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Millicent Ngugi

Millicent Ngugi

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Millicent is a DeFi, Crypto and Web3 writer. She started writing crypto content as a freelancer in 2014. She is also a thought leader in the African crypto space, working in collaboration with Binance to create awareness about crypto and Web3 in Emerging Markets.

What is your Background in Crypto?

A client requested me to write an article about Bitcoin in 2014. I had not heard about Blockchain technology before that. However, after reading the history and its white paper, I decided to set up a wallet and buy some coins.

In 2021, I went into a partnership with Binance to help the company increase its influence in the African Facebook space. We did a weekly webinar that we dubbed ‘Crypto Fridays’ for the entire year. I also acted as a community leader (Binance Angel) in the Whatsapp and Telegram communities.

In 2022, I was invited to DAO, a community for African women pursuing careers in the crypto and Web3 space. As a mentor within the community, I help women with a newfound love for crypto and Web3 understand how it works.

I am mostly intrigued by gaming, gambling, betting and decentralization. I believe that crypto is the future of finance because of the privacy, speed and convenience it offers compared to conventional banking.

How did you start writing about DLTs, Crypto and Crypto Gambling?

I took up journalism as one of my majors in college because I had a passion for writing. My interest in finance combined with journalistic skills led me to Fintech and ultimately DeFi. I have always been an enthusiast for disruptive technology. Learning about what blockchain
technology aimed to achieve made me realize that banking as we know it was going to change, and I wanted to witness and even drive that change.

I have seen people lose money in ill-informed investments in the digital space. I believe that by sharing reliable information as someone who has keenly observed the industry grow, I can help investors get more out of their ventures.

Why have you decided to join the dappGambl Team?

The intention to provide accurate and reliable information about crypto gambling.
I hope that through the research I will conduct when creating content, I will increase my expertise in the field. I also hope to enjoy sharing my knowledge and writing skills to grow the community of people who trust dappGambl.

I can see that dappGambl wants to build a community of informed players in the gaming space. This is different from sites that haven’t realized the importance of creating a community based on trust.

2014 January

First Article

Wrote first article about Bitcoin and discovered Cryptocurrency

2021 January


Went into partnership with Binance

2022 January


Invited to DAO, a community for African women pursuing careers in the crypto and Web3 space

2023 May


Joined dappGambl in 2023