings to avoid paying their investors the right amount. Then came dividends paying crypto casinos, and the game changed.

Shared Profit Casino
Shared Profit Casino

List of Top Shared Profit Casino Sites

  1. – Best for Shared-Profits on a Crypto Sportsbook
  2. Bitcasino – Best for Shared-Profits with Great Cashback
  3. Betfury – Best for Shared-Profits and ongoing Crypto Faucet
  4. Trustdice – Best for Crypto-Gambling with Shared-Profits
  5. Wagmi Casino – Best for Degen Plays and Shared Profits
  6. Earnbet – Best for Access to Crypto-Games via a dApp
  7. Bethash – Best for a No Deposit Free Spin Bonus

Shared Profits Casinos Sites Reviewed

1. - Best for Shared-Profits on a Crypto Sportsbook

The casino has a form of a legacy in crypto gambling as it includes a large sportsbook selection with sports, virtual sports, and even eSports. Partly anonymous gambling is also possible on, but they require a verification procedure for withdrawals higher than $2,000. The casino has a really excellent reputation, sponsoring sports teams such as Arsenal, Southampton, and Sao Paulo. As the casino was established in 2016, it holds a Curacao license where you can gamble on over 1000 casino games, including live casino, slots, and even jackpot games.

We ranked as the number one ranked casino because of the lengthy sports promos and the operators’ quick live support.

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirements Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
No bonus No bonus $15 BTC, DOGE, TRON, USDT, ETH, LTC, XRP, ADA, BNB


  • Licensed sportsbook
  • Accepts crypto as payment
  • Reputable casino


  • KYC Required
  • The focus is on sports gambling

sportsbet casino
2. Bitcasino - Best for Shared-Profits with Great Cashback

Bitcasino is one of the most established crypto-gambling platforms. While there’s no welcome bonus, players get 20% cashback of up to $10,000 without a wagering requirement. In addition, each player gets a chance to earn shared profits through the casino’s affiliate system, where they offer a 45% revenue share with payments paid in BTC.

Even so, some interesting games are available, such as BTC price prediction, on top of the already 5000+ games from established providers. You also get to bet alongside streamers, and the casino accepts cryptos such as BTC, ETH, or TRON with instant withdrawals and a very low entry barrier of 0.0001. Anonymous gambling is impossible on, and there’s also a sportsbook. Live support is available for everyone, so it’s easy to contact the provider in case of any issues.

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirements Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
No bonus No bonus $10 BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, ADA, USDT, TRX, XRP


  • No wagering requirement
  • Bet with streamers
  • eSports gambling


  • Cashback bonus
  • KYC and verification

bitcasino homepage
3. Betfury - Best for Shared-Profits and ongoing Crypto Faucet

Betfury is ranked as a highly trusted platform with a great layout for rewarding users who hold and stake their native tokens. The casino offers new players only 100 free spins or 25% cashback, but a casino faucet resets every 20 minutes. Shared profits are awarded when staking and locking BFG tokens that can be obtained by staking or buying tokens directly.

Betfury doesn’t accept fiat payments, and players can deposit using SOL, BTC, or even TRX, and there’s no need to undergo verification only if you end up withdrawing more than $2,000. A processing fee is applied for withdrawals, but that doesn’t interfere with the casino’s reputation as a very secure and trusted outlet in the crypto-betting industry since 2019.

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirements Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
100 No Deposit Free Spins or Bonus up to 1000 Free Spins & 250% 30x $20 55 cryptos


  • Casino faucet
  • Operated since 2019
  • Great welcome bonus


  • Weak game selection
  • KYC required

betfury casino
4. Trustdice - Best for Crypto-Gambling with Shared-Profits

Trustdice comes in fourth place as it’s built and runs on the EOS blockchain; the casino offers much more than just dice games. There’s a big welcome bonus of 225% up to 3BTC + 25 free spins for the first 3 deposits or 150 ETH, a record for most casinos. The utility token TXT rewards players as they play more, and they can redeem tokens in BTC, EOS, ETH, and USDT.

Deposits and withdrawals are instant on-chain, and Trustdice has over 3000 games from trusted game developers, including bigger names. They include crypto games and more popular labels such as Jackpots and bonuses. There’s also a sportsbook available, and Trustdice is a registered casino with a Curacao license, but there’s no imposed KYC, just that the casino has the right to request verification.

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirements Minimum Deposit Available Currencies


  • 3000 games
  • Welcome bonus up to 3 BTC
  • No anonymous gambling
  • EOS casino


TrustDice casino
5. Wagmi Casino - Best for Degen Plays and Shared Profits

The WAGMI casino targets degen crypto gamblers and has a great welcome bonus of 100% up to $30,000. For shared profits, the casino has the WAGMI cash pot, where WAGMI token holders get a share of the profits generated by the casino. Still, you can play over 6000 games on the platform, especially table games, live casinos, and slots.

They also offer crypto games, and each player’s minimum withdrawal and deposit are very low. The casino accepts major cryptos such as BTC, ETH, XRP, TRX, and DOGE. There is no sportsbook at the casino, and the casino doesn’t require a KYC upon verification; however since the casino is licensed in Curacao, the platform reserves the right to ask for documentation while having 24/7 live support available for each player.

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirements Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
250% up to $30,000 or 15% cashback & 140 spins 40x $30 BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, TRX, XRP, ADA


  • 6000 Games
  • Crypto only Casino
  • 24/7 support


  • Verification Required

wagmi casino homepage
6. Earnbet - Best for Access to Crypto-Games via a dApp

Earnbet ranks 5th in our shared profit casino list as it has a low welcome bonus package of a $50 bonus payout in BTC. There is a lower house edge on Eranbet than on other casinos, and each player can get profits generated by the casino using BET tokens.

There’s a 100% house profit payout to its users, and players can gamble on only 6 games. This means that there needs to be more variety for you to choose from. Nonetheless, Earnbet uses its dApp to provide games, but there are no slots, only crypto and table games, and crypto-games; however, the house edge is highly attractive at 1.5%. Lastly, the casino has great customer support, with 24/7 live and e-mail support available for each player.

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirements Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
$50 in BTC 50x $10 BNB, BTC, BCH, EOS, ETH, LTC, XRP


  • dApp focused
  • Low house edge
  • Shared profits on BET


  • $50 welcome bonus
  • 6 games available

earnbet casino
7. Bethash - Best for a No Deposit Free Spin Bonus

Bethash is last on our list. New players are eligible for 100 free no-deposit free spins when they sign-up to Bethash with the condition of joining the Telegram channel. However, players get a part of the shared profits by earning 1 HPoint for each 10 USDT bet which can then be converted to HASH tokens and staked on the platform to be eligible for shared profits. Moreso, BetHash only has eight games available, all provably fair.

There’s a minimum deposit and withdrawal of 0.0001 each instant without fees. Anonymous gambling is available on Bethash since it’s one of the top decentralized casinos, but you can still contact support via 24/7 live chat without undergoing a KYC process.

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirements Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
100 no deposit free spins No wagering 0.0001 BTC BTC, EOS, ETH, USDT, TRX


  • No-deposit bonus
  • Shared profits
  • Anonymous gambling


  • Weak welcome bonus
  • Low game selection

bethash casino

What are Shared Profits Casinos?

We don’t want to assume that all our readers know shared profit casinos, so let’s first put the house in order. As straightforward as it sounds, a shared profit casino or dividends paying casino is a gambling operator that allows players to earn extra income through dividends. Just like dividends offering corporations, shared profit casinos create an investment vehicle through their native house token and share dividends token profits with the coin holders. Crypto casinos with dividends mostly adopt a model like that of Decentralized Finance protocols where investors are rewarded for staking the platform’s native coin. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Crypto Casino Dividend?

Dividends are a form of distributed profits to the shareholders of a company. Dividends-offering casinos are not different as they allow members to benefit from their growth. Unlike investing for interest payment, dividends casinos have a transparent model that ensures everyone who puts their money down goes home with their reward. You earn crypto casino dividends by owning exclusive casino dividends tokens. When the token price rises, the casino’s worth increases, meaning dividends tokens also rise in value. You retain your tokens and earn a proportionate portion of the casino shared profits on top, according to the size of your shares. The house always decides what percentage of the crypto dividends token profits they will share with investors. There are two most common ways to acquire crypto casino dividends token:

  • Play games: Wager to win exclusive dividends tokens from your casino.
  • Exchange: Buy casino dividends tokens whenever sales are open.

Comparison of Crypto Casino Sites Offering the Best Dividends

BetFury Casino Review Visit Casino
No data available for this operator: betfury/5
No data available for this operator: betfury
Min Deposit:
No data available for this operator: betfury
Max Withdrawal:
No data available for this operator: betfury
Earnbet Casino Review Visit Casino
No data available for this operator: earnbet/5
No data available for this operator: earnbet
Min Deposit:
No data available for this operator: earnbet
Max Withdrawal:
No data available for this operator: earnbet Casino Review Visit Casino
No data available for this operator: bitcasinoio/5
No data available for this operator: bitcasinoio
Min Deposit:
No data available for this operator: bitcasinoio
Max Withdrawal:
No data available for this operator: bitcasinoio
WAGMI Casino Review Visit Casino
No data available for this operator: wagmi_casino/5
No data available for this operator: wagmi_casino
Min Deposit:
No data available for this operator: wagmi_casino
Max Withdrawal:
No data available for this operator: wagmi_casino

How do Crypto Casino Dividends Work?

Maybe you think that one can buy casino shares in an exchange like Binance exchange. Well, that’s not it. You actually don’t need to pump money directly into the gambling company like traditional company shareholding. Dividends paying casinos have native tokens just like DeFi protocols.

How it works is that players wagers and accumulated native tokens associated with the provider.

Next, you need to stake these tokens. Some dividend paying casinos will automatically qualify you as a shareholder when you own these tokens and assign you a staking pool membership. This does not, however, apply to all casinos offering dividends. The rules vary across different providers, so ensure you’re familiar with them. Also, keep in mind that other key aspects influence your earnings, such as minimum wager, number of coins held in the pool, and crypto casino dividends distribution cycles.

Invariably, the earlier you enter, the more crypto dividends you stand to gain. Also, remember that the number of dividend tokens you hold directly affects your earnings. Some players invest millions of dollars, so feel free to pump in as much as your pocket can comfortably sustain.


How to Receive Dividends by Crypto Casino?

Rocket science knowledge is not a requirement to qualify for earnings in a dividend paying casino. However, while the process is simple, it’s not standardized and varies from operator to operator. The most common eligibility procedure entails.

  • Complete profile: Most dividends paying casinos require you to have a full profile to qualify for gambling and consequently earn crypto dividends.
  • Wagering: The goal is to wager without losing your money. The more you play, the more dividends token you earn.
  • Staking: While this is not always necessary, some crypto casinos with dividends require you to stake your dividends token to qualify for crypto casino dividends.
  • Keeping the rules: Lastly, check if there are any other rules or terms and conditions affecting the distribution of earnings. Of course, all crypto casinos with dividends will lock you out if you breach their policies.

How to Get Casino Tokens to Receive Dividends?

By now, you are already aware of the procedure for getting tokens to receive dividends. There is no magic involved. Keep in mind that you may not find crypto casino dividends tokens in digital coin exchanges like Coinbase. So, you can only earn tokens to receive crypto casino dividends by playing games. A few providers may allow you to buy tokens on their platforms, but this only happens occasionally when there is a token sale. Follow these steps.

Step One: Select your favorite crypto casino with dividends.
Step Two: Go to the home page and sign up.
Step Three: Fund your gambling account at the newly signed up dividends paying casino.
Step Four: Find your favorite games.
Step Five: Start wagering according to the terms and conditions of the operator.
Step 6: Earn tokens to receive dividends every time you play.

How are Crypto Casino Dividends Paid Out?

Crypto dividends are paid out like traditional company dividends. The crypto casino decides what percentage of the profit will be shared and distributes it among dividend token holders. There are a few differences between crypto casino and company dividends. Casinos can share their earnings daily, unlike companies that do so every year, of half a year. These dividends are also paid in the form of the native token of the gambling site and not in any other virtual currency.


What are the Benefits?

Earning Passive Income

Shared profits casinos allow players to earn passive income while having fun. By playing the available games, players can make a steady income stream with minimal effort and no risk. Additionally, holding platform tokens can get you a share of the casino’s profits.

Potential for High Returns

You have the potential to win large amounts of money by playing at shared-profit casinos. As more people join these sites, jackpots increase and become even larger. Additionally, bonus opportunities are often available for frequent players that allow for even higher returns on their investments.

Opportunity to Invest in a Growing Industry

The gaming industry is constantly evolving, and shared-profit casinos are an excellent opportunity to get involved and reap the rewards from a growing market. With new technology being developed all the time, these new crypto casinos are well-positioned to take advantage of any changes or innovations. By investing in one of these sites, players can enjoy potentially high returns as the industry continues its growth.

What are the Risks?


One of the biggest risks associated with shared-profit casinos is the volatility that comes with investing in any type of gaming product. The returns on the investments can fluctuate drastically depending on how successful the platform is or whether it falls out of trend. This makes it difficult to predict future performance accurately and can make these types of investments a gamble.

Lack of Regulation

Another risk of these casinos is the lack of regulation which could lead to future losses if any of the casinos gets shut down. In addition, because there are no clear guidelines on managing these casinos, the lack of regulation could spill disaster if the token prices drop to zero or become banned on specific exchanges.

Potential for Losing Funds

The potential for losing funds when playing at a shared profits casino is high due to the unpredictable nature of online gaming. Therefore, players should always be mindful of their bankroll and remain within their limits while playing games.

How Much can I earn?

The amount the casino pays to its stakeholders and people who participate can vary because not every casino has the same payout funnel. For example, the amount of casino payout is directly related to how much you wager, which means that the more you bet on in-house games, the higher the winnings. Additionally, the casino’s performance influences its payout ratio since some casinos have a dynamic schedule that considers their bottom line and even their token holdings.

What is the Tax Treatment of Crypto Casino Dividends?

Taxation in crypto varies across different regulations. Virtual currencies are taxed under the capital gains act in the few nations that recognize cryptocurrencies as an asset. For example, Australia taxes all crypto incomes as capital asset gains at a rate of 27.5%. For jurisdictions where digital currencies are not recognized as assets or legally categorized under any class, taxation here might be zero. Make sure to confirm the status of crypto taxation policies in your country to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

Impact of Crypto Casino Dividends on Tokens

Just like the case for company dividends, there have been endless arguments around the impact of dividends on the underlying crypto. If you find yourself with similar questions, remember that dividends paying casinos only share the profit they have already made. From basic accounting, a portion of a profit share can’t be classified as an expense; hence doesn’t reduce profits or negatively affect the underlying asset price. There might be a slight slump in price to reflect that new shareholders are not entitled to the dividends being given out, but this is usually of negligible effect.

How Is It Safe: Licensing and Regulations

The question of safety while investing in crypto casinos with dividends comes down to licensing and regulations. Numerous fraudulent casinos are having a field day scamming unsuspecting players online. We recommend going for only legitimate crypto casinos with dividends approved by well-known and reputable regulatory authorities like Curacao, Malta Gaming Authority, and UK Gambling Commission. If you’re feeling skeptical, stick to the recommendations on our website. Our experts go to great lengths for your security.


Information is power. Today you have learned that you can still benefit from crypto casinos even if you are not making enough money from gambling. Now, maybe you are wondering how to get information about crypto dividends for different operators. Unfortunately, most gambling sites don’t put this info in the open.

The easiest way is always to read professional articles on sites like dappGambl. You can also jump on a quick live chat with the casino support team to find out anything you need to know about them.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article. Feel free to share with your friends and family and keep coming back for more.


Which are the Best Casinos that Give Dividends to Players?

Numerous casinos give dividends to players. The best ones depend on what an individual player is looking for. If you’re a newbie seeking guidance, you may try out TrustDice and BetFury.

Are Security Tokens The Only Form of Investment for Shared Profits Casinos?

The medium of investment can change depending on the type of blockchain network and technology the respective crypto casino operates.

Is It Safe to Invest In Shared Profits Casinos?

Similar to any other financial investment on the web, it’s relatively safe to invest in shared profits casinos due to the use of blockchain technology most of the time.

How Often are Crypto Casino Dividends Paid Out?

Crypto casino dividends paying cycles vary. Some operators like BetFury are happy to share their profits with players every day.

How Much do Crypto Casino Dividends Payout?

There is no standard amount that crypto casinos with dividends payout. The house decides what percentage of its profits to distribute, which could change occasionally.

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