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Betspider Introduction

If you're looking for an online casino to explore, BetSpider is a great option. Although it's relatively new, there are plenty of daily opportunities for you to benefit from. This casino has a sublicense from C.I.L. (Curacao Interactive Licensing) N.V. and a master gaming license issued by the Governor of Curacao, which means it's legitimate.

Accepted Cryptocurrencies

Logo image for Tron Logo image for EOS


Green Armadillo Games B.V.




Gaming Curacao (GC), Curaçao (CGCB)

Payment Methods

Tron, EOS

Other Bonuses

Blockchain Transparence & Security

Games Amount


What is BetSpider Casino?

Bet Spider Casino is an online casino that offers a variety of games and gaming options for players.

Offers a simplified website design, making it easy for users to access all they need via thumbnails and categories presented on the homepage. Once you login, you are welcomed by a sliding banner revealing more about bonuses, new games available, special offers, and tournaments for all patrons. The website has a dark theme, promoting longer gaming sessions, and you can keep an eye on the progressive jackpots and tournament pools as they swell in real time.

The casino accepts both EOS and TRX as the only payment options and is loaded with many in-house games and slots from top providers. This casino caters to a wide range of audiences, including players from China, Canada, Russia, Mexico, etc. It is available in both Chinese and English, with more languages set to be added to the list.

BetSpider’s target audiences are players who are crypto enthusiasts, enjoy online games, and are looking for a reliable and secure platform to play on. BetSpider is for you if you are looking for;

  • A casino with a wide selection of games
  • Convenient and secure payment options
  • Responsive customer support
  • Easy-to-use interface and user-friendly design
  • VIP program and promotions for new and existing players

The casino is similar to other online casinos regarding the types of games offered and the bonuses and promotions available to players. However, it stands out from the competition with its user-friendly interface and mobile compatibility, blockchain technology, and crypto and NFT offerings.

BetSpider offers a unique and innovative gaming experience for players who value transparency and trust in their online gaming. With daily opportunities for players to benefit from, loyalty programs, and a wide range of games, BetSpider is an excellent option for anyone looking for a high-quality gaming experience.

Bet Spider Casino Key Facts

Welcome Bonus Minimum Deposit Banking Methods Casino Games Mobile Compatibility Withdrawal Limit
No welcome bonus 0.1000 EOS Tronix, EOS Slots, in-house games Iphone, Android, Tablets No withdrawal limit

Bet Spider Bonuses & Promos

Wagering Requirements

eos, tron

Other Bonus

Yes - Stake & Dividends

VIP Program


  • Pros
  • Many bonuses Pro
  • NFT collection Pro
  • Cons

There are not many bonuses provided by BetSpider, but the few available are worth it. The following promotions are available at BetSpder: jackpot war, referral bonus, and social media follower reward.

Here is a breakdown of how these promotions work;

Jackpot War

bet spider jackpot war

Bet Spider review – jackpot war

Betspider offers you an opportunity to get ahead by aiming for the jackpot. This is what you should know about the Jackpot War at BetSpider;

  • The jackpot event takes place on a weekly basis, and only the top three players with the highest profit amount are eligible to claim the rewards. To determine your rank, the difference between your win amount and your bet amount is taken into consideration. However, it is important to note that the winning amount may vary due to the fluctuating exchange rate at the settlement time.
  • If the jackpot is not claimed by any player, it will be rolled over to the next round. It is important to keep in mind that casino services will be limited to you if you are involved in any illegal activities or soliciting such activities.
  • To ensure fair competition, only the highest profit will be used to enter the event per person. In cases of equal profit amounts, the rankings will be decided by an earlier entry. If you win the jackpot but do not claim your prize within four weeks, the prize will be returned to the jackpot pool.

However, it is important to adhere to the rules and regulations set by BetSider to avoid any limitations or disqualifications.

Referral Bonus

referral bonus

Bet Spider review – referral bonus

With friends, playing online casino games is more enjoyable, and there are more reasons for you to invite more people to Bet Spider Casino. If you introduce more users to the online platform, you will receive a referral incentive. You will then receive 2% of the total points your friends have racked up.

Usually, a referral code will be automatically generated when you sign up with BetSpider. You will need to copy and share this code with your friends. Once they register with your referral link, you are automatically entitled to the referral bonus

Social Media Followers Reward

Keeping up with BetSpider on Twitter is another strategy to profit from this. You only need to click and follow the casino’s official Twitter account.

You will receive more SP as well as access to more exclusive events as a result. A different approach to obtaining extra benefits is to sign up for the official BetSpider Telegram channel. This way, you won’t miss anything.

Welcome Bonus Offer

Usually, online casinos offer attractive welcome packages that players can access once they register. These bonuses usually require completing a wagering requirement within a specific timeframe.BetSPider is currently expanding, so the bonus spread is still being developed. Nonetheless, VIP players have the opportunity to win a $5 bonus in the form of either EOS or TRX tokens.

At the guerilla event, players will receive a starting amount of 100 free bonus coins (FBC). They can use these tokens to place bets until they reach a total of 1000 FBC in their credits. After achieving this target, they can claim their welcome bonus in either EOS or TRX, depending on their preference.


Shitcodes are bonuses that give you free coins without any rules to follow. You can redeem them by following the instructions provided. After you use a shitcode, you own the coins and can withdraw your winnings without any problems or rules to worry about. Unfortunately, BetSpider has not yet provided this option for its players. Let’s look at these promotions in more detail.

Existing Customer Promos

As a relatively new casino, BetSpider, as we have seen, does not offer many promotions; however, there is something to make up for that. BetSpider offers players the opportunity to invest in the casino by becoming a banker. There is also an offer to stake and earn dividends, and there is also the mining pool.

The Mining Pool

The mining pool is another profit-sharing tool that rewards players with SP tokens after each successful play, regardless of the outcome. The number of tokens received depends on the amount wagered during the gameplay, with the mining rates decreasing over ten rounds

Join Banker

Join Banker is another profit-sharing tool offered by the casino. The way it works is that, as a banker, you will receive a portion of the profits made by BetSpider in the currency you have invested in. The other side of the coin that we need to bring to your attention is that if BetSPider makes losses, like every other investment, your capital is affected. The casino makes it easy for you to see how your investment is performing. Your profits or losses are shown, and you can quit banking at any time.

Loyalty Program

The BetSpider Loyalty Program is a great way for our players to earn rewards and benefits while enjoying their favorite games. The program offers a variety of rewards and incentives, and the more players participate, the more they stand to gain. The casino loyalty program is in for the VIP program.

VIP Program

With the VIP loyalty program, you can move from a wood to a diamond player. The VIP program has six levels: wood, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond.

The primary focus of the VIP program is to reward players for their cryptocurrency bets. By regularly placing bets, you can earn VIP points, which determine your VIP status within the casino. The program has time restrictions in place to prevent any abuse or manipulation of the system.

To maintain your VIP status, you must meet the minimum point requirements for your rank. The point system only takes into account points earned within the past 90 days. The highest VIP rank is Diamond, which has a mining rank of 200%, resulting in double returns on your cryptocurrency stakes compared to other players. This presents an exciting opportunity for players to increase their profits significantly.

Other Benefits of the Loyalty Program

The loyalty Program is a rewards program designed to incentivize loyal players. The program offers a range of features and benefits to players. Here are some benefits of the VIP program:

  • Additional VIP bonus offer
  • Exclusive VIP support
  • Exclusive customer care service support in telegram
  • Access to VIP promotions and events

Stake & Dividend

Betspider is a true gambling dApp and offers players the possibility to earn Dividends after staking SP in each different currency’s dividend pool.

The catch here is that, unlike many other gambling dApps that offer dividends, you can only get SP by making bets. So this is a true reward for loyal players.

From the moment you register an account you mine their SP token by making a bet at a mining rate of 90%. As you level up in the VIP program your mining rate increases to up to 200% mining rate.


betspider nft lottery

Bet Spider review – NFT lottery

Through a remarkable collaboration with Polygon and Web City Club, Betspider unveils an unparalleled NFT partnership. Spearheading this venture is Web City Club, a distinguished creator of an exceptional NFT collection that has captured the attention of enthusiasts worldwide. Each masterpiece in this collection features an astounding and one-of-a-kind 3pider image with various benefits.

Owners of these 3pider NFTs can embark on an exhilarating journey of chance and fortune. With exclusive access to captivating lottery draws offered by the platform, participants will be enticed by the prospect of winning the coveted Jackpot worth a staggering $77,777.

Bet Spider Payment Options

Available Cryptocurrencies

Tron, EOS

Minimum Deposit


Minimum Withdrawal


  • Pros
  • No fees Pro
  • Cons
  • Only EOS and TRX are accepted Con

Deposits & Withdrawals

For your BetSpider account, you don’t need to make separate deposits or withdrawals. To use the platform, all you have to do is link your EOS or TRX wallets to your profile and change your balance into GB tokens. Payment gateways are offered via TokenPocket, Scatter, and TronLink. You can register for one if you don’t already have one of these wallets by using your email.

The casino is a crypto casino and accepts only Tron and EOS. Players can deposit a minimum of 0.1000 EOS, and the maximum deposit depends on the cryptocurrency used. The online casino may need to do extra checks to confirm your identity and the source of any payments in order to abide by anti-money laundering legislation and related regulations.

To withdraw funds from your casino account, you must first meet all the wagering requirements associated with any bonuses you’ve received in a timely manner to prevent bonus abuse. Once all requirements have been met, you can safely withdraw your winnings, subject to a small handling fee. Withdrawal requests are processed promptly, but confirmation by the blockchain network may take some time

There are no limits on the amount you can withdraw within a 24-hour, weekly, or monthly period, as it depends on the amount you have in your account. There is no minimum withdrawal amount; unlike other casinos, even small sums can be withdrawn. You will receive your payout instantly, without any waiting period.

Bet Spider Game Selection

Amount of Games


Available Games

Licensed crypto casino with profit sharing scheme

  • Pros
  • Demo play available Pro
  • Outstanding collection of table games & slots Pro
  • Cons
  • No Live Casino Con
  • No provably fair games Con

What Games can You Play?

The casino’s selection of slots and table games is consistently increasing. The majority of its table games, including The Big Wheel and Three Dice, are owned by the casino. Slot games come from well-known companies including Bunfox, Radix, and Genesis Gaming. Panda Pursuit, Jungle Jam, Solfire, and Viking Treasures are a few of the well-known slot game titles.


There are over 40 slot titles on BetSpider. These games are easy to access, and there is the option for demo play for most of them. The demo play allows players to master the games they want to wager on. Some popular slots available in the casino include;

  • Storm Rider
  • Year of the Rooster
  • Riches in the Rough
  • Wild Space
  • Panda Pursuit: Royal Edition
  • Viking Treasures
  • Golden Children
  • Night of Sevens
  • Ganesh’s Blessings
  • Dragon Blast

Other Games

Other games available in the casino are in-house table games like;

  • Three dice
  • Jackpot dice
  • Dice
  • Graph game moon
  • Big wheels

These games offer players the chance to win while also being entertained. The games are easy to select and play. However, players are advised to read through the game information to understand the terms and conditions for each of the selected games.

What Software does Bet Spider use?

The casino is operated by BNG Software Limited. Software providers include;

  • Radi8
  • Tronlink
  • Scatter
  • Genesis

Bet Spider License & Security




Gaming Curacao (GC), Curaçao (CGCB)

  • Pros
  • Curacao license Pro
  • Powerful encryption software Pro
  • Cons
  • KYC required Con

Like many other crypto casinos, this casino is licensed by the Curaçao Gambling Commision. Betspider holds the registration number 158438. Additionally, the casino headquarters is located at New Haven Office Centre, Emancipatie Boulevard, Dominico F, “Don” Martina 31, Curacao. To ensure that user information and funds are protected, this crypto casino uses powerful encryption software.

Interface & User Experience

BetSpider is an online gaming platform that is designed with the user in mind. The website has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate, allowing players to quickly find their way around. The registration and login process is simple and straightforward, with users being able to create an account by logging in with their crypto wallet details or email.

The homepage of BetSpider is well-organized, with clear menus and links that make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Users can easily browse through the two gaming categories. The search bar is a useful feature that allows users to quickly find a particular game or provider.

The gaming interface of BetSpider is seamless, with games that load quickly and run smoothly. The games are well-designed and come with clear instructions, making it easy for users to understand the rules and gameplay. Users can adjust the sound and graphics settings according to their preferences, providing a personalized gaming experience.

The customer support service at this casino is focused on addressing the players’ needs. In the “How to Play” section, there are detailed instructions on gameplay, including wagering, rules, in-game features, and other aspects. If you encounter any problems on the site, you can easily contact their support agents via email from the “Contact Us” page. The good thing is that each issue has its own template, making it easy to report a problem. If you still require assistance, you can send an email for further help.

Mobile App

The BetSpider is optimized for mobile devices, with a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes. Users can access the mobile casino by visiting the website on their mobile browser. The mobile interface offers the same features as the desktop version, with a touch-friendly design and easy navigation. However, there is no mobile app yet for the casino. Players can access and play games on the website with their Android or iOS devices.

Restricted Countries

The casino is open to players from many regions. While there is no information about the restricted countries on the websites, from our research we discovered that players from a wide range of backgrounds can play. This includes players from China, Canada, Russia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the United States, and many countries in Africa, including Nigeria. The casino has two language options. It is available in both Chinese and English, with more languages set to be added to the list.

Bet Spider Customer Support


Help Center, Help articles

  • Pros
  • Strong social media presence Pro
  • Cons
  • No live chat nor email Con

This casino does not offer customer support via live chat or email. Instead, gamblers on can contact support via social media platforms like Medium, Twitter, and Facebook. Additionally, the casino has an FAQ section that answers common questions gamblers may have.

How Does Bet Spider Compare to Other Crypto Casinos?


Logo image for Betspider


Full Star 4.4/5
Logo image for CryptoLoko

Crypto Loko Casino

Full Star 3.2/5
Logo image for CloudBet Casino

CloudBet Casino

Full Star 4.5/5


200% Bonus on collected Bonus SP

505% + 55 Free Spins

100% matched deposit bonus of up to 5 BTC!

Payment Methods

2+ Methods

Tron Logo EOS Logo

6+ Methods

Bitcoin Logo Ethereum Logo Bitcoin cash Logo Dogecoin Logo Binance Logo Litecoin Logo

20+ Methods

Bitcoin Logo Ethereum Logo Tether Logo Cardano Logo Bitcoin cash Logo Dogecoin Logo Litecoin Logo USD Coin Logo Dai Logo Chainlink (LINK) Logo Binance Coin Logo Dash Logo Polkadot_Dot Logo EOS Logo Shiba Inu coin (SHIB) Logo Solana Logo Tron Logo Uniswap Logo Ripple Logo ZCash Logo



Below, we review how Betspider Casino compares to two significant competitors, Crypto Loko and Cloudbet Casino.

Game Selection

Betspider offers 1000+ games to its players. The gaming options include slots and in-house table games such as Three Dice, Jackpot Dice, Dice, Graph game moon, and Big Wheels. The casino also offers a lottery that can be accessed by being the owner of a 3pider NFT.

Currently, there are more than 200 games available at Crypto Loko. Despite the limited variety, they offer popular casino games like slots, table games, video poker, live dealer games, and progressive jackpots.

Cloudbet Casino offers a top-notch gambling experience for sports and casino fans alike. Offering well over 1200 casino games, that’s approximately the size of Betspider combined with Crypto Loko. The casino also provides a sportsbook.


Betspider Casino holds a license from the Curaçao Gaming Authority, and to ensure that user information and funds are protected, this crypto casino uses powerful encryption software and blockchain technology.

Crypto Loko operates without a valid license, which raises concerns regarding the platform’s accountability. However, the casino uses 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology to keep its users’ personal information and financial transactions private.

In terms of Security, Cloudbet beats the others as it holds two licenses: the E-Gambling license from Montenegro and the Curacao gambling license. The combination of reputable international gambling licenses makes this one of the most trustworthy blockchain casinos.

Payment Methods

The casino is a crypto casino and accepts only Tron and EOS. The minimum deposit for players is 0.1000 EOS, and the maximum deposit amount varies depending on the cryptocurrency being used. Unlike other casinos, there is no minimum withdrawal amount, so even small amounts can be withdrawn.

Deposits and withdrawals at Crypto Loko are exclusively conducted using cryptocurrencies. A minimum deposit of $20 is required, with no maximum limit specified. Before requesting a withdrawal, players must complete the casino’s KYC verification process. The withdrawals are usually processed within one business day. The daily withdrawal limit is $2,500, with a maximum of $10,000 per 168-hour period.

Players can process payments on Cloudbet Casino using 11 cryptocurrencies and 3 fiat options. However, the fiat cannot be used directly. Players must use the fiat to purchase crypto on the Cloudbet website, using the third-party provider MoonPay or Skrill. The minimum deposit and withdrawal is 0.001 BTC or equivalent using another crypto.

Customer Support, unfortunately, does not provide customer support through live chat or email channels. Instead, they offer alternative means of contacting support via social media platforms such as Medium, Twitter, and Facebook. Additionally, the casino features a comprehensive FAQ section.

Crypto Loko offers support through email, live chat, and an FAQ section on its website. The FAQ section answers most queries, so checking through the page before contacting the support team is advisable.

You can reach Cloudbet customer service by email or live chat anytime. For general questions, you can also refer to their comprehensive FAQ page or get in touch with them through their social media profile.


BetSpider doesn’t offer many bonuses, but those provided are valuable. At BetSpider, you can use the jackpot war, referral bonus, and social media follower reward promotions. Additionally, a 6-tiered VIP program is available.

Crypto Loko welcomes new players with a tempting 505% matched bonus and 55 free spins. The bonus carries a maximum win limit of 13x the bonus amount and requires a 30x wagering requirement for withdrawal. Additionally, the casino provides a five-level loyalty program.

Cloudbet has an overall flexible bonus program with consistent rewards. New players are eligible for a 100% matched deposit bonus of up to 5 BTC. The welcome offer is just the beginning of the bonus fun, as other benefits offered to players at Cloudbet include deposit bonuses, free spins, tournaments, and a VIP program.


If you want to begin playing top-rated games at Bet Spider, you can quickly use Bitcoin to make payments. Even though the site does not provide a welcome bonus or free spins, there are other promotional offers available. As the casino has recently obtained its license, we have found during our review that players can safely conduct transactions with it. Exclusive games can be accessed on any desktop or mobile device. Sign up today to discover why this new site has rapidly become popular among Bitcoin gamblers worldwide.


Is Bet Spider casino safe and legit?

Yes, BetSpider is a licensed casino, which makes it safe for players to play their favorite games.

How do I register an account at Bet Spider Casino?

The process of registering your account on Bet Spider casino is effortless. You will need to signup with your crypto wallet details or with your email address.

What information do I need to provide to create an account?

At BetSpider, you do not need to provide so much information. With your email address or crypto wallet details, you are good to go.

What measures does Bet Spider Casino take to protect player information?

The casino is a crypto casino that makes use of blockchain technology. All your information action is highly secured.

What responsible gaming tools are available at Bet Spider Casino?

There are lots of responsibilities in gaming tools including deposit and wager limits.

How can I contact customer support at Bet Spider Casino?

You can contact customer care by reaching them via their email address.

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