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Top Casinos for Dice

  • Provably Fair Games
  • 24/7 Support
  • Many cryptos available
1000 USDT + 50 Free Spins
  • Personalised bonus offer
  • Provably Fair Games
  • Low House Edge
Up to 270% and 1 BTC
  • Top Bonus
  • Large selection of games
  • Sportsbook
20% Cashback up to 25,000 USDT
  • Instant Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Provably Fair Games
  • Many cryptos available
100% up to $5000
  • VIP
  • Generous welcome bonus
  • Fast Withdrawals
Up to $1000 + 600 Free Spins + Secret Bonus
  • CSGO Site
  • Accepts NFTs For Wagering
  • Gaming-focused
50% Rakeback
  • Esports
  • Sportsbook
  • Frequent Rewards
100% up to $500
  • No KYC needed
  • VPN friendly
  • Instant withdrawal
100% up to 1 BTC Welcome Bonus
  • Many cryptos available
  • Quality Casino Games
  • Esports
150% up to $1050
  • Provably Fair Games
  • Sportsbook
  • 24/7 Support
400% up to $1000 or 1BTC

Best Crypto Dice Sites Compared

TrustDice Sign Up bonus
Deposit bonus
Loyalty bonus
100% on first deposit 3000+ Credit Cards
Instant Banking
Licensed, High reputation Yes Offers dividends and crypto faucets No fiat payments Loyalty bonus 5000+ Cryptocurrencies Licensed, High reputation Yes Over 3000 slots and casino games No mobile App
DuckDice Sign Up bonus,
Deposit bonus,
Loyalty bonus
99% of wagered amount 1 Cryptocurrencies Licensed, low-med reputation Yes Crypto Faucets Only one game available
Stake Special Promotions 5000+ Cryptocurrencies
Licensed, High reputation Yes Provably fair games + Sportsbook No welcome bonus
BC.Game Deposit bonus,
Special Promotions
1000+ Cryptocurrencies Licensed, High reputation Yes Wager-free crypto prizes,
Top-notch VIP Club
No traditional welcome bonus

Available Bonuses

Only TrustDice and DuckDice, out of the top 5 casinos described in the previous section, provide a welcome bonus. All casinos permit users to play dice games with the bonus money, but only TrustDice imposes a wagering requirement of 100 times the initial deposit. The welcome bonus is immediately applied; you don’t need to use a specific code to get it. Only TrustDice, DuckDice, or BC.GAME can satisfy your desire if you wish to wager on dice and want a deposit bonus. However, others provide special rewards such as monthly or weekend bonuses.


The “big 5” cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and USDT – are accepted in the top 5 casinos. The only thing that players have to wait for when making a withdrawal at any casino is the platform’s processing time. All casinos require some sort of verification for withdrawals, but there are never any fees involved—just the network fees that must be paid for each blockchain. It’s impossible to say how much money players can withdraw at once because withdrawal and deposit limitations differ for each coin.


TrustDice: Until they need to withdraw their money, players can make deposits and wager anonymously. The casino then demands the following: a duplicate of the utility bill, ID, or duplicate credit card.

Bitcasino: Players can gamble and deposit Cryptocurrency, but if they want to withdraw their winnings, they may have to go through a KYC process. What papers the platform need is not specified.

DuckDice: When using cryptocurrency to gamble, players can get started with simply an email address and remain anonymous. However, they must provide a form of identification to withdraw funds.

Stake: Players can wager anonymously until they want to cash out, at which point they must present the following identity documents: A form of identification or proof of residency, such as a utility bill or bank statement

BC.Game: Players can deposit cryptocurrency and must meet verification requirements in order to withdraw their profits. There is no mention of what documents must be submitted in their terms of service.


It is very important to make sure that the site is subject to the strict regulations of licensing organizations. Our recommended casinos are operated by authorities of Curacao eGaming Commission, the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar, and Malta. These authorities are the most reputable in the gambling sphere which makes the top casino reputable.

Mobile and Desktop Availability

The top-rated crypto dice sites are compatible with mobile and desktop devices, with simple interfaces and great designs.


Overall, the casinos have adequate safety and security. They all provide 2FA to protect your account. Although two-factor authentication is a regular feature in the cryptocurrency sector, it is not yet in the crypto gaming market. TrustDice is protected by an SSL certificate, whereas Bitcasino, DuckDice, and BC.Game utilises encryption.

Support team

All of the casinos can be reached on email or the live chat option.

Crypto Dice Vs Traditional Online Dice

Traditional online dice is a popular game that allows users to bet on the outcome of virtual dice rolls. However, these online dice games have gradually been incorporated into cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Many online casinos now accept Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies as payment for these dice games. In this segment, we’ll look at the benefits and drawbacks of both crypto and traditional dice games.

Benefits of Both Crypto and Traditional



Anonymous Play: Playing dice with crypto can be done anonymously, arguably its most significant benefit.

Fast Transactions: Another major benefit of playing crypto dice games is the ability to conduct transactions quickly. Cryptocurrency transactions are often quick and seamless because no intermediaries manage payments.

Lower House Edge: Compared to other forms of cryptocurrency betting, the house edge on top crypto dice sites is lower. This means that crypto dice games are more profitable than traditional online games.



Convenience: Not only are online dice games extremely convenient, but they are also available 24/7, no matter your location.

Free Games: There are several free dice games to choose from on the internet. It is a great alternative if you’re looking for a game to try out before committing.

Wide Range: There are numerous dice games to choose from, so you should be able to find one that suits you. You can also try out new games without having to pay any money.

Drawbacks of Both Crypto and Traditional



Unstable prices: Cryptocurrency can be volatile at times. As a result, exchange rates might fluctuate on a greater scale. If you bet on a big coin, this can have a detrimental impact.

Long withdrawal process: Because some online casinos manually handle cryptocurrency withdrawals for security concerns, withdrawal times may be lengthier than at other financial institutions like banks.

Fees: Another drawback is the possibility of incurring costs when withdrawing your winnings. Fees may vary based on the sort of cryptocurrency you use, so make sure to verify these before you play.



Addiction: Like any other form of gambling, it is possible to become addicted to playing online dice games.

Rigged: One of the main drawbacks of playing online dice games is that you never know whether the game is fair.

Sometimes Expensive: Although some online dice games are cost-free, many demands that you buy in-game currency or credits.

How is the Dice Game Played?

Crypto dice is a more entertaining and lucrative variation of the classic dice game. The game is really simple to learn and comprehend. The steps for playing the game are as follows:

Set your odds wagering terms

To begin, you must decide how much you want to wager. We recommend starting small and increasing your wager once you have collected enough profits. Also, check and weigh all of the odds of winning. This weighing will assist you in determining which wager to place against the bet.

Choose roll over or roll under

After you’ve decided on a number to wager on, you must determine whether to roll over or under. Rolling over signifies the outcome is greater than the chosen number while rolling under suggests the outcome is less. The wagering contest conditions determine the rollover and roll-under percentage ranges.

Verify fairness of dice roll

Fair dice games are probably distinguished from other gaming content in terms of fairness and authenticity. In addition, the best cryptocurrency casinos usually enable players to verify whether or not the games are rigged.

A random number generator (RNG) is required for any crypto game. The gambling site employs an RNG because the RNG software is distinct from the online casino web servers, which means the online casino cannot influence the outcomes of the dice roll.

  • Pros
  • Provably fair Pro
  • Anonymous gameplay Pro
  • Chances of winning big Pro
  • Cons
  • Chances of getting hacked Con
  • Can be addictive Con
  • Unregulated Con

Best Crypto Dice Games

  • Craps
  • Sic Bo Dice
  • Traditional HiLo


Craps: Craps is a classic dice game in which you bet on the outcome of the numbers of two dice. Players place wagers by predicting the outcomes instead of wagering against the house. As a result, with bets including odd/even numbers, specific numbers, or combos, the game has one of the best odds of any casino game.

Sic Bo Dice: Sic Bo Dice became popular in China, employing three dice instead of two like Craps. Players place bets on the outcomes of multiple dice rolls, guessing totals, combos, and sequences. The dealer rolls the dice in Sic Bo, and you can wager on little bets, single dice combinations, doubles, triples, and numbered totals.

Traditional HiLo: The popular dice game HiLo involves choosing a number and then determining whether it is higher or lower than the numbers acquired by rolling the dice. HiLo is straightforward and well-liked by gamblers. The players wager on the selected number and win a sizable sum of money playing the game.


Craps: Craps is one of the best online casino games, and enjoying it from the comfort of your home is a terrific way to experience the thrill of the casino floor.

Sic Bo Dice: Sic Bo is played on a table with three dice, whether online or in a land-based casino. Sic Bo is a fun and simple dice game for people looking to try something new.

Traditional HiLo: HiLo is a Bitcoin-based version of the classic dice game. The objective is to properly predict whether the outcome of a dice roll will be greater or less than a particular number.

How long has it been operating?

Craps: Craps has a lengthy and varied history that has surely contributed significantly to the game we know today. According to popular belief, it originated as a game called Hazards, played by 12th-century English knights. From then on, it became a popular aspect of Medieval English culture. Craps’ contemporary name, however, is credited to the French, who called the games “Crabes” in the 1600s and quickly gained popularity throughout Europe. The game eventually found its way to the United States, where John H. Winn gave it its formal set of rules in the 1900s.

Sic Bo Dice: Because the Sic Bo game evolved and included a lot of interesting iterations, putting a date on its original creation is difficult. The origins of Sic Bo can be traced back to ancient China. However, it moved to American and European casinos during the 1980s and 1990s, partly to appeal to Eastern gamblers. Sic bo translates to “dice pair” in Chinese. The game is similar to Grand Hazard.

Traditional HiLo: It’s difficult to establish the game’s specific creation date or location. Most gambling specialists agree that HiLo evolved from card games, albeit it is uncertain which card games.

What crypto is accepted for each?

Craps: Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Litecoin, Tether (USDT)

Sic Bo Dice: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether (USDT)

Traditional HiLo: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, USD Coin

Is Crypto Dice Regulated?

The simple answer is certainly yes. However, not all jurisdictions have the same gaming rules, and different governments have distinct regulations. So, make inquiries from the cryptocurrency gaming platform for further details. The minimum gambling age is one thing that all governments have in common. Most nations have an 18+ gambling age.

The industry’s top-tier authorized gambling sites provide crypto gambling and betting on dice games with reasonable wager odds. Furthermore, the innovative blockchain technique ensures the crypto casino’s legality. Traditional crypto dice casinos must follow AML and KYC regulations, and players must authenticate their identities before using their services. This protects vulnerable persons by restricting access to the platforms and aids in the prevention of illegal conduct and financial crimes.

Dice Game Strategies

Like most casino games, dice gambling is more based on chance rather than on dice strategies. This means that a player’s ability to affect the game’s eventual outcome is limited. However, some wise tactics can be used to boost one’s success. Let’s take a look at the one that top gamblers prefer.

The Paroli Strategy

This high-risk betting technique capitalizes on winning streaks by doubling bets after each win. The idea is to profit from a sequence of accomplishments and then start over with the initial stake. Risk management is an important aspect of this plan, and you should decide how many wins are acceptable before starting from scratch again.

The D’Alembert Strategy

Instead of multiplying or splitting your bets, it comprises changing the size of your wager depending on whether you are winning or losing. So instead of riding losing streaks until your luck runs out, this strategy has you increase or decrease your wagers to balance wins and losses.

The Inverse Martingale Strategy

Unlike the Martingale strategy, this strategy adopts a different method. Martingale’s strategy comprises doubling your stake after each loss so that you recover all of your losses plus one unit when you win. For the inverse Martingale strategy, instead of doubling your wager after each loss, you double it after each victory until you reach a set limit. This, however, necessitates greater discipline because you have set aside money to continue betting.

What is a Bitcoin Dice Faucet?

A Bitcoin Dice Faucet is a bonus offer in which players are compensated for their time spent on the sites. Faucets are a means for casinos to motivate players to keep playing by offering high-value prizes. The casino’s regulations determine the size and frequency of the bonuses. However, players can win free bitcoins by betting for more than an hour. The dice faucet effectively functions as an additional reward for continuous participation in the casino, encouraging more frequent betting from committed players. TrustDice, Neodice, and Sicodice are examples of crypto casinos that provide users with a Bitcoin Dice Faucet.


  1. Each player gets rounds and has to roll the dice.
  2. Each time a player rolls, the number is recorded.
  3. The number is recorded for each round.
  4. Player with the best score wins.

What Makes Crypto Dice Games so Popular?

Crypto dice games are gaining popularity because they provide a different and thrilling gaming experience that differs from traditional casino games. The following are some reasons why crypto dice games have grown in popularity.

Fair Games

These games are fair and secure since they are built on blockchain technology. The top-tier platforms have fairness systems that enable players to confirm the validity of the games. One of these fairness technologies is the Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG generates verified hashes that prohibit tampering with the results.

Furthermore, every site is subjected to frequent assessment tests to ensure the casino’s operation. To ensure a safe gaming experience, only gamble on reputable platforms.

No Need for Registration (for some casino sites)

Some renowned casinos enable players to wager without registering with the site. These top websites provide users’ anonymity a high priority and entirely hide their online identities.

All that is required is to visit the website of the crypto dice casino, connect your crypto wallet, and then begin playing by making regular deposits and withdrawals through the website. It is completely safe to gamble without registering.

Quick Transactions

Dice-based cryptocurrency casinos allow for quick and secure transactions thanks to the underlying technology’s peer-to-peer nature. Dice players can play and wager on provably fair dice rolls with a low house edge thanks to the rapid withdrawal and deposit transactions.

What Keeps People Interested in Crypto Dice Games?

Several key things keep people interested in playing crypto dice games. Let’s look at some of the unique features, perks, and experiences that draw players to crypto dice games and keep them there.

  • Gamification Elements: Many cryptocurrency dice games include gamification aspects to improve the overall experience. Leveling up, unlocking achievements, participating in tournaments, and competing with other players are examples of these elements. Gamification provides a sense of excitement and competitiveness, driving players to stay engaged and strive for greater accomplishments.
  • Simplistic Gameplay: The straightforward gameplay of crypto dice games is one of the main draws for players. These games are simple to comprehend and play because they mainly depend on the result of a dice roll. Both seasoned gamblers and newbies seeking a hassle-free and fun gambling experience are drawn to this.
  • Thrill and Excitement: Crypto dice games offer an exhilarating and immersive gaming experience. The element of chance and unpredictability in each roll of the dice creates a high sense of thrill and excitement for players. The fast-paced nature of these games provides an adrenaline rush, making them appealing to those seeking immediate gratification.
  • Community and Social Interaction: Many crypto dice games foster a sense of community and social interaction among players. Some casinos provide chat features, forums, or active online communities where players can connect with others who share a passion for crypto dice games. This sense of belonging and camaraderie enhances the overall gaming experience and provides players with a platform to share strategies, tips, and experiences.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: Crypto dice games offer accessibility and convenience that traditional gambling platforms may not provide. Players can engage in these games from the comfort of their own homes in any part of the world without worrying about geo-restrictions. Most operators offer these games on desktop computers, laptops, or mobile devices, ensuring that players can enjoy their favorite dice games whenever and wherever they choose. This convenience and round-the-clock availability contribute to the sustained interest and engagement of players.
  • Innovations and New Features: The level of competition among casinos and game developers causes crypto dice games to constantly evolve and introduce new features and innovations to maintain players’ interest. From introducing new game variations to integrating virtual reality or augmented reality experiences, continuous advancements keep players excited and curious about the latest developments within the crypto dice gaming world. These innovations create a sense of novelty and exploration that keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging.


SatoshiDICE, a prominent crypto casino, launched Bitcoin Dice in 2012. Since then, the game has grown in global popularity. At the time, the crypto casino had a large following and a considerable portion of the crypto gambling market. In addition, bitcoin prices were substantially lower, which increased patronage even more.

Following the popularity of Bitcoin & Ethereum dice games, other comparable sites quickly appeared, further reinforcing the craze for crypto dice games. Thousands of dice game versions are available from various developers, each with its own gameplay. As a result, there are plenty of intriguing possibilities when looking for a reputable online casino to play dice.

The Future

Cryptocurrencies are the future of online casinos and gaming companies. Online crypto dice games will emerge on a broader platform as the crypto market develops. Since the games’ introduction to the market, there have been several modifications so that changes will occur in the future, and players will devote both money and effort.


  • One of the most notable records takes us back to 1993 when Edrie won a Mercury Tracer valued at more than $12,000 after rolling a five, and Bob let her drive it home.
  • Scott is another memorable player for the dice game. In 1998, he lost the dice game; despite being highly hopeful and excited to play the game that he fell down and twisted his knees.
  • Then celebrity Future actor Aaron Paul played dice game in 1998 with similar excitement as Scott and advanced to the Showcase stage but ended up losing after overbidding by $132.
  • There are very few records of modern dice game wins apart from the ones recorded by popular streamers.

Dice Game Trivia

  • Players contested for a car in the first version of the dice game.
  • It was one of the most exciting yet challenging and emotional games too.
  • Modern online crypto varies depending on the developer, but the concept is almost identical.
  • The best part about the crypto dice game is that you get an RTP of as high as 99%.


The popularity of bitcoin dice gambling speaks for itself. Apart from cards, the only other form of gambling that is widespread across the world is dice. The game’s simplicity makes it beginner-friendly, attracting more players compared to most gambling games, which are usually hard to learn. Pro bettors who like challenging tasks may not enjoy playing the simple dice game. There are, however, other versions that are more advanced to suit the sophisticated player. The dice game is not only available in almost all online crypto casinos but was already being played physically across all continents even before internet gaming became a sensation. If you are looking for the easiest game to make you money in gambling, try playing the crypto dice game at TrustDice or any of our recommended providers.

Q&A Session

In this section, Eugene Abungana will address your inquiries and the most common questions regarding Crypto Dice and offer guidance to newcomers in the field. Feel free to submit your questions through our contact form, and we will strive to respond within 48 hours.

What is the best crypto dice game?

There are several crypto dice games, but Craps is the best and the most common at top-rated crypto dice casinos.

What should I consider when selecting top crypto dice platforms?

When selecting a crypto dice platform, you should consider the platform’s license and security, game variety, withdrawal speed, and bonuses.

Is crypto dice better than regular online dice?

Yes, crypto dice games are better than regular ones for several reasons, like a lower house edge.

Is it safe to play dice games with cryptocurrency?

Yes, playing the game is safe if you take basic steps and only utilize reviewed and approved websites.

How to gamble with an online crypto casino?

To gamble with an online crypto casino, you must register on a reputable site and open a cryptocurrency wallet. From there on, you can buy some coins and use them to wager.

What is an exclusive Bitcoin dice?

An Exclusive Bitcoin Dice is a game in which players can customize their Payout, Win Chance, and Bet Amount based on their chosen credit value.

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