What is Crypto Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. Traditionally, the blackjack game is played with fiat; however, with the emergence of blockchain technology, the game can now be played with cryptocurrency. Crypto gives blackjack players more benefits, including enhanced gameplay and a chance to win even more money. In addition, crypto blackjack can be played with several digital cryptocurrencies on any web-enabled desktop or mobile device. This allows players to play blackjack anonymously without going through verification hurdles!


Introduction to Crypto Blackjack

The game has dominated physical casinos for centuries. In this new age, it is dominating digital crypto casinos as well as the introduction of crypto has completely redefined the understanding of gambling. The benefits that crypto blackjack gives players are unlike anything in traditional games where physical money is used. Players can enjoy playing the with various cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to Ethereum, or any other popular altcoins that the online crypto casino accepts.

Bitcoin Blackjack vs. Traditional Online Blackjack

Cryptocurrency blackjack is played online, but it should not be confused with traditional online games. Before the introduction of crypto the game had already found its way into the digital space where players would use fiat currency. However now players can use cryptocurrencies the gamble resulting in online games where transactions are shielded from the prying eyes of third parties like the government. The difference between Bitcoin blackjack and traditional online play is that the former is played on a decentralized platform, where have players more benefits like extended privacy.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Bitcoin Blackjack

A decentralized game is the best choice for all players looking to have a great gambling experience and make bets with cryptocurrencies as it has a  long list of benefits that keep players returning for more. Here are some of the benefits:


Players who choose crypto blackjack decide to wager crypto and earn winnings in crypto. This means that players can make a bet in the game without any third-party surveillance. Cryptocurrency is based on a trustless system. The blockchain verifies all transactions. So, there is no third-party monitoring and verifying transactions; the blockchain does this instead.

Cheaper Fees

Centralized games have relatively high charges compared to playing the game on the blockchain. Regular games have higher deposit and withdrawal fees, and players would even have to pay credit card fees. However, playing blackjack using cryptocurrencies results in lower fees because it costs less to transfer digital coins.

More Bonuses

Blockchain casinos save money on withdrawals and deposits. The amount they save is given back to the players by offering higher and more frequent bonuses. Additionally, the casinos can implement more promotions than places where players use FIAT to gamble.

Playing blackjack in a decentralized casinos has its perks as well as its disadvantages and is a list of them:

Crypto Volatility

Cryptocurrency has been known to take dips in value from time to time. On the other hand, it is also known to have sudden astronomical rises. Sadly volatility is something that blackjack players can’t control; however, they must account for it when playing with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Players’ earnings might decrease in value or might increase. The uncertainty is an issue with some players.

No Chargebacks

Crypto is based on a trustless system; the network verifies and keeps records of all transactions. Once a transaction is recorded on the blockchain, it is permanent. Players of crypto blackjack need to be careful when transacting; an erroneous transaction can’t be reversed.

Lack of Registration

Casinos that run entirely on crypto can operate without a license. This leads to a crop of scammers that pose as legitimate casinos. However, there are licenses that crypto casinos can get that would emphasize their legitimacy. Players are advised only to use crypto blackjack casinos with licenses.

What is the House Edge for Blackjack in Crypto Casinos?

A house edge is the casino’s mathematical advantage over the game. As the saying goes: “the house always wins.” This is a catchy saying, but it is not always accurate as the house doesn’t always win, but it has a set percentage of winnings it will make. The house edge is the percentage of players’ wagers that the casino will win over time.

The house edge for traditional games is usually pretty high. Some have estimated it to be between 1 to 1.5. But, in crypto blackjack, the house edge is reduced significantly because the casinos already save money on deposits and withdrawal fees. With a smaller house edge, players have a higher chance of winning.

Where to Play Blackjack with Crypto?

Players who want to play blackjack anonymously can only do so at online crypto casinos. Players can just find the website, register, and start playing. Players should be weary of casinos without licenses as they could be scams. Players can choose from a wide selection of crypto blackjack casinos. Here are some of them:

Types of Blackjack

In crypto blackjack, there isn’t just one type of game; there are different types of table games to appeal to everyone. The types of games are not too far off from the original game. The differences are in the little tweaks to the original recipe that makes each type taste slightly different. Here are a few types of blackjack:

American Blackjack Single Deck Blackjack

This is the original variant of the game. It is from this that all other variants get their inspiration. The main thing distinguishing American blackjack is the dealer getting the hole card. The dealer receives the hole card (which stays face down) before a player can react. The game is played with six decks, and the objective is to get cards with a value of 21.

Single Deck Blackjack

Unlike standard blackjack, played with six decks, single deck blackjack is played with a single deck of 52 cards. In the game, players only need to play against the dealer. The primary objective in the game is to get cards with a value of 21. If players don’t get to 21, players have to get as close as possible to 21.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is a variant of blackjack where players are given two hands of cards. But players can then decide to switch the second hand with a fellow player if they wish. This version was created in 2009 but has quickly become one of the most played blackjack variants in the physical and online space.

European Blackjack

This blackjack variant was made in European states, as the name alludes to. This variant is a little stricter than its American counterpart; players can only split once in the game. An interesting distinction with European Blackjack is that the dealer receives cards face up and does not look at the second card.

How to Find the Best Crypto Blackjack Games?

There are several casinos that players could choose from, some better than others. Players should not just pick a random website. There are some things that players should look out for when they are choosing a crypto casino.

Trustworthiness and Reputation

Players should always look for decentralized casinos that are fully licensed. The license is a seal of approval from governing bodies. Players should also pay attention to what others are saying about the casino.

Favourable Fairness

A good crypto blackjack casino should be favourably fair. This gives players the ability to see for themselves if a game was fair and just.

Payout Speed

Players should only use a crypto casino that issues out payments quickly. Nobody wants to wait for ages to receive their winnings.


Players should only choose a crypto blackjack casino that gives them the best benefits, from welcome bonuses to deposit bonuses and VIP programs. In addition, players need to select a casino that treats them right.

Digital Coins Accepted

This is important because a player might have a particular digital coin but end up registering with a casino that does not accept that coin. Therefore, players need to check what crypto coins a casino accepts to avoid issues like this.

Best Coins for Crypto Blackjack

A lot of people prefer decentralized games because of the amazing benefits they get from using digital coins to play their favorite game. But, a question that players often ask is, “what cryptocurrency is the best?” There are several coins to choose from, and the options might overwhelm players. Players should only select the coins that give them the most benefits. Players can sometimes choose more popular coins just because more casinos are likely to accept them. Here is a list of some of the best cryptocurrencies for crypto blackjack:

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. Ethereum (ETH)
  3. Dogecoin (DOGE)
  4. Solana (SOL)
  5. ZCASH

How to Get Started - Step by Step Guide

Players who want to start with crypto blackjack must follow a step-by-step process to begin gambling seamlessly. Players need to follow these steps:

1. The first thing a player needs is some cryptocurrency. They can get this from a crypto exchange. They can purchase any digital currency of their choosing, but it is advised that they check in with their desired crypto blackjack casino to see the coins accepted there.
2. Then players need to transfer their newly obtained cryptocurrency to a crypto wallet. This wallet can be physical or digital. Physical wallets are harder to hack into, but digital wallets cost less and are easier to obtain.
3. Now, a player would have to register at a crypto blackjack casino. This could be a casino they previously researched when buying their digital currency or a casino that accepts the crypto they already own.
4. Players can then transfer their crypto from their wallet to their casino account and start making bets in crypto blackjack.

What is the withdrawal process for crypto on blackjack sites?

At the end of a good game of crypto blackjack, a player could win a lot of money; the next step is to withdraw the money. Withdrawing payouts after a game is relatively straightforward. Players must first go to their crypto wallet and copy their wallet address. Then, they would go to the casino’s page and click on “withdraw.” They would then add the amount to be withdrawn to their wallet address, click enter, and then just like that, it is done. Their winnings will be transferred to their crypto wallet. The transaction time would differ depending on the cryptocurrency being transferred. Players also need to double-check all transactions because crypto transactions are not reversible.

How to Play

Blackjack is a game of strategy and chance. A player first needs to make a wager. When all players have done this, the dealer will give the players two cards each, facing up. But the dealer gives themself two cards with one facing up and one facing down. The game’s goal is to get cards with a collective value of 21, but if players get more, they bust. So, players would look at their cards; if their card value adds up to 21, they have blackjack. If the dealer’s cards do not have the value of 21, the player wins and gets two or two and a half times their wager. But, if the dealer’s cards are also 21, the player would neither win nor lose; they will be left with their exact wager. This is called a push. 

If a player’s cards do not add up to 21, they would need to decide on their next course of action. For example, if they choose to “stand,” the dealer goes to the next player. If they “hit,” they are asking the dealer for more cards. Players can ask for as many cards as they want as long as it does not exceed 21 in value, or they lose. There are many things players can do to keep the game going till one of them wins or the house wins.

How to Win

The goal of a player is to beat the dealer and win the game. Here are the ways to win when playing blackjack:

  1. By drawing cards with values higher than the dealer.
  2. A player wins if the dealer draws cards with a collective value over 21. This is called a bust
  3. By drawing cards with a value of 21 on your first hand, the dealer doesn’t draw the same.

How to Lose 

Sadly, not all players would win the game. They say the house always wins, this is not true, but it will be true in these instances:

  1. A player will lose if they draw cards with a collective value higher than 21. 
  2. At the end of a round, if the value of the dealer’s cards is higher than that of the player, the player loses.

Tips & Tricks for Crypto Blackjack

A good strategy must be employed when gambling, whether it be baccarat or roulette. Some specific tips and tricks could be the difference between winning or losing for a player. Here are some tips:

opened quote

Always play with a clear head

A mind clouded with emotions might not make the best decision and can cost a player money. The same goes for alcohol and other things that affect a player's judgment.
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Players should understand the blackjack rules in-depth to make informed decisions.

If a player starts losing, they should reduce how much they are wagering and increase it when their luck gets better.

Players should use their bonuses to play the game. This way, they can learn while playing but not risk any money.

Players should check out the wagering requirement. This can differ from casino to casino.

Final Verdict

Crypto blackjack is the best choice for a gambler looking for enhanced gameplay and mouth-watering benefits. In recent years there has been a surge of people entering the world of crypto. These people include new and seasoned blackjack players. This is because crypto blackjack can cater to everyone, amateur or professional and it’s here to stay

What is the minimum bet size for cryptocurrency blackjack?

The minimum varies between casinos and between games. The average minimum bet is 0.0001 BTC.

What is the maximum bet size for cryptocurrency blackjack?

The maximum bet differs from casino to casino. But it could be up to 25 BTC.

What is the minimum deposit size for cryptocurrency blackjack?

The average minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC.

What is the maximum deposit size for cryptocurrency blackjack?

For most casinos, there is no maximum deposit.

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