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How to Earn Free Bitcoin?

Many crypto fanatics look into the idea of increasing their Bitcoin holding. However, many people only consider purchasing Bitcoin to carry out this task. While it’s the most effective way to increase the amount of BTC someone holds, it’s also expensive. For people on low budgets, it’s prohibitively expensive. For this reason, we’ve put together a guide to help traders and bettors increase their BTC holding without spending any money. 

Anyone interested in growing their Bitcoin portfolio can take their first steps using our comprehensive guide.

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Introduction to Earning Bitcoin

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to gain mainstream recognition. It’s become the most popular crypto since first coming to prominence, with the value rising appropriately. Of course, Bitcoin has various uses, ranging from trading to commerce. One of the most popular uses for Bitcoin is crypto gambling, but players who don’t have the financial resources to purchase Bitcoin may want to unearth other ways to build up a holding.

With our guide, players can discover how to increase their BTC through many activities. Completing jobs, selling products, free faucets, and more are all covered in intricate detail in our guide to earning Bitcoin.

Methods on How to Earn Free Bitcoin

Earning Bitcoin can be an excellent way to increase holding. There are many methods to carry this out, some more obvious than others. We’ve covered all of the best ways to earn free Bitcoin, so players can easily boost what they own.

1. Cashback on Bitcoin Transactions

Cashback on Bitcoin transactions works similarly to cashback on credit cards. When carrying out a transaction with Bitcoin, the payment method will return a percentage as cashback. First impressions of this may be that it’s counter-productive. However, if the Bitcoin payment is unavoidable, getting a portion as cashback is additional Bitcoin that wouldn’t have been available otherwise.

Of course, players have to own Bitcoin already for this process to work. But it does allow players to earn extra Bitcoin. Most cashback schemes involve a crypto debit card. These cards work by making payments using the Bitcoin that players already hold. The debit card will then return a percentage of those payments to the user account.

Players should shop around to find the best deal for cashback. Users can discover a higher rate of return by shopping around. It ensures that players can earn the most Bitcoin possible. Taking into account the commission rates, the exchange charges are also significant, if transaction fees are high, then it can cut into the cashback.

2. Sign-Up Bonuses

Sign-up bonuses are available through various Bitcoin platforms. The most prominent example of a sign-up bonus is through crypto exchanges. Most will offer a matched crypto bonus when users make their first trade. 

Of course, the available amount will vary between exchanges. Some will offer up to $500 worth in bonuses, but the terms and conditions will be much stricter than an exchange that offers a $10 bonus. Therefore, it’s essential to look over the terms and conditions to ensure they are reasonable. 

Crypto wallets and mining pools can also offer similar rewards. Again, the available bonus and the terms behind them require research before users claim them. 

Spending time researching what’s available through different Bitcoin platforms will allow players to maximize the return on their investment.

3. Learning Rewards

Crypto exchanges are typically the most common location to find learning rewards. When signing up for a crypto exchange, there are education programs available. Users can increase their Bitcoin holding by carrying out courses and tests here. 

The amount of Bitcoin available using these courses is usually relatively small. However, it can build up over time, especially when combined with other methods of earning Bitcoin. As is always the case, users should check the terms and conditions to ensure they can withdraw their Bitcoin to a wallet.

4. Bitcoin Casino Promotions

Bitcoin casinos are one of the biggest providers of additional Bitcoin. When signing up for an account, almost all crypto casinos will offer a welcome bonus to players. It’s typically a 100% matched bonus, which will essentially double the amount of Bitcoin in the player’s account. Regarding how much the sites will award, the maximums usually range between 1 BTC and 7 BTC.

There are more than just welcome bonuses on offer, though. Sites will also have other promotions in place. Cashback on losses, reload bonuses, and VIP programs can provide players with additional Bitcoin. 

In addition, some sites give a slightly left-field approach to bonuses. For example, BC.Game offers players the ability to spin a bonus wheel every day. The wheel will then award free crypto, which players can use for betting. 

For all promotions, players should check the terms and conditions. Wagering requirements will normally be applied to any bonus, which players must play through before withdrawing. The higher the wagering requirements, the less appealing the bonus is, so it’s vital to be fully aware of what the site requires from players.

5. Sell Goods for Bitcoin

At its core, Bitcoin is another payment method. Crypto is short for cryptocurrency, after all. So, it’s not surprising that players can earn additional Bitcoin by selling items through online marketplaces. It works like any other online marketplace, except the payment is through crypto instead of fiat. 

Players must research the marketplace before going ahead with any sales, though. Firstly, if the site isn’t reputable, it could lead to stolen items with no payment coming through. So, ensure the site is trustworthy regarding payments and how user data is protected.

Secondly, research the fees the site charges. If fees eat up a significant percentage of the sale price, it’s not worth selling through the site. So, ensure that all fees are fair and reasonable. By doing this, players can earn a more significant amount of BTC when selling goods.

Finally, users should remember to set a fair price for the goods they sell. For example, asking for 1 BTC for a pair of sneakers means a sale is unlikely. Setting a fair price ensures the goods will sell and the user will build a good reputation.

Earning Bitcoin in this manner has some excellent benefits. Users can clear out old clutter they don’t want anymore, will be able to expose goods to a much wider audience, and can avoid some of the commission fees exchanges charge.

6. Get Paid in Bitcoin

Getting paid with Bitcoin can be an excellent way to earn Bitcoin. Many freelance jobs will offer different payment methods to users. Choosing to be paid in Bitcoin instantly allows users to increase their holding while also getting paid for their work. Of course, this is the most common way to earn significant amounts of Bitcoin, but other options are available to get paid using Bitcoin.

For example, online surveys will typically pay users for completing them. By choosing to be paid in Bitcoin, users can earn Bitcoin just by completing a simple survey. Users can also sign up to focus groups or to complete small admin tasks at micro-job sites. These options won’t provide as much Bitcoin as carrying out a complete job, but combined, they can lead to a significant amount of BTC.

In addition, users get the benefit of being paid but also holding Bitcoin using this method. It decreases transaction fees, as users can just keep a proportion of their Bitcoin after each job rather than spending money at an exchange purchasing it. There’s also the added bonus of being part of a decentralized financial system, which removes the potential for government interference. 

7. Crypto Airdrops

A crypto airdrop is when a company compiles a specific amount of crypto and sends it to wallet addresses free of charge. These are typically common for new cryptos, as they’re trying to build up a user base early in their life cycle. It does mean Bitcoin airdrops are extremely rare.

However, users can still earn Bitcoin from airdrops. By accepting the crypto that airdrops provide, users will have the opportunity to exchange it for Bitcoin further down the line. While it won’t provide users with an instant infusion of BTC, it can lead to significant earnings later. 

Airdrops will generally have terms and conditions applied to them, such as holding the reward for at least a year before trading. It’s essential to read these before claiming as if users exchange it for Bitcoin after six months, they could lose any crypto they have earned.

8. Affiliate Sites

Signing up for an affiliate site can be an excellent way to earn Bitcoin. These sites will award users a Bitcoin bonus when other users sign up using an affiliate code. Affiliate programs are also known as referral schemes. It’s referring a friend or acquaintance to a site, and the original user gets a reward when they use it.

An excellent example would be referring a friend to a crypto exchange. Every time that friend makes a trade, the initial user gets a percentage of the trade commission. So, if a user referred 100 friends to use the exchange, the potential rewards could be immense. 

But, of course, there are terms and conditions applied to referral programs. For example, users can’t create profiles to try and get welcome referral bonuses multiple times. Users must take note of other terms to ensure that all rewards are received fairly. 

Nevertheless, affiliate sites and referral programs are a fantastic way to earn additional Bitcoin, especially for users with friends with similar interests in crypto.

9. Mining Bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin is perhaps the second most well-known method of earning Bitcoin after buying it at an exchange. Mining Bitcoin uses high-powered hardware to solve the algorithms behind each block on the network. When the block is solved and validated, the miners receive Bitcoin as payment. Unfortunately, the hardware required to mine as a solo operation is expensive, making it challenging to profit. 

However, mining pools make it much easier for users with less advanced hardware to mine for Bitcoin. A mining pool is when multiple miners with less powerful hardware combine their computing power to mine for Bitcoin. After validating the block, it pays out Bitcoin to each user based on how much power they provide. It’s a much more cost-effective way of mining for Bitcoin but returns smaller amounts. 

It’s important to remember that Bitcoin mining could be expensive, even when using mining pools. If the electricity costs increase too high, it can make a loss, especially if the value of Bitcoin drastically falls.

10. Trading Bitcoin

The highest risk-to-reward method of earning Bitcoin is through trading Bitcoin. Therefore, users must closely monitor the markets to earn Bitcoin through trading. As the price of Bitcoin goes up and down, users will have to buy at a low cost and sell at a high cost. 

An example would be buying 0.01 BTC for $200. If the price of 0.01 BTC increased to $400, the user could sell it and will have around $380 after fees and commission. If the price of Bitcoin falls to the same price as before, the user could repurchase 0.01 BTC and have $180 remaining as profit. 

Of course, trading isn’t quite as simple as that example. There are significant risks, and users have to complete market analysis. Some users can get lucky, but it’s rare. It makes this a risky way of earning Bitcoin, but it can be advantageous when successful.

11. Interest Accounts

There are ways to earn interest on Bitcoin. The two main methods are crypto saving accounts and lending platforms. Each has risks and rewards, so it’s crucial to research what’s available before signing up. 

A crypto saving account typically offers users an interest rate between 4 and 8%. These accounts will pay this as an annual return but calculate it and payout daily. Most savings accounts earn this interest by investing the crypto, typically in staking platforms. The profits are how the account awards interest. However, if the investors lose the funds, the user will also lose their initial deposit. It makes it a risky proposition, especially as savings insurance isn’t available for crypto savings accounts.

Lending platforms work in a slightly different manner. A user will loan Bitcoin to another user through the platform. There will then be an agreed period when the Bitcoin has to be paid back with interest. It usually offers a higher rate of return than a savings account, but the risks can be higher, especially if the loanee can’t afford to pay back the crypto. 

Both methods can offer high rates of return, but thorough research is imperative.

12. Participating in Bitcoin Faucets

One of the lesser-known ways to earn Bitcoin is through a faucet. A faucet is a software that will award users with Bitcoin whenever they use it. Users can use most faucets hourly, rewarding users with a small amount of crypto each time they use it. While the risks of using faucets are relatively slim, users must consider some factors. 

Firstly, the withdrawal limits can take quite a long time to reach. Furthermore, as the amount of crypto a faucet pays out on each use is small, saving up enough for a withdrawal is challenging. However, some faucets offer ways to earn additional crypto through surveys and downloading games, making it easier to reach withdrawal thresholds.

Secondly, as faucets are free, users shouldn’t limit themselves to just a single faucet. By finding multiple faucets, users can stockpile crypto in multiple places. Then, whenever the user meets a withdrawal threshold, they can send the crypto to their primary wallet. Using multiple faucets is the best way to make a significant amount of Bitcoin through this method. 

13. Staking Bitcoin

To earn crypto passively, users can choose to stake the crypto they hold. However, Bitcoin doesn’t offer staking as it’s a proof of work crypto, not a proof of stake crypto. Users can get around this with a few steps, but some risks are associated.

To stake and earn Bitcoin, users must exchange it for crypto with staking support. Of course, this will lead to additional costs with the exchange process. After completing the exchange, the user can deposit their crypto in a staking pool and begin to earn a return on their crypto. After receiving their crypto back, it can be exchanged for Bitcoin to return a profit hopefully. 

However, this isn’t always the case. Firstly, the price volatility of different cryptos can mean that even after increasing the amount of crypto held, it might not buy back as much Bitcoin. Secondly, there are rare occasions when staking pools can result in losing crypto. It’s the risk users take on whenever staking crypto. Finally, the amount of crypto received might not cover the exchange commissions. 

While all these risks can take place, it doesn’t mean staking is a poor choice. It means users must complete their own research before deciding to stake their crypto.


The different methods of earning Bitcoin give users plenty of opportunities to add to their portfolios. Whether it’s to add Bitcoin without spending any funds or by spending to accumulate, there are options that fit the needs of every kind of user. 

However, there’s one factor that each method has in common. Research is crucial. Without research, there’s always the possibility that users will jump into an earning process that has significant risks. If the user doesn’t fully understand those risks, it can lead to them making a poor decision.

By fully understanding the risks in place, users can find ways to mitigate them and increase their chances of getting a reward. It will also allow users to find the best ways to maximize how much Bitcoin they earn.


How much bitcoin can I earn from these methods?

It depends on the method. The earning methods with higher levels of risk will offer higher rewards. However, the amount of Bitcoin available will significantly decrease by taking on a lower-risk method. It’s essential to take this into account when deciding what is the best course of action.

Is it possible to earn a living from earning bitcoin?

Some traders can earn a living through earning Bitcoin, but it can require significant levels of investment to get started. Thorough research is vital when starting to earn Bitcoin, but users should look to start slowly rather than going all out to make a living through Bitcoin straight away.

Are these methods safe and secure?

There are risks associated with almost all of the methods. It’s up to each individual user to research the level of risk and decide if they’re comfortable taking it on. 

What are the tax implications of earning bitcoin?

It depends on the location of the user. Typically, there are taxes on any capital gains from earning Bitcoin. Users will need to research this to understand what they might owe.

How do I get started with earning bitcoin?

The easiest way to get started is through the use of faucets. They are the lowest-risk method of earning Bitcoin, although they have the lowest reward level. However, it’s the best way to get started for players who don’t have a solid understanding of crypto.

Can I earn bitcoin without investing any money?

Yes. Players can use faucets to earn small amounts of Bitcoin. On top of this, they can complete jobs, surveys, and educational materials to earn Bitcoin. These methods require no investment from the user, although completing jobs can take up significant time for larger payments.

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