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In this new reality of decentralized apps, dApp casinos, and crypto casinos, we realize that there may be many questions about the concepts, the use, and the future of these innovative technologies. Although we focus on offering our readers the best gambling dApps on the market, we are at the disposal of the media to share our knowledge with the general public. You can contact us at or the contact form below. We will come back with a response to your request as soon as possible.

Whether you want to put out a press release using our platform, release our information through your platform or want to challenge something that we have put out, feel free to get in touch with us and strike up a dialogue. We have a number of channels where we can be contacted.

Our team of top crypto casino and dApp gambling writers are the brains behind our reviews. Whether it’s rating casino games or the top blockchain casinos you can play at, they’ve got years of experience between them to help you make the right call on where to play. You can find out more about our expert team on our meet the team page.

It’s important to us that we have a positive relationship with the press. As such, we welcome any and all correspondence. We ensure that everything we put out is fully researched and fact-checked. We apply the same standards of journalistic integrity as any other media outlet. Our dedication to being factual and honest means that any journal of integrity can feel confident in reaching out in order to collaborate on any project.

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