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Basic Information

Coin Master was designed and launched by Moon Active. It is a free-to-play, single-player game available on major mobile operating systems. Coin Master has held the title of the highest-grossing game in two countries in Europe for three years, holding down that title in the United Kingdom since February 2019 and in Germany since June 2019. The game currently boasts at least 100 million downloads on all platforms since its launch in 2015, achieving that milestone very early in 2021. The successes of Coin Master are a testament to how great of a game it is. But there is more to Coin Master than just these figures. There are aspects to the game that require having hands-on experience with playing the game to unravel. This article explores some of these aspects of Coin Master.

Game Provider

Moon Active



Coin Master’s gameplay is similar to most single-player mobile games on mobile app stores. However, control is in the hands of one player, and there are no local multiplayer options. The main goal in this game is for players to earn coins, which they can then spend on upgrading items to build up villages.

In building their own village, a player has to employ various strategies and mechanisms to develop their village and protect it against enemy forces. This will often involve attacks on other players’ villages and the acquisition of in-game items like shields and pet Rhinos for protection against attacks.

Coin Master also involves levels for players to conquer. The game becomes progressively more difficult as players go up in ranks. A new level is unlocked once a player completes the building of a village. There are 402 levels in Coin Master.


Coin Master tips & tricks

If you are new to Coin Master, the following tips and tricks will help you become better at the game and clear the levels faster:

Don’t hoard your coins!

Coins are meant to be spent. Therefore, do not hoard them, as it prevents you from progressing in the game. Instead, spend them strategically on upgrades and avoid unnecessary purchases.

Big Raids

Big raids are a strategy involving the use of maximum bets in a raid against a Coin Master who currently has several millions of coins in their possession. This technique is only advisable to use during a Bet Blast or when you have at least 1,000 spins left. This technique should also be used in combination with a multiplier.

Buy chests in every village

Chests contain bonuses, gold coins, rare cards, and so on. The volume of these rewards that players can find in chests varies from village to village. In addition, some villages contain chests that hold large amounts of gold coins and rare cards. These are called Boom Villages. Be sure to buy chests in any village; you never can tell when you will get super lucky.

Don’t waste your pet’s bonuses

Pet bonuses are very useful in Coin Master. Pets give you significant advantages in the game, like doubling your rewards when you raid another player or making other players unable to attack your village. These bonuses come in handy, and they should be conserved as much as possible and used only at the most crucial times.

How can I get Coin Master free spins?

You can earn free spins in Coin Master by following unofficial links to Facebook pages that promise free links to players who can complete specific tasks. However, many of these URLs end up being blocked and are probably not the best way to earn free spins.

However, Coin Master grants free spins and even free coins to players who perform specific actions both within and outside the game. Read on to find out how to get free spins and coins in Coin Master.


Here are some additional ways to get even more free spins and coins in Coin Master. You can get free spins on Coin Master by following a few simple steps. Each of these processes will earn you a certain number of free spins. Some of these are one-time bonuses, while some others are daily. Here are nine ways you can earn Coin Master free spins:

Follow coin master on social media.

Following the developers of Coin Master on all their social media channels can get you free spins. This is because they post links to free spins on the special media accounts daily. However, these links have validity periods, so you must get them before expiring. You can follow Moon Active, the developers of Coin Master, on Facebook and Twitter.

Sign up for email gifts

You can sign up for Moon Active to send you email gifts daily. These emails would contain links that you can follow to get free rewards, including free spins and free coins.

Invite friends

Inviting your friends to play Coin Master can also earn you free coins. A successful invite via Facebook for your friend to download the game will earn you 40 free spins. You will earn these spins even if your friend does not play the game. All they have to do is download Coin Master using your invite link.

Request spins as gifts

If you have friends who play Coin Master, you can send them requests to send you a free spin. However, because you can only request one free spin per day from friends, the number of Coin Master free spins you can get in a day depends on how many friends you have.

Watch video ads

This is a common way to get free rewards in most mobile games today, and Coin Master is no exception. With Coin Master, you can get several free spins daily by watching in-game advertisements. To do this, find your way to the slot machine. Then look to the bottom right corner of your screen to find the spin energy button. Unless you have run out of your daily allowance of free spins using this method, you should see the spin energy button. If you do, click on it to launch an ad, and you can earn free spins after watching the ad.


This might sound weird if you are a newbie to the game, but yes, you can win free spins by spinning. For every three consecutive spin energy symbols you land on after a spin, you get one free spin as a reward for your consistency.

Level up your village

This is probably the hardest way to get free spins, but since you have to level up your villages to make progress in the game anyway, you might as well do it. Leveling up your village gets you Coin Master free spins but will also cost you loads of coins.

Participate in events

Events come up every day in Coin Master. Participating in each of these events can earn you free spins. To find an event, look to the upper right side of your screen and click on any of the buttons beneath the menu icon. Each of those buttons represents an individual event you can participate in and earn Coin Master free spins and coins.


You are entitled to five free spins every hour in Coin Master, with 50 free spins being the maximum you can have at a time. This means that it takes 10 hours to max out on the number of free spins you can have at once. So make sure you visit the Coin Master game every ten hours to take advantage of your 50 free spins. You may also set a reminder, so you do not forget.


Being successful at Coin Master requires strategy. While no one-size-fits-all strategy can help all players succeed, some methods can help guarantee success to a reasonable degree for many players. Some of these strategies are offensive, while others are defensive.

On the offensive front, you should attack villages and raid other players to level up and earn more coins. On the defensive side, acquiring shields and pet Rhinos can help to bolster your protection against attacks from other players in the game.


There are 402 levels in Coin Master. Completing the construction of your village and moving to the next one causes you to level up.


Villages in Coin Master are highly diversified. There are almost 400 villages in the game, each with a unique theme, including Buddhist village, LA dreams, Hell’s village, Coin Manor, and many more. Each village has 5 types of participants: characters, pets, homes, transportation, and items from nature. Completing one village in Coin Master requires players to spend many coins for participation.

Card collection

Cards in Coin Master’s card collection come in various classes and values and are sorted according to the rarity. Naturally, then, the rarest cards are the hardest to find and also the most valuable. These cards can also be traded, and the Coin Master card trading market is so profitable that a community of players on social media is solely dedicated to trading Coin Master cards.

Some of the most well-known cards in Coin Master are the Queen’s Throne card and the Joker card. In addition, cards in the game may be collected by players who want to form a card collection and then use these complete card sets to redeem prizes like free spins, pet experience, and a few other rewards.


The list of characters in the Coin Master game consists of the main character: a pig who is also the tour guide in Coin Master. It also includes witches, wizards, queens, and warriors. New characters are also introduced to players in each new village.


There are three main pets in Coin Master. These are Foxy, Rhino, and Tiger. These three pets give players multiplier abilities for the coins they acquire. The extent of the multiplier effect of each pet depends on the type of pet it is and how much XP it has obtained through XP potions. While Foxy and Tiger give attack-based advantages, Rhino gives defense-based advantages to players.


Players can gift other players free spins every day. Depending on how many Facebook friends have the game and are actively playing, they can get up to 100 Coin Master free spins each day.


Coins are the main currency in Coin Master. They are used to build and repair villages to advance across the levels. Coins can be earned in multiple ways, through slot machines, events, rewards, raiding villages, or attacking players.


Chests in Coin Master contain collectible cards. These chests are categorized into Wooden, Golden, and Magical Chests. Chests can be obtained in different ways, such as rewards for completing villages and leveling up, during raids, by purchasing them from the in-game store, or by digging them out.

The rewards can vary depending on the kind of chest a player has. Typically, a wooden chest would contain two cards, while a golden and magical chest would contain 4 or 8 cards.

VIP Status

Attaining VIP status gives players access to even more perks in Coin Master. These perks include extra coins and spins, exclusive events access, a Facebook group, and a permanent player ID. However, this status is rumored to be exclusive to players who have spent a particular amount and reside in specific countries. Still, there is little clarification on this from Moon Active.


Coin Master continues to expand on its success year on year as one of the highest-grossing mobile games of all time. As of October 2019, the game had grossed more than $508 million in revenue. That same year, it overthrew Candy Crush saga as the highest-grossing game in the United Kingdom and Ireland, both in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. But despite its successes, Coin Master has not deviated from its core value proposition, which is to be a game that delivers endless hours of fun and exciting gameplay for people of all ages.


Yes, the Coin Master free spins links do expire. Many of them usually have a 24-hour validity period.

You can get Coin Master free spins in nine different ways. Some of the most common ways players can get free spins are by following Coin Master creators on social media, through referrals or requesting free spins from friends, and by visiting the game daily to earn free spins every day. Players can also earn five free spins every hour.

There are currently 402 levels in Coin Master as of May 2022.

The stars in Clin master exist for ranking purposes. Players collect more stars the more they play the game, and these accumulated stars determine where a player places in the game’s Leaderboards. Stars are obtained either from building village items or from the collection of new emotes and cards.

Cards in Coin Master are collectibles that can be used to redeem extra in-game benefits like free spins and pets. The level of value of rewards players can obtain from cards depends on the rarity of the card collection.

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