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The Next Bitcoin: What currencies will Explode in 2022?

Has it ever crossed your mind what kind of regrets your pizza cravings could put you in? So twelve years ago, Laszlo Hanyecz wanted a bite of Papa John’s Pizza, and because he owned 10,000 “useless” Bitcoins at that time, he decided to exchange them for 2 pizzas. The pizzas were worth about $40 in total. If that didn’t sink in yet, Laszlo could be worth about $400M today if he had stayed a little longer with his coins. This is the first-ever Bitcoin transaction on record, and it’s what gave BTC its first commercial value of 4 coins per penny. Unlike Laszlo who didn’t see eye to eye with luck, many early Bitcoin investors raked in millions of dollars. The cryptocurrency sector is now booming and we can comfortably say that it carries more potential than ever. Nonetheless, it’s getting harder by day to pick a proper coin to invest in as new ones come out. So which are the most popular cryptocurrencies this year that can make you the next digital asset millionaire? Fear not, dappGambl has put together a list of the 10 top cryptocurrencies that are likely to explode like Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Market Value
Cryptocurrency Market Value

Compare the Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2022

Date Launched Ticker Symbol MarketCap Highest Price
Ethereum 2017 ETH $287 Billion $4,812
Solana 2017 SOL $23 Billion $260
ApeCoin 2022 APE $2.6 Billion $26.7
Decentraland 2020 MANA $2.2 Billion $5.90
UniSwap 2018 UNI $4.4 Billion $44.97
Dogecoin 2013 DOGE $15.2 Billion $0.68
Render 2020 RNDR $300 Million $8.76
Ripple 2012 XRP $24.6 Billion $3.84

The Next Explosive Cryptocurrencies


Ethereum is the first coin that comes to many people’s minds when you mention the next Bitcoin.” It’s the second-largest crypto closely following Bitcoin with a current market cap of $273 Billion+. You can’t go wrong with this one. It’s perhaps the most explosive coin you can think of in terms of investment. Unlike Bitcoin which is already selling for tens of thousands of dollars. Ethereum’s price is reasonably low, at less than $4000, yet it has the potential of exploding without limits. Many analysts predict that the price of this asset will hit $11,000 in the next two years. However, they are not factoring in key events such as the Ethereum 2.0 updates that are making this blockchain network a decentralized blockchain computer, while significantly cutting down gas prices at the same time. High gas fees have prevented Ethereum’s price from attaining its real value but this will soon be over. The crypto asset has strong backing from its huge loyal fan base, so you can be sure any slight improvement in the network will cause the value to shoot up faster than Nasa’s rocket.


Solana is another virtual asset that we think is going to be booming in 2022. It’s a top 10 crypto and prides in being one of the fastest and most scalable projects. The crypto is 4000 times faster than Ethereum and 10,000 times faster than Bitcoin. In terms of fees, it costs an estimated $0.00025 to complete a single transaction on the Solana network. The platform can offer faster transactions than most competing crypto networks and even scale faster while maintaining its ultra-low fees. Just in the past six months, Solana’s smart contract valuation has risen by over 200% to about $3.6 billion. While many other digital assets are competing to topple Ethereum, Solana is one of the most aggressive as seen by the facts we’ve just shared. Being able to develop a unique consensus mechanism that combines proof of history and proof of stake has supercharged Solana making it attractive to investors. So if you’ve been having a second thoughts about this asset, you know what to do now that the picture is clearer.


ApeCoin might be your easiest way to mint a fortune within a short time. The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) dominated the NFTs collection sector in 2021 clinching the market leader title. The cryptocurrency which came to life on March 17th, 2022, made investors 3000%+ on the first day of trading, and more than 6000% in the first 90 of its existence. Many thought it would be a case of pump and dump but the NFT remained stable ever since. BAYCs strong brand and backing from influential investors puts it in a stronger position for growth than before. As of writing this, a simple profile pic of the Bored Ape could cost you upwards of $350,000, and there are millions of investors having this asset on their watch-list.

Given how essential hype is in the cryptocurrency market, 2022 is set to be the biggest year for ApeCoin as celebrities back the BAYC and ApeCoin. The ApeCoin is currently undervalued, trading at $16, a 40% decline from its all-time high of $27. If you understand the investment mantra “Buy low, sell high,” then all you should be doing right now is investing in ApeCoin. Despite being very young in the blockchain sector, the coin is already performing way better than DogeCoin and even Cardano. If you’re a crypto investor, you should be thinking ApeCoin.

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is an Ethereum-powered 3D web-hosted game where users can purchase virtual real estate as NFTs and wearables. It was the first VR project to grant players an opportunity to interact with each other and own land in the metaverse. Real estate in Decentraland costs anywhere between a few thousand dollars to not less than $20 million. Participants can buy in-game products using Decentraland’s main currency token, MANA. The token is priced at $1.047 as of writing this and is the largest gaming token by market cap. It has a fully diluted market cap of at least $2.4 billion. This represents a growth of more than 190% from its 10 months low of about 50 cents. Looking at the speedy acceptance of the metaverse globally and the number of brands already joining the metaverse, Decentraland will define the next age of marketing.

UniSwap (UNI)

UniSwap is now the most popular dApp on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a promising project that many believe will write off centralized exchanges such as Binance and crush the traditional market maker model. The main goal of the project is to create an environment for trading in crypto easily. UniSwap has an automatic market-making system that facilitates peer-to-peer transactions without third-party intervention. The project enjoys support from key global investors like Andreessen Horowitz who also funded Twitter, Lyft, and Coinbase. It’s the 26th largest virtual asset as of writing this with a live market cap of $4.3 billion. The price of UNI is highly undervalued at about $6, making it about 6000 times cheaper than Bitcoin. Simply put, this is what we call a low-risk, high-return opportunity. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get started, yet the potential rewards are massive.


Some jokes become serious when taken too far. Dogecoin started like a meme-coin and went mainstream in no time. Early investors made a lot of money from this crypto and it hasn’t stopped making people rich. Aziz McMahon, former managing director at Goldman Sachs London office tendered his resignation after 14 years in the bank, thanks to the millions he made from investing in Dogecoin. 33 years old Glauber Contessoto also claimed that he became a Dogecoin in just two months after taking a stake of $250,000 on the coin. The future for Dogecoin looks bright with support from key brands such as Space X. Redditors are also staking their money on this volatile coin, so we should expect a price explosion anytime. If you know how this crypto moves, you can be sure to expect no less than a 200% price rise when it starts going up. The price as of writing this is $0.11. One could easily make as much as $20,000 from a mere investment of $100. You don’t want to miss that.

Render (RNDR)

The metaverse is growing popular by the day as interests in the VR world grow. Most metaverse projects have released native tokens for governance and in-game purchases, but Render is the game-changer. Render is a distributed computing company for the metaverse. It is revolutionizing digital creations by allowing users to contribute idle GPU capacity to projects in exchange for crypto. Digital creatives and studios who need extra GPU no longer need to worry about buying more hardware as Render has made it easier. Render is a futuristic project with a lot of potential. So far, it doesn’t have any significant competition and it’s gaining traction at light’s speed as it garners support from key industry players. Coinbase Global is already listing RNDR just in case you were wondering how to get started. The crypto is exposed to a wide list of potential investors, so the earlier you get in the more returns you’re likely to make.’

Ripple XRP

The person who coined the term “sleeping giant” was most likely referring to Ripple. Ripple is an innovative payment protocol that threatens to replace bank swift transfers. It’s built on blockchain to make it safe and fast. Unlike current bank swift transfers or Bitcoin transactions, Ripple transactions are real-time and extremely cheap. The project runs on Ripplenet to facilitate instant gross settlements. What we love about it is that it doesn’t only process XRP tokens, but also other cryptos, fiat, and even commodities. Although XRP is currently the 6th largest crypto by market cap, its price is largely undermined by an ongoing SEC lawsuit. Investors are closely following the ongoing case and as these legal troubles come to an end, there is no doubt that the price will skyrocket by as much as 200x.

How to Find the Next Big Crypto

You are probably wondering how we compiled our list of the best cryptos to buy. Here are key factors that can guide you in putting up your list.

  • Price: Price is key when looking for the next big cryptocurrency. You can only get half a bitcoin with $20,000, yet the same amount of investment can be spread into over ten affordable options with great future potential. While bitcoin still has chances of going up to as high as $100K, the growth rate will never be as fast as in its early days when it would pay investors 500% overnight. On the other hand, lowly priced coins such as XRP, Doge, and ApeCoin have that room. In fact, positive fundamentals will have less impact on expensive cryptos like BTC than on penny coins like Doge.
  • Market Cap: After looking at price, the next important factor is market cap. Low-priced cryptos are susceptible to pump and dump. The risks of manipulation reduce as the market cap increases. So as much as we want low-priced coins, they should have a reasonable market cap to give us confidence that we won’t be victims of pump and dump schemes.
  • Prospects: Analyse the project behind a cryptocurrency before hitting that buy button. The best crypto projects offer solutions to big problems, just as is the case with traditional businesses. For example, Ethereum is replacing internet records and solving the problem of financial data storage using blockchain technology. XRP is solving the challenge of slow and expensive transactions, while Cardano is offering solutions to problems like legal contract tracing and voter fraud. Understanding the solution behind a crypto project helps you make an accurate prediction about its future.

Supply and Demand: The law of supply and demand plays a critical role in pricing even in the cryptocurrency industry. Supply refers to the maximum mining limit of a coin. Compare the circulating supply and maximum supply to find out if a coin will be the next big thing. Digital assets with limited maximum supply gain more value as the circulating value increases. Lower supply means increased demand and leads to higher prices.

How do I buy Cryptocurrency?

Buying cryptocurrencies is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Get a crypto account with an exchange.

You’ll need to open an account with a crypto exchange. Crypto exchanges are not different from the stock exchanges like London or Sydney stock exchange, except that they offer blockchain products, operate 24/7, and are entirely online. Research cryptocurrency exchanges to find one that suits your needs. Coinbase, Binance, and Crypto.com are some of the leading options available.

  1. Fund your Account.

Once your account is ready and verified, you can go ahead and add a payment method. Some crypto exchanges have a wallet that you can fund and hold your money to until you’re ready to place an order. Payment options include bank wire transfers, eWallets like Skrill and Paypal, and credit/debit cards.

  1. Place your Order.

Now you’re ready to be the next cryptocurrency owner. Simply select the coin that you want to buy and click the place order button. You don’t have to worry about the cost of an entire asset. Exchanges offer fractional investing, meaning you can buy even 1% of a bitcoin if the price of one coin is beyond your reach.


Investing in cryptocurrencies can give you an easy way to financial freedom. There’s enough evidence of people who’ve become millionaires just by putting their money in the right digital currencies. It’s however not easy to pinpoint one specific digital asset that will change your life forever. So the best way strategy is to come up with a list of potential coins and assign them a weight rating based on how likely you think they will explode. You can then allocate funds across the list of your selected cryptos based on their individual weight. This method sets you up for winning. Even if only a third of your portfolio pays off, you will take home a good return, compared to if you had put all your money in one asset and made a loss.

Food for the Brain

Maybe you’re wondering how we compiled this list. Several factors came into play. To start you off, read our blog about What Makes Cryptocurrencies Valuable.

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