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NOWPayments Basic Information

NOWPayment is a new crypto payment processor already taking the industry by storm. While it’s compatible with most online businesses, the company pays special attention to certain niche sectors including casinos and sports betting. This article takes an in depth look into NOWPayments, including how it works, and you can benefit from it.
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2019-07-05 00:00:00


Amsterdam, Netherlands

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What is NOWPayments.io?

NOWPayments is a non-custodial cryptocurrency payment gateway that allows businesses and individuals to accept and process cryptocurrency payments. It also offers fiat conversion, bespoke Casino solutions, crypto custody, a Twitch donation button, and a Mass Payouts solution. NOWPayments is committed to offering quick and dependable payment processing services while also guaranteeing that transactions are performed safely and quickly.

It seeks to bridge the gap between traditional financial systems and the increasing usage of cryptocurrencies, making it easier for businesses and consumers to accept digital currencies as payment methods. Additionally, this platform offers a wide range of integration solutions for merchants, including APIs, invoices, widgets, buttons, and plugins for WooCommerce, ZenCart, PrestaShop, Opencart, WHMCS, Magento 2, and other platforms. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and more than 100 additional cryptocurrencies are supported by NOWPayments. These integrations are user-friendly, simple to use, and easily customizable to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes.


How to Proceed with a Deposit & Withdrawal Using NOWPayments

Deposits and withdrawals on casinos that accept NowPayments are easy. While the process might vary slightly from one operator to another, it will be close to this.


Step 1: You must go to the payment page of the gambling provider in question and hit the “Deposit” button. Here you will be redirected to a deposit page, where you must select the cryptocurrency you want to use for gambling.

Step 2: The casino’s NowPayment engine will generate a receiver’s address or QR code. You may copy the address into the “Receiver” field of your crypto wallet, or simply scan the QR code.

Step 3: Proceed to fill out the amount of money you want to deposit. You may specify a dollar amount or the exact number of cryptocurrencies you want to add to your account.

Step 4: Once you submit your transaction, NowPayment will notify the casino as soon as it receives the first blockchain confirmation. Depending on the operators’ terms and conditions, your account should be credited with the new balance within a short time. You may refresh your account in case the balance fails to update. If the problem persists, reach out to customer care for help.


Step 1: Just like funding your account, you must first initiate a cashout request to withdraw cash. To do so, visit the payments page and hit the “Withdraw” button. Some operators may require a password of 2FA confirmation to proceed.

Step 2: Continue to select the payment method you want to use such as BTC, ETCH, or LTC. Specify the amount you wish to cash out and provide your “Receiver” wallet address.

Step 3: Once you submit your request, the payment processing engine must confirm that your account meets the set threshold for cashing out. This includes ensuring that your account has sufficient funds, checking if you are facing any transaction limits, and ensuring you don’t have any holds on your account.

Step 4: Once you submit your request, the payment processing engine must confirm that your account meets the set threshold for cashing out. This includes ensuring that your account has sufficient funds, checking if you are facing any transaction limits, and ensuring you don’t have any holds on your account.

Step 5: Depending on the network status, withdrawal policies of your casino, and the number of confirmations required, you should be able to access funds in your wallet in a short time.

  • Pros
  • Wide crypto support Pro
  • Global accessibility Pro
  • Lightning speed transactions Pro
  • Low transaction costs Pro
  • Safe and reliable Pro
  • Cons
  • Slow customer support Con
  • Not very intuitive Con

The Advantages of Combining Crypto Casinos with NOWPayments

NOWPayments offers substantial benefits to cryptocurrency users. To begin, the platform prioritizes strong security measures, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), which effectively protects user accounts from unauthorized access, even from sophisticated hackers. Physical custody of the authenticator device would be required for unauthorized access. Furthermore, NOWPayments enables users to link several wallets into their accounts, creating a unified platform for handling their various cryptocurrencies. This feature gives gamblers complete control over their digital coin payments, from a single, user-friendly dashboard. In terms of depositing funds into gambling accounts, NOWPayments ensures the utmost privacy by leveraging blockchain networks.

When making payments, NOWPayments broadcasts the transactions through the blockchain without revealing any personal data, thereby safeguarding user privacy and preventing the sharing of sensitive information. Additionally, NOWPayments provides integrated exchange services that let users trade their cryptocurrencies for other digital assets or fiat money. Users have the option to engage in speculative activities using this technology, taking advantage of currency swings and maybe making money even while their coins are not actively being used for wagering. As a business devoted to the casino industry, NOWPayments is committed to consistently creating and deploying solutions tailored to the sector. This guarantees that players using the platform will have the greatest experience possible as the company keeps innovating new features

Why Choose NOWPayments as a Payment Method?


NowPayment casinos process multiple cryptocurrencies eliminating the need of using your card or e-wallets like Skrill and PayPal to fund your gambling account. Digital coins offer players a high level of anonymity and privacy by making transactions possible requiring them to reveal personal information.

Fast & Secure

NowPayments offers nearly instant transaction settlements, hence perfectly compliments virtual money payments. The only varying factor in transaction speed is the network you choose to transact with. For example, if you are a Bitcoin enthusiast, you may be forced to wait a few extra minutes for your transaction to complete, compared to a punter using Cardano.


Although payment processing technology has not been around for many years, it’s quickly being recognized and adopted by online gaming providers globally. It’s just a matter of time before it becomes widespread. This means you can always be sure of fast and secure virtual money transactions no matter your operator.

Easy conversion

There is a function for automatic coin conversion from NowPayments. This means that even if a user pays in one cryptocurrency, the casino can receive the payment in a different cryptocurrency of their choice. Players who don’t mind using fiat can also make deposits using their cards, and convert the money into a cryptocurrency of their choice within just a few minutes. This lowers the danger of volatility while keeping cryptocurrency in your wallet because you can buy them directly from the site when necessary.

Multiple Crypto Support

Numerous cryptocurrencies, including well-known ones like DOGE, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and many others, are supported by NowPayments. Due to the wide variety of supported coins, crypto casinos may offer their customers a variety of payment methods, improving simplicity and accessibility.

Low transaction fees

Compared to more conventional payment options like bank transfers or credit cards, cryptocurrency transactions frequently have lower transaction fees. Casinos may be able to lower transaction costs by using NowPayments for cryptocurrency payments, providing their customers with cost-effective payment options. Players will directly benefit from this because there won’t be any huge transaction fees.

What are the Risks of Choosing NOWPayments as a Payment Method?

  • Crypto Volatility: The price volatility of cryptocurrencies is well-known. In a short amount of time, their value can change considerably. There is a chance that the value of the money you get from accepting cryptocurrencies through NOWPayments may fall before you convert it to fiat money. This can cause a reduction in value from the initial transaction sum.
  • Irreversible Payments: Transactions involving cryptocurrencies are typically irreversible, unlike those involving conventional payment methods like credit cards or eWallets like PayPal. A blockchain transaction cannot be revoked after it has received confirmation. This implies there is a chance you won’t be able to recover the money transferred through NOWPayments if you send them to the wrong address.
  • Slow Customer service: While NOWPayments offers a variety of customer service alternatives, availability and response times may vary based on the volume of enquiries they receive. Even the live chat feature is noticeably sluggish. It can take up to 20 minutes to connect to a live agent, and in extreme circumstances an hour or more.

NOWPayments and Bitcoin

Bitcoin logo dappGambl

Since its launch in 2009, the innovative crypto, Bitcoin has grown significantly in popularity. It has grown popular for offering special benefits including security, transparency, and the opportunity for financial freedom because it is of a decentralized and borderless nature. NOWPayments is essential in enabling Bitcoin online transactions due to its growing acceptability across a variety of industries, including e-commerce. Casinos and bookmakers can use it to allow Bitcoin as a payment option by integrating the payment gateway on their platforms. In this instance, NOWPayments serves as an intermediary by offering a seamless and safe environment for crypto processing. Since Bitcoin is one of the supported currencies, its popularity will increase as more operators use the NOWPayment platform. Additionally, merely because NOWPayments accepts BTC, casino companies looking to accept cryptocurrency payments, including BTC, are more likely to sign up with it. In the end, the payment gateway and BTC will work together in a symbiotic partnership to grow each other.

Available Currencies

NOWPayments supports a diverse array of cryptocurrencies across various segments, providing clients with the flexibility to transact in different digital assets. Here’s a sample of the leading cryptocurrencies we found during this review.

  • Popular Coins: BTC, ETH, XRP, ADA, TRX, XMR, DGB
  • Stablecoin: USDT, BUSD, USDC, DAI, TUSD
  • Trending Coins: SHIB, BABYDOGE, KISHU, FLOKI
  • DeFi Tokens: CAKE, ATOM, AVAX, ZIL

Supported & Restricted Countries

Supported Countries

The United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Singapore, South Africa, Poland, Egypt, Japan, Brazil, and Argentina are just a few of the nations that NOWPayments serves. Actually, aside from the few countries listed in the next section, it supports most of the countries in the world.

Restricted Countries

While it strives for global accessibility, there may be certain countries or jurisdictions where the use of NOWPayments is restricted or not available due to legal and regulatory reasons. As of writing this anyone located in, or are a citizen or resident of the United States of America, or a country subject to United Nations Sanctions Lists and their equivalent, or a country where usage of cryptocurrency is forbidden by applicable law was not allowed to hold an account on the website.

Exchange Fees and Limits


Fees on the platform vary according to monthly volume transacted. The table below summarizes it.

Volume Fees
0-49 BTC/month 0.5%
50 BTC/month 0.45%
100 BTC/month 0.4%
200 BTC/month Contact customer support for special offer

Trading Fees

Users pay trading fees at a flat rate of 0.5% up to 49 BTC. Anything above that follows the schedule on the above table.

Deposit Fees

Just like trading fees, the website charges 0.5% for deposits. The rate could go down up to less than 0.4% depending on your monthly volume.

Withdrawal Fees

Withdrawal fees have a maximum cap of 0.5% for transactions below 49 BTCs and could go down depending on your monthly transactions.


The minimum transaction limit set by NOWPayments is any amount above the network fee. There are no maximum payment limits. However, individual NOWPayments operators could have varying limits as per their internal policies.

Safety and Security

NOWPayments gives top priority to safety as a fundamental component of its platform. We noted that the company has not received any certifications or accreditations from bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority or eCOGRA. They do, however, uphold a high level of security and follow rules and laws specific to the sector. They take several precautions to safeguard their users, including the following:

  • Encryption: Secure Transactions: NOWPayments encrypts and safeguards customer data throughout transactions by using secure communication protocols like HTTPS and SSL. This guarantees the confidentiality and security of sensitive data, including payment information and personal information.
  • Fraud Prevention: To identify and stop fraudulent transactions, NOWPayments uses several high-tech anti-fraud techniques. They analyze user behavior using cutting-edge algorithms and artificial intelligence to find any irregularities or questionable conduct.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: To increase the security of user accounts, NOWPayments offers a two-factor authentication (2FA) function that is optional. This increases security by requiring a special code in addition to the user’s login information.

User Experience

NOWPayments offers a great user experience with simple integration, extensive cryptocurrency compatibility, safe transactions, real-time conversion, clear pricing, a user-friendly dashboard, and dedicated customer support. These aspects help businesses and their customers have a smooth and convenient payment experience. After logging in, there is a vertical menu on the left that allows for quick navigating. The dashboard provides customers with vital insights into their cryptocurrency transactions by offering a thorough summary of payment activities.

Users can create unique payment addresses or QR codes for each transaction, allowing for simple payments to the selected wallet. Transparency and convenience are ensured via real-time transaction progress updates and notifications. It may take some time for first-time users to figure out how to use the site because it appears confusing. Most operations, however, become flawless after you learn how to use the site. Customer service is the site’s primary drawback. While the website provides numerous ways for seeking assistance, the response time is quite poor, especially when using live chat. It may take more than an hour to connect to a live chat agent.

Customer Support

Punters don’t need to contact NOWPayments whenever they have an issue. The casino can always help. So simply reach out to your operator’s customer support department whenever you run into any payments-related challenges. Service providers like gaming sites, however, may reach out to NOWPayments whenever there is a technical issue they are unable to resolve. Here are the main channels of communication we found during this review:

  • FAQs: The website has an extensive knowledge base where you can find solutions to commonly encountered problems. It functions as a self-help tool where users may discover comprehensive documentation, frequently asked questions, and tutorials covering numerous features, integrations, and typical problems of the platform. Users simply need to browse through many categories or do specific subject searches to obtain pertinent information
  • Live Chat: If the knowledgebase doesn’t help, you may consider chatting with a live agent. Simply click on the chat button on the bottom right of the website to start. It takes anywhere between five to fifteen minutes to get connected to a live support agent. You can monitor your position on the queue to estimate how much time is remaining
  • Email Support: Email support may come in handy if you don’t have the time to wait on the live chat queue. It’s also a good option when one has in-depth or complex questions that could need a complete justification or inquiry
  • Contact Form: Users can fill out a contact form on the NOWPayments website to submit questions or requests for support. One must typically enter their name, email address, and a brief explanation of their inquiry or problem in the contact form.

Expert Conclusion

If you’ve read this entire text, you might agree that NOWPayment.io is a truly groundbreaking technology. The platform places a premium on security and ensures that transactions are encrypted and confidential. It features a 256-bit SSL certification, which increases privacy, and it also offers 2FA to limit the risks posed by compromised user credentials. With its breadth of features, comprehensive cryptocurrency compatibility, and commitment to user-friendly payment solutions, NOWPayments aims to increase the usage of cryptocurrencies as a valid way of payment in a variety of industries. Deposits and withdrawals at casinos that use NowPayments are simple, quick, and inexpensive. Because of the vast range of coins supported, crypto casinos may provide their consumers with a number of payment methods, boosting ease and accessibility. If the slow customer support doesn’t turn you off, you may want to try out this platform.


Is NOWPayments a safe and secure platform for online transactions?

Yes, this review found NowPayment safe and secure. The website is SSL-secure, meaning all data is processed in an encrypted format. Users can also activate 2FA for added security. We did not come across any fraud-related cases linked to NowPayment during this review.

How do I contact customer support on NOWPayments?

You can reach customer care through the live chat function, email address, or by filling out the contact form provided on the website.

What is the minimum and maximum amount I can deposit or withdraw via NOWPayments?

The maximum and minimum transaction limits vary from one operator to another. These limits are not set by NowPayments but rather depend on a casino’s internal policies.

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