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Spaceman Crash Game Review



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Basic Information

Spaceman is a new crash game that features an astronaut mascot that wants to push the crash genre into the mainstream. This article will highlight how Spaceman is played, some key features and bonuses, and finally, the game's volatility.

This is a demo version of Spaceman Crash Game Review and all winnings are in demo credits. Check our recommended casinos below if you wish to play for real money. 18+ only. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

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Game Provider

Pragmatic Play



Overview of Spaceman Game

Spaceman is a spaced-themed crash game developed by Pragmatic Play. The game features the same characteristics as the traditional crash games, only with a better UI and a more visually appealing interface that includes an astronaut mascot. The entire layout of the game makes players feel that they’re taking the Spaceman through a galactic journey with a purple backdrop behind the main reals and falling stars between a few planets. Unfortunately, while playing Spaceman, we found that the game doesn’t have a bonus or special features rounds as it’s similar to crash. The only gameplay that’s available is the one where you control the Spaceman and cash out before he’s out to launch fuel.

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How Does It Work?

Spaceman’s gameplay is similar to the crash game. However, instead of an ascending line that grows its multiplier, the higher it goes, the higher the mascot reaches in Spaceman, and the higher the multiplier will be. Regardless of how high the multiplier goes, everyone who hasn’t cashed out loses their wager if the game crashes. You could walk away with your winnings if you cashed out before the round crashed.
The game is played in rounds, with each player having 10 seconds to place their bets between rounds. You can select the amount you want to bet, or you can type the amount in the wager box at the bottom of the screen. Once the rounds begin, the game opens two cash-out options – different from many crash games we’ve reviewed on dappGambl. The first cash-out option lets you take yourself out of the game by cashing out all you wager. A second option allows you to cash out only 50% of your wager and allow the rest to continue if you reach a higher multiplier. This opens the possibilities for multiple betting options and strategies, which we will cover later.
As Spaceman is an instant crash game, it features a single reel – the astronaut, and no other bonus features and symbols appear in the gameplay that can influence its outcome. So even though the game might look like it has more going for it, the basic mechanics are identical to a standard crash game where the only goal is to cash out before the multiplier cracks.

Payouts and Bonuses

Spaceman is right up our alley regarding great payouts and returns for players. As I found in our research, players can bet a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $100 on each round, which is more than enough, especially since crash game rounds go by so fast. One of the more starstruck moments is the fact that the Spaceman multiplier can go as high as 5000x.
Since the developers have set an RTP (Return-To-Player) of 95%, the game’s low volatility means that reaching higher multipliers can be much easier to come by. The only impeeding factor could be the reluctance to leave a multiplier running and increase the risk of losing the wagering.
However, the game has no other special features or bonuses attached to it. That’s not even needed since the starting and crashing multiplier offers a lot of excitement regarding monetary rewards and gameplay fun.

Key Features

The Pragmatic Play game has a few key features that make the game stand out from other crash games:

  1. The game has a significant win potential of 5000x, the original wager, contributing to a lot of the game’s long-term retention.
  2. Spaceman has an interactive and cartoonish space theme, distinguishing it from other crash games.
  3. The game allows players to cash out 50% of their current earnings live, creating a safety net for players with a low financial risk level.
  4. A social chat and leaderboard are available on Spaceman to make the entire game experience interactive. Players can talk among themselves during and after each round and see who dared to reach the highest multiplier.
  5. Spaceman has a series of automation that can benefit players who are more strategic in their gameplay. By enabling auto-bet and auto-cash out (including auto-cash out 50%), Spaceman is able to attract gamblers who not only seek to have fun but are more interested in beating the RTP and generating revenue from their time.
  6. Crash games were previously only for crypto casinos; however, now that Pragmatic Play has entered the space with a more trusted game, the potential for Spaceman to reach mainstream online casinos has increased.

Graphics and Sound

Spaceman gameThe game’s graphics and overall visual aesthetic resonate a lot with modern game slots, as it contains cartoon elements and high-quality animations that make part of the game stand out. The game character is a loving and cute astronaut who always moves and does stuff, even between rounds. One of the themes of Spaceman is space, and the character continuously shows love signs with a heart flag or shows the heart shape with his hands.
Pragmatic Play is known for being able to create a complete gaming package where graphics, videos, and sounds complement each other. The sounds in Spaceman add to the game’s appeal since each higher multiplier is announced briefly with a sound. In addition to that, the multiplier is shown on top of the moon, which also changes colors as the multiplier increases. When the game ends, the cute astronaut is left hanging from planet-shaped balloons while the “event” is announced by a lower-tone sound that marks the end of the round. Every visual and audio aid in Spaceman adds up together.

RTP and Volatility

Information about the game’s RTP shows that Spaceman’s Return To Player percentage is 95%. This means that for every $100 spent, the game is expected to pay 95% of it. However, this amount is expected to be paid out over thousands of spins, not a small sample. What’s more, is that the RTP is also indicative of how volatile the game is. While our research shows there’s no mention from the developers of the game’s volatility, we have seen instances where volatility on Spaceman is on the lower side. Our claim is also backed by the RTP, which, if it is over 100%, would constitute a higher volatility game. That said, players should expect rounds where multipliers crash sooner, but more frequently than not, there will be higher multipliers than normal and with fewer dry spells.

Game Concept

A space theme and a cute astronaut are the symbols that characterize the game. All other elements that constitute the game – such as the multipliers, videos, hero’s actions, and supporting elements, all relate to the space theme. With the idea of reaching for the stars to get the highest multiplier, Spaceman perfectly combines space visuals, triggering clues. Also, the potential for a 5000x multiplier returns into a game concept that has yet to be implemented well in the crash genre. The closest one we’ve seen thus far is Aviator, but that doesn’t even come close to how well-designed Spaceman is. Here we’re also considering the cute spaceman mascot’s impact on the player.


Potential of High Payout

The game has a big potential for hitting extremely big wins as the highest multiplier reachable on Spaceman is 5000x. Even if that seems overstated, the low RTP of the game and the interacting and non-dull visuals make reaching the multiplier extremely likely.

Unique Game Experience

Spaceman is one of the few crash games that provide a unique gaming experience. Pragmatic Play has taken every precaution and has a keen eye for detail to make the game easy to play, easy to understand, and with incredible visual aesthetics. Coupled with a complete suite of betting options and animated UI, the game experience is the highest we’ve seen in the crash game genre.

Existing Bonus Feature

There are no bonuses available on Spaceman, only the possibility to quickly and rapidly implement some betting strategies that will help you generate more revenue.

Flexible Betting Options

On Spaceman, you are allowed to customize your bet size to fit your budget, as the game doesn’t have pre-set values you have to choose. You do have to stick within the minimum and maximum bet; however, this can be enough for any seasoned or novice crash game player.

Easy to Play

The game is easy to understand and play, as players need only a few rounds to get accustomed to the additional features offered by Spaceman. In addition, developers have a demo version of the game that can familiarize you with the 50% cash out and the double or auto cash out function. Other than that, Spaceman doesn’t feel rushed and seems easy to reach.

Mobile Compatibility

The game is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. When opening the game on an iOS or Android device, we saw a different layout adapted to portrait orientation as the developers have adjusted and optimized Spaceman for any time of the operating system. Graphics and sounds are exactly the same, with the only difference being the betting console being much higher than on the desktop. This allows you to bet easily without worrying about mistyping or pressing the wrong button.
Every function of the desktop version is identically operational on mobile and tablet devices, and the interface allows everyone to bet, access support, check the leaderboard, and even with other players.

Provably Fair

Spaceman provably fairEvery Pragmatic Play game, including the Spaceman crash game, are provably fair, meaning that players can be sure that results and the shown multipliers are not changed during the game and are pre-set ahead of time. In addition, each player can check the result outcome by clicking on the “Statistics” button and then selecting the result they want to check the validity for.
By clicking on a specific multiplier, players can see a timestamp of the result, which is included in a hash string. The hash is generated before the rounds start, and you can verify that the result is fair by combining the string with the SHA-256; you will get the same outcome as the multiplier result.
What’s certain is that all games developed by Pragmatic Play are transparent and fair, and their results can be traced back using blockchain data and cryptography.


Spaceman is not your typical crash game. Instead, developers have focused on making the gameplay interactive by emphasizing visuals and sounds. The game is provably fair, with a standard RTP that creates a low-volatility game even though there are no bonus features or special symbols, Pragmatic Play innovated by adding the 50% cash-out function, which is also available for auto cash-out, which makes the game appealing to those who want to implement strategies rather than just going awol on gambling.
Overall, Spaceman is fun to play, and the time it takes until it becomes dull is much higher than other crash games. Spaceman might be one of the most interactive crash games I’ve played until now, given the attention to detail Pragmatic Play put into the game. The high multiplier of 5000x certainty makes the game more appealing, and if I were to give an honest assessment, I recommend choosing the game over any other games on the market.


Can I play Spaceman with bonus money?

Yes, you can play Spaceman with casino bonus money if the casino accepts the game as part of the wagering requirement. Otherwise, it would be better to play other games that contribute to the wager.

Where can I play Spaceman slot?

Spaceman is available on LTCcasino, Fairspin, BitStarz Casino, BC.GAME, or Stake, and any other casino with Pragmatic Play as a game provider.

Can I play Spaceman pragmatic slot in Bitcoin?

Yes. Players can deposit Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in specific casinos and use the token to wager on the Spaceman crash game.

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