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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or as it is commonly called, CS:GO, is a game developed in 2012. CSGO is a first-person shooter multiplayer game that Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment created. CS:GO has risen in popularity over the years to the extent that players have taken the gaming experience outside the gaming environment. So the question now is, where do players make these bets?

There are hundreds of CSGO gambling websites out there, but only a few offer players the best Bitcoin CSGO gambling experience while ensuring their assets – whether it’s crypto or skins- are safe. After analyzing the market and what’s currently up for grabs, we’ve shortlisted several websites that make the cut.


Top 3 CSGO Gambling Sites

Several sites allow players to place bets using CSGO skins. These sites have led to a rise in the number of CSGO gamblers and as the demand for CS:GO increases, so does the number of CSGO sites that crop up, and speculators are spoilt for choice. For users looking for the best CSGO gambling sites, here is a list of the top 10 popular CSGO gambling sites:

Below we take a closer look at the top 3 CSGO Gambling websites to help you select the best website to place your CSGO bets on or start gambling using skins!

  1. Exclusive dAppGambl Bonus
    Stake Casino Stake Casino Review
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    Sports betting combined with fantastic cryptocurrency options makes Stake a great site to play at. It also has some great casino games, including provably fair titles. Our exclusive bonus makes this a top site.

    Accepted Currencies
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    Curaçao (CGCB)
  2. Recommended by our Experts
    BC.Game Casino BC.Game Casino Review
    • Personalised bonus offer
    • Provably Fair Games
    • Low House Edge
    Bonus Offer Chance to win up to 1BTC every day!

    With a wheel of fortune offering up to 1 BTC each day, this is a site that will instantly grab your attention. A massive crypto selection along with provably fair games makes this a premium selection.

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  3. CloudBet Casino CloudBet Casino Review
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    CloudBet Started out as just a Bitcoin casino and since then has expanded to include a range of cryptocurrencies. A huge welcome bonus and fantastic casino games makes CloudBet a top name in crypto gaming.

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    Curaçao (CGCB)

CSGO Gambling Sites Comparison


CSGO Roll is the most well-known CSGO gambling website where players can gamble their CSGO skins in jackpot or roulette. Like DatDrop, CSGO Roll is a niched gaming experience where players can only play two game modes. What differs from other websites is that CSGO Roll offers mainly skin withdrawals, and most bets are placed using game skins and sometimes in-game tokens.

CSGO Empire

CSGO Empire has been around for ages and is one of the most well known websites where players can gamble their CSGO skins. The website has three modules that make up the current market demand which includes match betting, coinflip and roulette. What typical for CSGO Empire is the deposit and betting method. Players can deposit using real money, CSGO skins or cryptocurrencies. However, bets are made in the platform tokens which can then be converted into real cash or skins when cashing out.


BC.Game gives players an amazing gaming experience. There are several reasons players keep coming back to play on BC.Game, one of which is the exceptional customer service and they also offer regular promotions and an outstanding VIP program. BC.Game players know they are getting the best because the website is certified in Curacao yet they are still able to deposit using cryptocurrencies. Even though the platform has end to end encryption, players should know that the gambling website does not allow anonymous gambling.

What is a CSGO crypto gambling site?

CSGO crypto gambling sites allow gamblers to bet with CSGO skins and cryptocurrency. Game assets, also called skins, are the main component of CSGO gambling. Instead of betting using cryptocurrencies, players can bet on one of their skin with a set value. As such, such websites cater to the gambling appetite of all players. With roulette, jackpot, crash, and various dice games, a gambler is at home on a CSGO gambling site.

What are the best CS:GO Betting Sites?

There are several CS:GO sites. But for players to have the best experience, they need to find a good website. These are some of the best CS:GO websites:


Stake is a Curacao-licensed, end-to-end encrypted gambling website with a good reputation. Stake is one of the highest-rated websites for CSGO gambling. This is primarily due to the fantastic gaming experience the website gives players. Registration on Stake is swift and straightforward. If players are ever in need of help, there is a dedicated customer service helpline. The only downside to gambling on Stake is that players can’t play anonymously.


DatDrop is an a-typical CSGO gambling website because it focuses more on the gamers’ side rather than the gambler’s. DatDrop is a case-opening website where players have the option to also compete against other players and battle against their cases. DatDrop is the first website that offers the battle feature, and players can only make deposits using skins or cryptocurrencies.


Thunderpick is a CSGO gambling website with no identifiable downsides. Like other reputable CSGO gambling websites, it is end-to-end encrypted and Curacao-licensed. Players joining the website are treated to a speedy registration process. It gets even better with a beautiful gaming experience and a great VIP program. ThunderPick has an excellent reputation, so players can rest easy knowing they are in good hands.

What is CS:GO Betting?

Video games in the modern world have a lot of moving parts to them. But what drives all these moving parts is the end user. CSGO is no different, but where CSGO towers over other video games is the value of the skins in the video game. Skins used in CS:GO have risen in value over the years. At some point, players used skins as a unit of exchange outside the game environment where they would trade them for higher-tier skins or cash – or crypto. This quickly evolved into third-party applications offering exchange services such as, where players could sell their skins.

Then came the gambling. Websites initially used to keep track of skins began to give users the option of betting with their skins. Players could now bet on games happening in CS:GO using their in-game assets or skins for wagering. As time passed, these websites began to offer players the option of gambling on games of chance inside the website. Games like jackpot, crash, roulette, or case openings battles became the main attraction. The players loved it. And with so many players betting with CSGO skins, more CSGO betting websites emerged.

There are several ways players can gamble their CSGO skins. Some are proven to be more profitable than others, but all are engaging and fun. Here are the different types of CSGO gambling.

The Different Types of CSGO Gambling

CSGO Skin Gambling

This is one of the most lucrative ways to make money with CSGO skins. It involves players using CSGO skins to host their bets on several eSport games. Players who stake their CSGO skins on the outcome of these games stand a chance of winning more skins that they can convert to money.

CSGO Coin Flips

Players stake their skins, flip a digital coin, and win when the coin lands on either heads or tails. The higher the value of the bet, the higher the chances of a player winning. Some CSGO betting websites have an auto-bet feature that automates the coin flips. Other CSGO websites have a multi-bet feature that allows players to place multiple bets.

CSGO Jackpot

This multiplayer gambling style works just like its real-world counterpart. Players have to stake a certain amount. The site takes a percentage of all the bets and puts them in a pool to create a jackpot. People keep betting and increasing the money pool until someone wins.

CSGO Case Opening

This is the most popular CSGO gambling style as players can spend a certain amount and make a profit based on the skin that gets drawn. Additionally, platforms like DatDrop offer case battles where players compete against each other in case openings. Those with the highest skin value pulled from all the case openings get all the winnings.

CSGO Tournaments

Another profitable way players can gamble with CSGO skins is through staking them on e-sport tournaments. With the increase in the viewership of eSport worldwide, CSGO tournaments are becoming more popular.

Pros of Crypto & Bitcoin CSGO Betting Sites

The world slowly understands that crypto & Bitcoin CSGO betting sites are more suited to satisfying Gen Z’s gaming thirst than regular CSGO betting sites. Here are some of the reasons why CSGO betting has taken off and is getting more attention than ever.

  1. Crypto & bitcoin CSGO betting sites have just as many sports markets as regular CSGO betting sites. But crypto & bitcoin CSGO betting sites have the upper hand because they give better odds on those markets.
  2. Players can bet using cryptocurrencies
  3. Younger players can also place bets without having to complete any KYC.
  4. Players who want to bet on virtual games can be assured of seeing accurate statistics available to everyone if they choose crypto CSGO betting sites.
  5. Many websites give players extra benefits for using crypto.

The disadvantages of using Bitcoin on CSGO Betting Sites

Using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in CSGO betting sites brings numerous advantages players enjoy. But where there are advantages, there will be disadvantages around the corner. Here are some disadvantages of using Bitcoin and other digital coins CSGO betting sites:

  1. The hefty transaction fees that come with using cryptocurrencies can eat into a player’s money before betting even begins.
  2. Crypto has a history of rising rapidly. Sadly it is also known to take heavy hits from time to time. A player who wins in crypto runs the risk of the winning’s value dropping suddenly. 
  3. Because of the decentralized nature of crypto, there aren’t proper legal frameworks in several countries. So, players may be unable to appeal if a fraudulent CSGO betting site dupes them.
  4. Numerous scam sites appear where players end up losing their skins.

How to Get Started with CSGO Gambling

Players sign up to CSGO gambling sites every day. New players need to go through a process when starting. This is so that they have a good understanding of the game and a higher chance of winning. Here are some steps new players should follow:

1. You should do a fair amount of research into the CSGO gambling site
2. Players need to embrace the possibility of losing from time to time. If players let their losses take a toll on them, they might act emotionally, causing them to make irrational moves and ultimately lose more.
3. You should only gamble on websites that are established and suit your gambling style. For example, some sites offer anonymity and just a single game. Make the choice you want.
4. Make sure you are in tune with the game. Placing a bet on a team that is on a losing streak might not be the best course of action. Make sure you’re watching the game before making a bet.

Buy CS:GO Skins to Deposit on Gambling Sites

Players can buy skins from several websites. These websites give users a range of options to choose from. These websites allow players to trade skins for other skins or purchase skins for cash or crypto. For players that are just starting CSGO gambling, here are some websites where they can buy skins:

  1. CS.Deals
  2. CS.Money
  3. LootBear
  4. BitSkins

How do I deposit funds onto a CSGO crypto gambling site?

A player would first have to buy some crypto to deposit funds into a CSGO crypto gambling site. Next, they should use a crypto exchange they trust and purchase digital currencies accepted on a CSGO crypto gambling site of their choosing. Once crypto is in their wallet, players need to connect their wallet to the website or send tokens to the website’s wallet address to be able to gamble. Once cryptocurrencies are final on the website, players can finally bet.

How do I withdraw funds from a CSGO crypto gambling site?

The withdrawal method is just as easy as depositing. CSGO gambling sites are intuitive enough for players to find their way around withdrawing their funds. This could vary across websites. Processing might take a while when a withdrawal is made, depending on the cryptocurrency being withdrawn. The timing could differ across blockchains as well.

How to Gamble on CSGO Sites

Players deposit their skins into the websites, turning them into coins that represent the value of the skins deposited. With these coins, players can now place bets or gamble on the site’s selection of games. These games vary from site to site, but the more popular games are eSports, roulette, jackpot, or case openings.

How to bet on CS:GO Matches

Once players have deposited their skins for coins, they can then bet on CS:GO matches. At this point, all players need to do is click on the “eSport” or “match betting” tab on their chosen website. Players can then select a match they would like to bet on and review the odds of the different types of bets. Then players can make a bet and hope for the best.

5 Tips for Gambling on CSGO Bitcoin Sites

The world of CSGO gambling is fascinating. But for players to have a better chance of winning, they need to have a good plan. Here are some tips:

Understand CSGO markets before making bets.
Select betting sites with credibility
Research the odds of each bet you make.
Only wager amounts you can afford to lose.
Keep your emotions in check and try to be as rational as you can, as often as you can.

How To Find The Best Bitcoin CSGO Betting Site?

The importance of finding the best CSGO betting site can not be overemphasized. It’s not always about finding Bitcoin CSGO betting sites that offer players better odds, but rather finding secure websites where players’ assets are not at risk. The best Bitcoin CSGO Betting Sites are also featured in competitions as sponsors, so that should be the first green flag. Additionally, established crypto gambling websites also offer CSGO betting.

How can I find trusted sites?

The most important thing to look at when searching for a trustworthy Bitcoin CSGO betting site is its reputation. Players can learn about the betting site by identifying where other gamers are spending their money, which influencer is sponsored by which website, or what’s the highest google ranking. Having a certification is also a sign of its trustworthiness. Another sign is if it is end-to-end encrypted.

Does the Crypto CSGO Betting Site support your country?

Players should ensure their country permits them to gamble on Bitcoin CSGO betting sites. Top-rated websites do not allow players to deposit funds if their country forbids it. However, some websites find ways to circumvent these restrictions.

Is the Crypto CSGO Betting Site end-to-end Crypto?

End-to-end encryption allows players to bet with crypto. It even gives players fast deposits, large amounts withdrawals, and any crypto of their choosing. Bitcoin CSGO betting sites must be end-to-end encrypted.

Is CSGO Gambling Legal?

The legality of CSGO gambling has been tossed in the air many times. Thankfully, the legal status of CSGO gambling has been established. Skin gambling is only legal when the gambling site holds an Isle of Man license. Although skin gambling might have restrictions, players can still gamble eSport and continue CSGO gambling with any cryptocurrency they choose.

What are the risks associated with using a CSGO crypto gambling site?

One of the most significant risks of using a CSGO crypto gambling site is the fluctuating nature of crypto. The value of a player’s winnings could drop at an alarming rate. Another risk would be the hefty transaction fees players would have to deal with. These fees could deplete their resources before they even begin betting. Lastly, and most importantly, if a shady crypto gambling site swindles a player, the player would have no way of getting an appeal.

How We Pick the Best CSGO Gambling Sites

When selecting CSGO gambling sites, the most important thing that players need to look out for is the site’s reputation. The best bet is to find platforms or websites which sponsor streamers or youtube CSGO influencers. That’s a surefire strategy that allows you to bet without risk. Another approach is to check websites that sponsor either CSGO teams or sponsor CSGO tournaments. However, players should note that the site’s reputation is more important than whether or not they have a license.


What types of games can be played on a CSGO crypto gambling site?

Players can play jackpot, roulette, crash, coin flip, case opening, or live game betting.

How are the odds determined on a CSGO crypto gambling site?

The odds are generated depending on the game and the bet being made.

Is there a house edge on a CSGO crypto gambling site?

Yes, there is. Typically, CSGO crypto gambling sites have a 5% house edge.

Are there any regulatory bodies that oversee CSGO crypto gambling sites?

There is currently no central body that regulates CSGO crypto gambling sites.

Is Bitcoin Worth Trying on CSGO Betting Sites?

Yes, it is. There might be risks, but the benefits outweigh them.

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