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Best Crypto Rugby Betting Sites – May 2024


  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Sportsbook
  • Great mobile app
Free Bets
  • Personalised bonus offer
  • Provably Fair Games
  • Sportsbook with eSports
Exclusive Bonus: 200% up to $1000!
  • Personalised bonus offer
  • Provably Fair Games
  • Low House Edge
Up to 270% and 1 BTC
  • Many cryptos available
  • Quality Casino Games
  • Esports
150% up to $1050
  • Popular casino
  • Sportsbook with eSports
  • Some of the best odds
100% matched deposit bonus of up to 5 BTC!

The Best Bitcoin Betting Sites

  1. – Best Overall Betting Rugby Site
  2. Stake – Best for Regular Cashback Bonus
  3. BC.Game – Best for Daily Free Crypto Bonuses
  4. Bitsler – Best for Crypto Selection
  5. Cloudbet – Best for Unique Bonus Wagering Requirements

Ranked: Our Crypto Rugby Betting Sites Reviewed

Our detailed guide is the most comprehensive selection of Rugby betting sites for the crypto market. With each review covering the most important factors, bettors can find the most suitable sportsbook instantly.

1. – Best Overall Betting Rugby Site

1. - Best Overall Betting Rugby Site is one of the most prominent crypto sportsbooks in the betting world. It covers a substantial selection of sports with superb markets to go with them. As a result, it hits the basics perfectly, ensuring crypto players can instantly start betting on their favorite sports.

With the name, it’s obvious the focus is on sports betting. It makes it a more appealing option for anyone who solely enjoys betting on sporting events. However, there are still some minor issues. Firstly, there’s no welcome bonus available for sports bettors. It does diminish the experience, particularly for bettors who like to boost their bankroll. However, it offsets this with an excellent selection of cryptocurrencies, offering plenty of variety for players with a diverse portfolio. provides excellent customer service to users, so any issues have fast resolutions. However, KYC is a potential banana peel. While users don’t always have to complete the process immediately, they may have to at some point. So, bettors must know what they must provide to complete KYC verification.

  • Pros
  • A solid choice of different cryptocurrencies available Pro
  • Provides a comprehensive selection of sporting events Pro
  • Covers the most popular sports betting markets Pro
  • Cons
  • No welcome bonus available for sports bettors Con
Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
No welcome bonus N/A 0.0005 BTC min deposit 11 cryptos, including BTC, ETH, and LTC
sportsbet homepage

2. Stake – Best for Regular Cashback Bonus

2. Stake - Best for Regular Cashback Bonus

Stake has a fantastic name with users on the market. In the time it’s been in operation, it’s built an excellent reputation due to its superb service and the range of features. It covers a significant number of sporting events and comprehensive betting options, making it a solid choice for crypto bettors.

Stake offers one of the best crypto welcome bonuses in the industry. Bettors can claim up to $1,000 as a 200% matched deposit, which is extremely generous. While the wagering requirements at 40x are quite high, it still offers overall positive terms. With a superb range of markets and sporting events, Stake has everything a crypto player will look for.

Stake requires users to complete the KYC process when creating an account. It’s a drawback, as anonymous play is one of the foundations of the crypto community.

  • Pros
  • Provides a high-quality choice of bonuses Pro
  • There are some incredible sports betting events and markets Pro
  • Stake offers cashback opportunities for users Pro
  • Cons
  • The KYC process is a requirement Con
  • Some payment methods have fees Con
Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
200% up to $1,000 40x $20 min deposit 8 cryptos, including BTC, ETH, and LTC
stake homepage

3. BC.Game – Best for Daily Free Crypto Bonuses

3. BC.Game - Best for Daily Free Crypto Bonuses

BC.Game is a fantastic betting site. It provides users with incredible selections, including the most popular sports on the market. Additionally, it features a bonus wheel, where players can claim a free crypto bonus daily.

BC.Game doesn’t have a sports-specific welcome bonus, but the bonus wheel provides regular top-ups to players. With up to 1 BTC available on each spin and no wagering requirements, it’s an excellent way to boost the bankroll without making deposits. The site also offers an excellent choice of sports markets, with crypto casino games and nice extra for bettors who want variety.

KYC is touch and go at BC.Game. While users don’t have to complete the process on signup, they may have to go through verification further down the line. While crypto bettors tend to be left alone, the potential is always there, so it’s vital to be aware.

  • Pros
  • KYC isn’t an instant requirement with BC.Game Pro
  • Players can claim free crypto daily with the bonus wheel Pro
  • Various promotions for sports bettors Pro
  • Cons
  • Some transactions have a fee attached Con
Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
Daily wheel spin N/A $10 min deposit 16 cryptos, including BTC, ETH, and LTC
BC.Game sportsbook review

4. Bitsler – Best for Crypto Selection

4. Bitsler - Best for Crypto Selection

Bitsler provides an excellent selection of cryptocurrencies for users. With crypto choice increasing regularly, seeing a site providing players with a varied selection is fantastic. Anyone with a substantial portfolio will see the value of betting with Bitsler.

Of course, it’s not just the presence of a comprehensive crypto choice which makes Bitsler appealing. It also has a top-class choice of crypto sports betting options. With a wide range of sports and a significant choice of markets, it provides a detailed environment for sports bettors. The welcome bonus is also appealing, with up to $700 as a 100% matched deposit available. It uses an experience system to complete the rollover, an innovative way to offer a bonus.

A minor downside to Bitsler is the lack of live chat for customer support. It makes it harder to get help 24/7, which most other sportsbooks offer now. It also has a strict KYC policy, so bettors must complete verification before they can begin betting.

  • Pros
  • Plenty of sports and eSports betting choices Pro
  • Uses and experience system to complete wagering Pro
  • An excellent choice of crypto bonuses Pro
  • Cons
  • Customer support doesn’t feature a live chat option Con
Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
100% matched bonus up to $700 Uses XP to complete wagering 0.0001 BTC min deposit 17 cryptos, including BTC, LTC, and ETH
bitsler sportsbook

5. Cloudbet – Best for Unique Bonus Wagering Requirements

5. Cloudbet - Best for Unique Bonus Wagering Requirements

When it comes to top reputations, Cloudbet is one of the most highly regarded sites on the market. With incredible betting options, a stacked crypto casino, and a fantastic welcome bonus, it’s a site with something for everyone.

Users can claim up to 5 BTC as a 100% matched deposit for the welcome bonus. It’s one of the most substantial bonuses available, significantly boosting bettors. However, the wagering requirements are what generate the most interest. Users earn the bonus as they play, making it available with no restrictions as players complete wagering. It’s an impressive way to release bonus funds, as it stops users from becoming confused about their funds’ availability. With a top-class selection of sports betting markets and crypto casino games, Cloudbet is an extremely impressive outfit.

Bettors have to complete KYC to sign up at Cloudbet. It’s a minor inconvenience, particularly as privacy is important for crypto bettors. So, all players must provide personal documents to prove their identity when creating an account.

  • Pros
  • eSports and sports betting options are available Pro
  • Has an extremely generous welcome bonus Pro
  • The wagering requirements are some of the most unique on the market Pro
  • Cons
  • All bettors must complete KYC to sign up Con
Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
100% up to 5 BTC Bonus released as players play 0.001 BTC min deposit 18 cryptos, including BTC, ETH, and LTC

Key Factors to Consider Before Placing a Bet on Rugby Leagues

Users must be aware of the legal age before they start betting. Anyone under the legal age cannot use a sportsbook to place wagers. So, any crypto-betting rugby options won’t be available to underage players. It varies depending on the country, but the two most common legal ages are as follows:

  • 18
  • 21

Before creating an account, bettors must check whether they abide by the rules.

Whether checking Rugby betting odds or betting crypto on Rugby, users must find out the available platforms. Some sites only have desktop versions, which will be useless to mobile bettors. So, when Bitcoin Rugby betting, double-check how the sportsbook is available.

Many Rugby betting fans prefer to retain their anonymity. So, checking the KYC policy is the best way to ensure it’s possible to remain anonymous. Users must always look this up before creating an account if privacy is important to them.

Whether getting Rugby betting tips or manually sifting through the statistics, research is a vital way to place sensible bets. While it doesn’t guarantee a win, it can make finding the best value wagers easier.

How to Place a Crypto Bet on Rugby

Choose a Sportsbook and Create an Account

Choose a Sportsbook and Create an Account

Bettors might want to play at specific Ethereum Rugby betting sites or a more general crypto sportsbook. Whatever the preferred choice, our toplist is the best way to find the most suitable sportsbook. After using our list, users can quickly create an account using the registration button. It ensures players can select a trustworthy operator and easily begin playing.

Deposit Crypto into your Sportsbook Account

Deposit Crypto into your Sportsbook Account

The next step is navigating to the account page and depositing. It’s usually a case of depositing into the site’s crypto wallet. Once it completes, the funds will be available for betting.

Browse Rugby events and Rugby Betting Markets

Browse Rugby events and Rugby Betting Markets

Most Rugby betting sites will provide a fantastic range of betting markets. With appropriate research, bettors can find the best value bets. It’s a simple task to begin the betting process by looking through the markets.

Select the Rugby Betting Options

Select the Rugby betting Options

Next up, just choose the best betting option and get ready to place the bet.

Place Your Wagers

Place Your Wagers

After selecting the most suitable bet, users must set their stake and place the wager. After laying the bet, bettors must wait for the result to see if it was successful.

Withdraw your Winnings

Withdraw your Winnings

If a bet pays out, it’s time to withdraw the winnings. Players can navigate to their account page, enter the required amount into the deposit section, and send it to their crypto wallet.

Benefits of Betting on Rugby Online

Plenty of different benefits to players when betting on Rugby with crypto exist. Users can enjoy BTC Rugby betting without worries because the industry is growing rapidly. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Legal Betting
  • Safety & Encryption
  • Quick Payouts & Multiple Payment Options
  • Bonus & Promotions

Best Crypto for Rugby Betting

With cryptocurrency growing at a breakneck speed, keeping up with what’s available can be challenging. Fortunately, some crypto Rugby betting options stand out from the crowd.



The most well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin provides many advantages even as the old-timer of the list. It has high levels of security, fast transfers, and excellent privacy. With a substantial value it can be a challenge for low-budget players, but it’s available at most sportsbooks.



ETH is the second most famous crypto, and it offers some excellent benefits. With a more innovative approach than Bitcoin, Ethereum users can stake their funds, allowing for passive income, which they could use to create their bankroll.


With rapid transactions, excellent security, and lost cost transfers, Litecoin is an excellent option for users who want the advantages of crypto on a budget.



Users playing with Ripple can experience fantastic transfer speeds with a low-cost crypto. It’s not as widely available as the previous options, but still has solid market penetration.



Although it initially started out as a memecoin, Dogecoin is a solid option for crypto Rugby bettors. It is extremely affordable, has excellent security, and provides rapid transfers. It’s the perfect crypto for users on a rock-bottom budget.

betting crypto on rugby

What You Can Place Bitcoin Rugby Bets On

Players have plenty of different betting options for Rugby League betting and Rugby Union betting. Newcomers to the world of Rugby wagering can discover some of the options in our guide:

Handicap betting

Bettors who place handicap bets look to place a positive or negative handicap on one of the teams. It won’t impact the actual game, just for the purposes of the sports bet. An example would be placing a negative handicap of -3.5 points on the favorite for a game. As long as the favorite wins by 4 points or more, the bet also wins.

Double chance bets

A double chance bet is exactly what it suggests. Users just place their BTC Rugby stakes on two selections simultaneously. So, it could be home and away win, home win and draw, or away win and draw. It increases the bet’s chances of winning but also decreases the potential payout.

Live Betting

Players who use live betting will bet on games when they’re already underway. One of the best Rugby betting tips is to follow games live. It allows players to check the game’s flow and combine it with research to make informed wagers.

Betting on the exact score

Another self-explanatory bet, it’s just a wager on the final score of the game. These wagers tend to have higher Rugby betting odds but are harder to get correct.

Match winner

Placing a stake on the winner of the game doesn’t require an exact score prediction. So, users will have a better chance of winning but claim lower payouts.

Draw no bet

When placing a draw no bet wager, users will bet on the winner of the game. If it finishes as a draw, the bet counts as void, and the sportsbook returns the stake. It reduces the Rugby betting odds slightly but removes some of the risk.

Half time / full time

A half-time/full-time bet is on who will be winning at the halfway point and the end of the game. So, if the favorite is losing at half-time and then turns it around to win, bettors can bet on this potential outcome.

1×2 1st half

This is just a wager on the result at the end of the first half.

Handicap 1st half

Just like a standard handicap bet, but only for the first-half.

Half with most points

A half with the most points bet is a wager on which half will be the most high-scoring. It is an excellent option for when bettors may have research to suggest when in the game a team is most effective.

Rugby Betting Tips & Strategies

Whether carrying out Rugby League betting or even looking for Rugby World Cup betting odds, our Rugby betting tips provide the best way to increase the chances of success.


Checking Rugby betting odds is an excellent way to increase success. Some sportsbooks will offer superior odds, while others may have promotions running with odds increases. Searching for the best odds will increase the potential payouts on successful wagers.

Key numbers

The key numbers will differ slightly, whether Rugby League or Rugby Union betting. So, bettors must research to discover the correct key numbers for their bets. However, they can positively impact bet success, particularly for over/under markets.

Public betting & Consensus

Checking other players’ suggestions is an excellent way to get wager ideas when betting crypto on Rugby. It’s always best to take advice from knowledgeable people rather than just sticking with the wisdom of everyone. But, what the crowd thinks is often a good indicator of solid bets.

Betting Trends

Are the odds of an event dropping rapidly? It could be there are a lot of people placing wagers on it, or news about the game has broken, either way, trends can be an excellent way to spot a good value bet.

Home-field advantage

Playing at home can have plenty of advantages for teams. With fans screaming them on, it can increase the performance of many players. As a result, it can often be an excellent way to find good value wagers for games between closely matched sides.


Some teams play better in different weather conditions. Check the forecast before a game and combine it with performance research to discover the best betting options.


Rugby betting is like any other sport, with injuries comes opportunity. If the star player is out, it can impact on the result. Check each team’s injury list to discover which games to wager on.

Free Picks

Free picks come from pundits, offering the chance to get solid Bitcoin Rugby betting choices. Bettors can then add them to their selections to increase their chances of success.

Most Popular Rugby Tournaments and Leagues to Bet on with Cryptocurrencies

National Rugby League (NRL)

National Rugby League (NRL)

The NRL is a league for teams from Australia and New Zealand and runs from March to October. It provides plenty of Rugby League betting with Bitcoin opportunities as one of the top competitions in the world. The South Sydney Rabbitohs are the most successful team, but the Sydney Roosters and St. George Dragons are also top competitors.

England Rugby League

England Rugby League

The Super League is the top Rugby League competition in England. It runs from February to September. Although it doesn’t allow Rugby Union betting with Bitcoin due to following the League code, it’s still popular with most Rugby fans. The top teams in the league are St Helens, Leeds Rhinos, Wigan Warriors, and Bradford Bulls.

New Zealand’s Rugby League (NZRL)

New Zealand’s Rugby League (NZRL)

It’s one of the smaller leagues on the list. It has a four-team premiership, which doesn’t offer much variety. However, it makes for easier betting research with fewer data points.

Aviva Premiership

Aviva Premiership

The Aviva Premiership is the English Rugby Union competition. As a result, it offers the chance for Rugby Union betting. It has several clubs which compete, with the top competitors being Leicester Tigers, Saracens, and Bath.

Six Nations

Six Nations

As the name suggests, this is a Rugby competition between six countries. England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, France, and Ireland compete yearly under Rugby Union rules. It’s a popular event with some excellent Bitcoin Rugby betting opportunities.

Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup

Most bettors will be aware of the Rugby World Cup. It’s a Rugby Union event and allows players to enjoy Rugby World Cup betting. Some of the top teams include New Zealand, Australia, England, and France.

5 Most Popular Rugby Teams to Bet On

There are plenty of top Rugby teams in the world, but bettors often look to specific sides for their betting choices.

  1. Saracens: One of the top Premiership sides in England. Their captain is currently Owen Farrell.
  2. Leicester Tigers: Another top Premiership side from England. One of their newest signings is the Tongan international Solomone Kata.
  3. All Blacks: Having never done worse than the quarter finals, the All Blacks are a top-class side. One of their star performers right now is Samisoni Taukei’aho.
  4. Toulouse: Playing in the French Championship, Toulouse are one of the best teams in Europe. Their best player is undoubtedly Antoine Dupont.
  5. Crusaders: One of the top sides in New Zealand with Ethan Blackadder, a fantastic player.

Final Thoughts

Whether looking for Rugby League betting odds or trying to find the top crypto sportsbook, our guide makes it simple to discover the best options. Users can easily discover the top betting sites for crypto Rugby betting.

Our guide also offers tips and strategies to increase the potential for success. So, even beginners in the world of Bitcoin Rugby betting can get a head start!


In this section, Will Wood will address your inquiries and the most common questions regarding Rugby Betting and offer guidance to newcomers in the field. Feel free to submit your questions through our contact form, and we will strive to respond within 48 hours.

How do you bet crypto on Rugby?

Players just need to look for the most suitable crypto sportsbook, create an account, and place a wager. It’s extremely simple and our guide makes it easy to carry out.

What coins can I bet on Rugby?

It depends on the sportsbook. Some sites will have a wide variety while others will have a smaller selection.

When is the best time to bet on Rugby?

There isn’t a best time. Each event has to be taken on its own merits, so players must carry out their own research.

Can I use crypto for betting?

Yes, it’s possible to bet with crypto on Rugby. Users just need to find a crypto sportsbook to begin.

Can you bet on rugby?

Yes, there are many different Rugby betting markets available.

What is the alternative to

Our toplist provides some excellent alternatives to Anyone looking to try a different crypto sportsbook can discover some excellent options with our guide.

What does neither team to win race to 10 points mean in rugby?

It means players place a bet on both teams to finish the game on fewer than 10 points.

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