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Statista estimates the current value of online gambling at about $59 billion, with projections showing that it may hit $92 billion by 2023 and peak at a whopping $153 billion before 2030. By then, the industry should be registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 12%. The growing consumer numbers lean more towards betting apps. All this is attributed mainly to the augmented use of smartphones and the penetration of the internet globally. The introduction of freemium gambling models and cost-effective applications has also contributed to the general growth of the sector massively. Amid all this growth and a seemingly healthy betting economy lay a dark side where players and operators didn’t see eye to eye due to trust issues.

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  3. Benefits of Provably Fair Games.
  4. How to verify if you’ve been cheated or not.
  5. The future of provably fair games.

What are Provably Fair Games?

Provably fair is an algorithm-based gaming technology that steps up random number generators to a level of more openness and fairness. The technology relies on the power of blockchain to shuffle and immutably record the shuffles in a verifiable and unchangeable fashion. Provably fair games use provably technology. As you may have guessed, they give players the power to verify the game outcome fairness. How does that sound? Initially, fairness in gaming would be assumed based on the level of certification that a casino or game provider held. In reality, certification and honesty are not always related. It was also tricky for new software developers to independently gain acceptance despite their games’ quality or level of openness unless they went through big names like Micro Gaming and Evolution Gaming. Provably fair games have a provable, trustworthy, and verifiable game outcome., making them 100% transparent hence eliminating trust issues from the gambling industry for the first time ever. Players no longer need to worry about being cheated, as that is impossible when playing provably fair games. The bitcoin blockchain decentralized open-source network, which most provably fair games are built on, prohibits casinos from manipulating games. Players also can’t hack the system to get a hint of the favourable outcomes.

Provably Fair Cryptocurrency Options

Provably fair games rely heavily on blockchain technology and are hence easier when cryptocurrencies are involved. Although Bitcoin was the first digital coin to hit the streets of online gambling, provably fair games have opened up the floor to several cryptocurrencies. Here are three top cryptocurrencies that have dominated provably fair games.

Bitcoin Provably Fair Games

Bitcoin Provably Fair Games

Bitcoin the largest crypto by market cap. It’s also the oldest and most influential in the industry. Until recently, every new invention in the crypto sector started with BTC before spreading out to other digital currencies. As a result, you will most likely find more provably fair bitcoin games. They are easy to play even if you don’t have much technical knowledge. FortuneJack casino, 1XBit, and Stake.com are some gambling platforms with the best provably fair bitcoin games.

Ethereum Provably Fair Games

Ethereum Provably Fair Games

Ethereum is the second oldest and second most popular crypto as of writing this. Unlike bitcoin, it’s not only a currency but also a platform where dApps are developed and deployed, pretty much like a “crypto computer.” One key advantage of Ethereum is that it’s faster than bitcoin, so players can enjoy bespoke provably fair casino games with supersonic speeds. Smart contracts enhance fairness and transparency in ETH provably fair games. Most of them use ERC20 tokens for bets and rewards. If you’re thinking about Ethereum provably fair casino games, you may want to check out CasinoFair, a fully powered blockchain casino.

Tron Provably Fair Games

Tron Provably Fair Games

Tron has quickly risen into one of the leading cryptocurrencies, with its marketing cap hardly going out of the $2 billion zone. Furthermore, it has already found a way into online casinos through Tron provably fair casino games. Bettors use TRX tokens to wager on games developed on the TRON blockchain and, in the end, verify the fairness of the game outcome. We came across WINk, an outstanding blockchain casino with popular Tron provably fair titles like Duel and Dice in our search for Tron provably fair casinos.

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What Are the Main Benefits of Provably Fair Games?

100% Transparent: Players Can Check Bet Results at Anytime: With all the adrenaline rush with gambling, the least a player can expect from the casino is transparency. Traditional providers didn’t offer that, though. Acquiring games from top software providers or complying with betting licensing requirements did not give the gambler even a glimpse of what was happening behind doors. There were zero chances that a gambler would find out whether game outcomes were manipulated or not. Thanks to blockchain technology, bettors can now check and verify the results of every provably game for fairness. A provably fair gaming cryptographic system separates outcomes from players and the casino, locking both from influencing the results. However, both parties hold hashed functions, which are basically encryption of game outcome functions. These can’t be changed and must match any bet’s final results. This is top-notch transparency that gives players peace, knowing too well that the final results of their bets are 100% legit. Although provably fair systems differ, the standard figure is that they are all verifiable in terms of outcomes (win or lose) and odds.

Lower Fees: Betting is categorized as gambling, but it’s business for the participants. They are in it to make money. Therefore, every cost incurred counts towards the final amount of profit or loss that a player takes home. For example, there is the cost of funding your betting account, withdrawing, and even fees charged by some casinos to wager. Players pay as high as 3% to 5% while loading fat casinos using cards. Other methods like eWallets can be even more expensive. Provably fair games, on the hand, are blockchain-based, meaning the only cost that players incur are network fees, and these can be very affordable when the network is less congested. So unlike fiat, where the fees are standards, players can choose to make their transactions during low congestion hours while playing provably fair casino games.

Provably Fair Games Avoid Third Party Auditing: For honesty and fairness, traditional casinos are regularly audited by testing labs, gambling licenses, and other authorities. This comes at a cost, which the players might foot in one way or another. Provably fair games don’t need third-party authentications. The gambler is the ultimate auditor since these games come with high-level transparency. Of course, third-party auditing helps to keep the industry in check from rogue operators, but we have noted that some authorities don’t have these requirements. For example, the UK Gambling Commission makes it mandatory for all casinos to undergo annual testing. On the other hand, licensing providers like Panama, Costa Rica, and Antigua have very few policies to protect the wagerer. One can only be safe by playing provably fair games in such cases. Even if the casino doesn’t get audited, you can always tell the level of fairness by checking the results yourself.

Higher RTP: The RTP of every game determines how likely players are to win. For example, a game with an RTP of 96% gives the player stronger odds of winning than one with an RTP of 925. We have observed that provably fair games have great RTPs of as high as 99%. You have up to 99% chance of winning with such an RTP. Generally, provably fair slots offer players a payback of between 94% and 96%. You can play blackjack provably fair games if you’re looking for higher RTPs. Here, provably fair casinos easily pay back gamblers between 98% and 99.5%. Remember, rogue casinos can use a good RTP to attract unsuspecting players. So we don’t recommend picking a provably fair gaming platform based on this factor only

Game Quality and Features: The biggest challenge players faced in the early days of provably games was the game quality. The developers solved the issue of fairness but denied the games pleasing aesthetics and gameplay to make them fun. Game quality has improved these days. Provably fair games are developed with unique gaming experiences giving traditional ones a run for their money. Themes and graphics are being upgraded continuously, giving players the best experience while gambling. You will enjoy great welcome bonuses, attractive VIP programs, and several freebies like free spins in modern, provably fair games. Most provably fair casino games offer crypto bonuses matched up to a percentage of the account holder’s deposit. For example, mBit Casino gives new players a welcome bonus of 285% math up in their deposits, up to 5 BTC.

How to Verify if You’ve Been Cheated or Not?

Consider a card game. The purpose of provably fair is to ensure that neither the player nor the casino has a hint of the winning card before it is dealt. In the case of a game like blackjack,

  • The casinos will shuffle the deck.
  • The site then provides the player with a short data string from the shuffle (the hash).
  • On the other side, the player feeds a random seed number into the site.
  • The player’s seed and the shuffle are encrypted so that neither the player nor the site can view them.


After the cards have been dealt, you are free to verify the fairness of the game outcomes. This is what makes provably fair games different from traditional ones. But how do you go about it?

  • Step 1:The initial deck will be laid out after the hand is dealt. You simply need to confirm that it matched the hash the casino provided to you to verify.
  • Step 2:Most sites have an inbuilt verifier where you simply click “verify.” Otherwise, you can use third-party sites that offer hash calculators to verify if the game was fair.

If the casino seed and your seed at the end of the game match what you fed in and what the casino gave you, you have just played a provably fair hand.

Note: The short string of data that you receive at the beginning of the game is the hashed server seed. The motivation behind hashing is to encrypt data and prevent you from reading it since the seed contains information regarding the outcome. The seed is only unhashed at the end of the game for the player to verify if they’ve been cheated or not. Third-party hash calculators like Corbin can help you verify the server seed.

The Future of Provably Fair Games

Provably fair games have a significant role in maintaining a trustless casino environment and steering uncontrolled growth in the sector. Having done lots of research in the gambling industry, we know what makes it tick. The basic premise that operators can’t manipulate the game outcome to ensure that players lose and that gamblers can quickly detect any attempt to defraud them is a game-changer for the entire betting industry. Provably fair games usher in a new era of opportunities for a gambling industry long marred by episodes of distrust among the participants. The online gambling sector is expected to hit $92 billion by 2024, and provably fair games will significantly contribute to that. As much as we can’t point out the exact events that will unfold in the future, it’s undeniable that more software developers will take this opportunity to create competitive games that are provably fair. We are likely to see improved gameplay, better UX/UI designs, and new provably fair gaming ideas in the future. However late it gets, regulatory bodies always want to join the table. Strict authorities like the UK Gambling Commission may require provably fair casinos to undergo auditing or just comply with some form of regulations. The future looks bright with countless opportunities. Let’s wait for it!

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Popular Provably Fair Casino Games

Keep in mind that only specific blockchain-based games are provably fair. Popular traditional developers like NetEnt and Evolution Gaming, and many other leading studios don’t offer provably fair games. Players hence need to find games from developers that specialize in this category. BGaming was the first well-known developer to specialize in creating provably fair games. Knowing a few games in this classification is enough to get started. We have compiled some of the most exciting, provably fair games to be found in provably fair casinos below.

Bitcoin Dice: Dice is among the oldest and simplest casino games you’ll ever come across. Bitcoin Dice is a provably fair dice game that offers players a chance to gamble with Bitcoin. It’s fun and easy to learn, even for first-timers, making it the most popular form of gambling. How it works is that a player selects a random number between 1 to 100 and bets on whether a dice roll will give a number higher or lower than the number they picked. It’s that simple. No strategy is needed, just luck. You can enjoy the Bitcoin Dice game at

Bitcoin Crash: Bitcoin crash is a new provably fair crypto casino game now available in many Bitcoin casinos. It’s quickly grown popular among players who prefer high security, fast payments, and an anonymous gambling environment. The rules are simple; there’s a spaceship flying up, so players have to bet on the levels it will reach before crashing. You can increase or reduce the spaceship’s speed and even control your risk levels. The higher the risk, the more the return, but the less likely you are to win. Similarly, low-risk bets win more often, but the player only takes home a small gain. Play Bitcoin Crash today at;

Bitcoin HiLo: HiLo is another easy to play, provably fair game that every gambler must try. You can tell the objective of the game by its name. The goal here is to depend on your luck and intuition to guess the value of the next card. You’ll be presented with one open card, and all you have to do is bet on whether the value of the next hidden card is higher or lower than the open one. So the name HiLo is shortened from “Higher-Lower.” Easy peasy! Ace is the lowest card, with King carrying the highest value on the deck. Play Bitcoin Hi-Lo game at;

Plinko: Plinko is a straightforward yet one of the most entertaining, provably fair games. Unlike Hi-Lo and Bitcoin crash, strategy is crucial here. So if you find yourself witty, Plinko is for you. The game starts with the player dropping the ball from the top of a pyramid and rolling it down to the bottom. You have complete control over the risk levels, profitability, and difficulty levels. Some operators allow bettors to slightly customize the game by adding extra features such as new rows. The final reward is calculated by multiplying the figure of the cell the ball falls into and the bet. Plinko is popular in most crypto casinos. You can play it at;

Keno: Keno is a lottery-type provably fair game believed to have originated from one of the ancient Chinese gambling games. It’s one of the games that has traversed centuries unchanged and finally found a way into crypto casinos. The rules are not different from a classic lottery. A player picks ten numbers that are supposed to match those selected by the provably fair algo. It combines different difficulty levels, strategy, and a bit of luck, like any other casino game. You can start enjoying Keno at;

Bitcoin Roulette: Spin the wheel of fortunes to have free bitcoins sent to your wallet instantly. Bitcoin Roulette also called the Bitcoin wheel, is the best game for beginners who don’t want to spend money learning to gamble or low-budget bettors. It’s an excellent way to make some free bitcoins. Who says no to free money? Pick from three difficulty levels, low-3x, medium-5x, and high-53x. Once you start the wheel, it doesn’t stop until the bets run out; your money gets depleted of you turn it off. It doesn’t come with a cute girl spinning like the versions you may have seen on TV, but the rewards are attractive—play Bitcoin wheel at;

  • Crypto Thrills
  • Fairspin
  • Casinoin

Crypto Video Poker: Poker seats at the throne of all casino games. It’s rated among the most entertaining games because it involves strategy, pretty much like chess, except for the seriousness and too much thought in chess. The main difference between traditional and crypto poker is that everything is done in crypto in the latter. Of course, it’s provably fair, so players can check all the game outcomes for fairness. Find Crypto Video Poker at


Provably fair games are fast gaining ground among casinos. Safe to say, operators who will not adopt them may lose a big chunk of their clients in the future. Being able to check one’s own bets goes a long way in assuring gamblers that they are betting in a safe environment. If you’ve ever been scammed or your game outcome manipulated, you will enjoy provably fair games. High RTPs, privacy, and security plus fast payment speeds give these games an upper hand over their competitors from software providers like Evolve Gaming. Unfortunately, the provably fair algo has zero control on the randomly generated numbers, meaning you can still get bad odds if the casino has set its RNG to give gamblers a lower edge. Always take time to review all casinos you come across, including provably fair ones, before signing up.


There are tons of games that are now provably fair. All of them are blockchain-based games and rely on crypto for betting. Plinko, Hi-Lo, Bitcoin crash, and Keno are some of the most popular provably fair games.

Yes, all the results of provably fair games are genuinely fair. The purpose of provably fair games is not to totally prevent dishonesty but to reveal whether the game was fair. Of course, that means operators will stay away from messing up with game outcomes.

It’s theoretically impossible to manipulate the provably fair algo. Blockchain technology is immutable and can’t be edited once an event has been recorded.

Provably fairness offers unique games like Plinko and Bitcoin dice that are not available in traditional casinos. They are way better than any other casino game in terms of safety. Sign-ups, deposits, and withdrawals are faster than in conventional casinos. A few traditional casinos may serve you better if you’re looking for aesthetics. Overall, provably fair games win.

As simple as it sounds, provably fair algorithms are the algos used to check for the fairness of games in provably fair casinos. Algorithms are simply a rigorous set of well-defined instructions to solve a specific problem or computation.

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