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Jack Choros

Jack Choros

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Jack is a thought leader in the crypto space. He bought his first Bitcoin in 2016 and believes that Web3 is the future of our lives. He can’t wait to see what crypto and artificial intelligence due to change the world right before our eyes. Jack is a hard-core sports fan who loves the Toronto Raptors. As the host of the dappGambl Drop he wants to educate and put his knowledge about DLTs to use.

What is Your Crypto Background?

I first purchased bitcoin in 2016. I was trying to stream NBA games and I was given two options by a website. The first option was to use Amazon gift cards in American dollars which I didn’t want to do because I’m not American. The second option was to use bitcoin. I was nervous about buying it and sending it but when it worked out and I got this stream that I wanted, I decided to learn more about it.

I’ve worked with close to 40 different crypto projects in my seven year crypto career as a writer and content creator. I once ghost wrote a piece on Cointetelegraph about Central bank digital currencies for a prominent CEO and it went viral. I would say that’s my best accomplishment as a crypto writer.

I’m most interested in NFTs and I enjoy making the occasional leverage trade.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are an important part of the future because as time goes on, more and more people are going to realize that the rules we follow which are made by governments are no better than the rules we can define for ourselves as democratic and sovereign individuals.

Why Did You Decide to Join the dappGambl Team?

I joined dappGambl because the brand is allowing me to focus on what I do best which is educating people about crypto. I understand that fun and excitement people have with investing in crypto, and also in using it to play fun games both for prizes and real money also.

dappGambl’s professional and educational approach to gambling sets it apart from the majority of crypto projects that just want you to Ape into their platform blindly.

One day I’m going to be a public influencer in the space and the founder of my own project for people with disabilities, and I think the dappGambl project can be a great launchpad for me.