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Cornucopias the island awaits

Cornucopias Game Review – A Metaverse Game ‘The Island’



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Cornucopias the island awaits

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Basic Information

Cornucopias Game Studio is a blockchain-based game development company working on the Cornucopias "The Island," MMORPG metaverse game. In this article, I'll explore what Cornucopias is, what strategies you can implement to generate revenue, and what sets the game apart from other Cardano games.

Game Provider

Unreal Engine 5

What is Cornucopias ‘The Island’?

The ‘Island’ in the Cornucopias gaming universe is an MMORPG metaverse game set to launch on the Cardano blockchain. It combines 3 main NFT-gaming characteristics into a single digital universe, where players own the rights to their digital avatars, NFT land, and other adjacent NFTs. Developed and built using Unreal Engine 5, “The Island” brings players into a metaverse governed by blockchain rules where players can interact with game economies, earn tokens, learn using gamified experiences and create in-game blueprint assets. Finally, the Metaverse is structured as a themed zone, allowing players to traverse across different areas, interact with the game environment, and earn tokens.

Cornucopias game review, the island awaits

History of Cornucopias

Cornucopias game review founding teamCornucopias “The Island” is founded by four co-founders: Robert Greig, Josh Jones, Geoff Hewett, and Anthony Renicks, all of which are serial entrepreneurs with experience in crypto. Josh Jones and Geoff Hewett both co-founded one of the biggest staking pools for the Cardano ecosystem Grow Your Stake [GYS], and they also have a partner Youtube channel called Cardano Chats.
While there’s little information about when the game initially launched, online sources show that the game launched in late November on Unreal 5 Games Engine; however, the game cannot yet be played on-chain.

What’s the Future for Cornucopias?

There’s a lot of excitement about what Cornucopias will deliver, and given the diversity of earning possibilities, it’s easy to understand why! In the current stage, the game studio has sold a series of NFTs and is preparing the users for the upcoming release, where players can transcend multiple areas and interact with peers.

Excitement for Cornucopias’ “The Island” has been high since the IDO and the NFT sales in 2022 also hit record highs. For starters, the project conducted a land sale and a philanthropic sale of NFT2Tree sold out in second and followed Cardano’s ideology of planting a tree in Africa for each NFT sold. In addition, the Bubblejett NFTs also sold out, and players can continue to sell the NFT on secondary markets.
The current NFT sales were created to fund part of the development, and Cornucopias is yet to release some of the most anticipated features in the game, including mini-games, the on-chain Metaverse, and a PC version as well as a console version of the game.

Dominating the Blockchain Gaming Industry

The main objective of the gaming studio is to use the Cardano blockchain network and its dedicated and cult-like community to build the next generation of metaverse games. Their goal is to build a metaverse game that expands on existing gaming mechanics to help improve gameplay and NFT gaming graphics. As the game takes longer to develop and migrate to a decentralized chain, Cornucopias is focused on attracting new audiences before the game is fully operational on-chain.

What is Cornucopias’ Monetization Strategy?

Play-to-Earn (P2E)

Virtual economies will be created on “The Island,” and the game will feature events and activities created by the developers to reward users’ participation. This means that by participating in mini-games, players can earn in-game tokens called Gold, which can be converted into $COPI tokens. In addition, each player can access the play-to-earn function by completing tasks and getting rewards.


The strategy allows players to learn through the European Business University while in the Metaverse. They will also be rewarded with tokens if they complete university mini-games.


Developers are equipping players with the necessary development tools to take advantage of the virtual land, gather resources, create tools, and build structures on their land. As a result of building places that other players can use, users can generate in-game currencies by lending, renting, or teaching players in their workshops.


The DeFi aspect is integrated into the Cornucopias economy, and the game environment lets players stake either their $COPI tokens in liquidity pools or their NFTs in return for additional in-game assets like tokens or NFTs or more game resources.


Cornucopias lets players use the developers’ resources to host their own game on the game’s nodes. New game owners will be rewarded with $COPI tokens for using the public node; however, they will be required to purchase a pre-set license to run the node.

Cornucopias vs. Traditional Gaming

Traditional Gaming studios and those still operating in Web2 rely on an outdated freemium business model, where players have instant access to the game but are required to make purchases and take full advantage of the game.
With NFT games like Cornucopias, game studios use NFTs as an access token, which players also own. NFTs are no longer the developers’ property but rather showcase proof of ownership, meaning they can also be sold on third-party marketplaces. Community rewards create a new relationship between Cornucopias and players as they get rewards for contributing to the entire ecosystem. Moreover, while traditional games have a sponsorship monopoly, GameFi worlds open the Metaverse to all types of users to use the land as an investment and marketing billboard by creating new online economies.

Cornucopias game review COPI

How is Cornucopias Played?

The game has a pre-build city called “The Island.”

You can own or rent any type of property.

The Metaverse also allows everyone to interact with each other.

You can go to the commercial zones outside the city to join mini-games.

Mini-games reward you with in-game GOLD tokens.

You can purchase land outside the commercial areas.

You can use the land to build your own buildings that can generate income.

There will be a finite number of land plots available for sale.

Pros and Cons of Cornucopias

  • Pros
  • The game is built on Unreal Engine 5. Pro
  • There is a strong community around the game. Pro
  • NFTs sold instantly. Pro
  • They are creating unique worlds and experiences. Pro
  • It will be available on mobile, console, and PC. Pro
  • New ways of earning in the game. Pro
  • Cons
  • Built on the Cardano network. Con
  • No open beta is available. Con
  • It can take too long before its release. Con
  • Token inflation could be an issue. Con
  • The game is part of a highly volatile market. Con

What is Cornucopias ‘The Island’ Unique Selling Point (USP)?

The unique value proposition of Cornucopias’ The Island’ is to create a virtual world where users can earn revenue and in-game currency by taking part in the game mechanics. While the earning factor is one of the main selling points, Cornucopias differentiate itself from the competition by creating an overarching ecosystem that both users and game developers can leverage.

Moreover, the fact that players can learn and earn while in the game is bringing Cornucopias’ one step closer to a new way of gamifying Metaverse and NFT assets. Finally, the game offers a mixture of storytelling, unique, high-quality graphics, and complex gameplay.

Cornucopias game review P2E-min

Cornucopias Price and Tokens Explained

The native token of the ecosystem, $COPI, provides in-game utility by empowering players to contribute to internal decisions regarding some of the game’s developments. By owning the cryptocurrency, each player can head into the Town Hall and participate in any of the votes, which will be decided by a majority decision. Each result will be added to the blockchain code and completed by the developers.

3,840,000,000 tokens have been created, and only 13.3% of all tokens have been placed on sale. 45.7% of tokens are assigned to the Play-To-Earn and Staking side of the game. COPI is launched on the Cardano chain players can purchase COPI on PancakeSwap as well as on Minsap DEX.

Cornucopias game review preview leaks


What is the objective of the game?

The objective of the game is to recreate the Metaverse gaming space with interactive and innovative gameplay.

What are the rules of the game?

Players can own land, build or rent property on the land and they can generate new tokens by selling resources and completing mini-games.

Where can I download Cornucopias Crypto Game?

You can’t download the Cornucopias game just yet.

What is the value of each currency in the game?

In-game current GOLD can be converted into $COPI tokens in the marketplace.

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