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Advantages & Disadvantages: How Do You Use Free Spins in Bitcoin Casinos?

Free spins at Bitcoin casinos are a great way of generating the most out of a player’s gambling experience since it alludes to the idea of developing a free payout. As the freebies work to strengthen the relationship between players and the gambling platform, players often misjudge the true value of such a bonus.

While Free Spins are one of the most popular forms of bonus for traditional casinos, they’re not always fully implemented in Bitcoin casinos despite the possibility of boosting their bankroll for free. Or is it really for free? In this article, we will explore both sides of using free spins in Bitcoin casinos so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not they are right for you.

how to use free spins
how to use free spins

What are Free Spins?

Free spins are casino promotions where players are awarded several free spins as part of the welcome package or assigned randomly during the games. Free Spins can be claimed if players make a deposit or just by signing up without having to pay; however, the amount of spins varies depending on the casino and the type of game or the time played on the slot. Free spins can also be named free rolls, free rounds, or free play.

Types of Bitcoin casino Free Spins?

As previously mentioned, players can claim Free Spins by signing up at the casino, opting for a deposit bonus, or receiving in-game bonuses. Regardless of how players receive the bonus, they come with some restrictions such as specific slots, maximum bet size, and in some instances, they have a wagering requirement.
Compared to traditional casinos, a lower number of Bitcoin gambling platforms offer Free Spins as part of their deposit since they have a more extensive welcome package with a higher matching bonus.

How to Use Free Spins Effectively

The best way to make the most of free spins is to find out what kind of slots are part of the offer and which have the highest wagering possibility. Casinos always offer a few slots to choose from, meaning that you’re better off wagering on slots with lower volatility so you can cash out much faster.
Another way of effectively using free spins is by playing slots that are part of in-game drops and can be seen as free money while you’re still playing a slot you enjoy.
All in all, Free Spins can be cash-cows if they don’t require any deposit or become part of a game you’re still playing. So use that to your advantage to add more money to your bankroll!

As with every promotion, there are several advantages and disadvantages you need to look out for if you want to make the best of your Bitcoin casino Free Spins!

Advantages of Bitcoin Casino Free Spins

advantages thumb up

Trying out new games

It gives you a chance to test and make money from a new game that might have a high RTP in the initial stages.

advantages thumb up

Increased winning chances

It lets you add free money to your bankroll if you receive free spins without spending any money

advantages thumb up

Testing out the platform

You can try how credible a Bitcoin casino is, how they handle their payout and see if the gameplay suits your liking

advantages thumb up

Available to everyone

Everyone can have equal winning chances from their Free Spins

Disadvantages of Bitcoin casino Free Spins

disadvantages thumb down

Limited to a single game

The bonus spins can only be used on a select number of games. Often it’s a single game where players can use their free rolls.

disadvantages thumb down

Wagering requirements

Funds from Free Spins can be withdrawn only after a specific amount was wagered. This can lead to players losing the money they got without being able to make the withdrawal.

disadvantages thumb down

Requires spending money

To claim Free Spins as part of the bigger bonus, players have to deposit before receiving their Free Spins.

disadvantages thumb down

Limited bet size

To prevent a massive bonus payout, platforms impose a betting limit which is around $0.20 or $0.40

Why Shouldn't You Seek Free Spins

Free Spins are casino funnels added as an extra benefit for new, existing, or loyal customers. Although at first sight, they provide value given the large amount the casino is giving out, it’s good to know how you should approach Free Spins.
To make Free Spins profitable, you should always ensure you’re not limited to a specific game and that you’re already playing without freebies; that’s profitable for you. Otherwise, you might be restricted in terms of the game, wagering, and low RTP. In addition, those Free Spins could waste time and get you hooked on a “losing” game.
Instead of looking for Free Spin bonuses, it’s wise to find a Bitcoin platform with big prizes that offer Free Spins as loyalty points or in-game drops for your specific game.

What You Need to Know About Free Spins Before Getting Them

  • Always read the terms and conditions of the casino to know what restrictions apply, what games are on the board, and what’s the minimum wager.
  • Look for casinos that have more games available, and know that Free Spins can also be added as part of your loyalty program.
  • Don’t opt for unknown games; always look at their RTP if you’re going for Free Spins.
  • Free Spins are almost if only sometimes, granted on new video slot games.
  • Play Jackpot slots where your odds of winning increase significantly.

The word FREE doesn’t always mean that what you’ll be getting is unrestricted. Casinos have a lot of restrictions and rules when it comes to giving out freebies, especially when the potential of a more significant win increases. Bitcoin casinos are more restricted regarding how much they give out in free play because their welcome offer is much higher than traditional platforms.
All in all, Free Spins is beneficial because it gives players free money; however, it can quickly backfire if the game is not right, wagering is too high, or the payout is too low! Although the winning potential is quite low, still, you’re getting free money if you get the wagering game right. It’s up to you to choose if you’re in it for the big bucks or the small payouts.

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