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What is Swissborg Exchange?

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  • Swissborg presents itself as a top contender when it comes to a crypto exchange programme. The platform boasts excelletn UX and offers a wide variety of features.

    SwissBorg Overview
    Safe & secure
    Popular cryptocurrencies accepted
    Easy to use
    SwissBorg Key Facts
    Year founded



    Lausanne, Switzerland


    Estonian Virtual Currency Service License, AMF-France PSAN Registration, VQF-Switzerland Regulation, Two Licenses For GDPR Data Protection Requirements

    Type of exchange


    Markets amount


    Best for

    Crypto investors looking for an asset management platform and exchange with interest-earning features

    Fiat Currencies Available

    United Arab Emirates Dirham, Canada Dollar, Switzerland Franc, Czech Republic Koruna, Euro, United Kingdom Pound, Hong Kong Dollar, Hungary Forint, Israel Shekel, Norway Krone, Romania Leu, Sweden Krona, Singapore Dollar, South Africa Rand

    Cryptocurrencies Available
    Bitcoin logo Ethereum logo Ripple logo Binance logo Cardano logo Tether logo USDC logo Shiba Inu logo 40+

    Swissborg Overview

    • A successful $53 million fund-raising effort.
    • A $1 billion valuation
    • The launch of two successful apps: community and wealth app
    • Runs Smart Yield wallets.
    • Community governed.
    • The platform and the native Swissborg token (CHSB) have high adoption.
    Introduction to Swissborg

    Swissborg review homepage

    Swissborg is a crypto exchange and investment management platform. It offers users a comprehensive wealth overview, financial goal planning, and portfolio management tools. While wallet management platforms may appear more traditional, Swissborg is involved in the emerging decentralized finance (DeFi) space. Users can also earn a competitive return on digital assets. Unlike competitors, it enables users to earn digital assets by making their investments available on all exchanges, from centralized exchanges to various Ethereum DeFi applications. Swissborg provides users with the tools, infrastructure, and clarity they need to manage their digital assets effectively. It aspires to build a user-friendly platform where users can manage their wealth without the assistance of financial experts. It accomplishes this goal by integrating with major cryptocurrency exchanges and Defi protocols and utilizing a community-based ownership model. In addition to its desktop platform, it has an award-winning Swissborg App for iOS and Android devices. Swissborg has received numerous awards, including Mass Adoption Project of the Year and being named one of the Top Swiss FinTech Startups. So, is it worth investing in Swissborg? Let’s find out in this Swissborg exchange review.

    Pros and Cons


    • Community-focused
    • Providers of top-tier liquidity
    • Secure platform
    • Accepts both fiat and cryptocurrency
    • Available in over 115 countries
    • Excellent Reward Program


    • US citizens aren’t accepted
    • Doesn’t accept credit cards as a deposit method

    Company Overview

    Swissborg review team

    Founding Team

    Anthony Lesoismer and Cyrus Fazel established Swissborg exchange in 2016. They first raised $53 million to fund the project before launching it in December that year. Cyrus Fazel, who is also the company’s CEO is a multicultural FinTech professional with over ten years of asset management and algorithmic trading experience. He was the Head of the Investment Management platform and Senior Hedge Fund Advisor at SEQUOIA Asset Management SA before co-founding the exchange. He is also the co-founder of Disruption Disciples. The Disruption disciples are a decentralized global group of innovators and technology enthusiasts who share the desire to use exponential technologies to make the world a better place. Anthony Lesoismer, on the other hand, serves as the firm’s CSO. He was the Head of Financial Market Digital-Advisory at JFD Brokers before co-founding Swissborg.

    Swissborg review market share

    Swissborg Market Share

    Though it has been around for a while, the platform has not yet reached 1 million verified users. It only boasts about 700,000 verified account holders and a total user digital coin asset value of slightly over $1.2 billion. Its native coin is, however, performing fairly good, trading at a price of $0.19 as of writing this, and has a market cap of $170, 659, 400. It’s ranked 146 by Coinmarketcap.

    Swissborg review security and licence

    Swissborg License and Insurance

    Swissborg has received several licenses that will aid in the delivery of its solutions. They include an Estonian regulator’s Virtual Currency Exchange License and Virtual Currency Wallet License, VQF in Switzerland, and a Swiss Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO). What’s more, client funds are insured up to $10 million depending on the status of the account holder. Genesis and Genesis premium are the most prestigious rankings.

    Swissborg Security and Reputation

    Security Features

    Swissborg, like any other cryptocurrency exchange, prioritizes security. MPC encryption, platform stress tests, and the development of advanced security software are some of the features keeping user funds safe. Let’s look at Swissborg security features.

    • Multi-party computation (MPC) keyless technology: This is a highly secure cryptography method where different parties transact or perform computations without revealing private keys. By executing mathematical computations without one party revealing its information to another, MPC technology ensures top-tier security. This eliminates any point of failure and increases the security of the exchange.
    • Fireblock: Fireblock is a security partner of Swissborg. It is one of the secure and flexible platforms that use multi-party computation technology to secure digital assets. As a result, the Swissborg Wealth App is stable and secure, and hackers and bugs can’t gain access.
    • Offline Cold Wallet Storage: The platform stores its users’ funds in a multi-signature cold wallet. This security feature protects clients’ investments from hackers while also mitigating risks.
    • Two-factor authentication (2FA): Swissborg users can enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on their accounts to add an extra security layer.
    • Account Recovery: Users don’t have to worry about losing funds if they switch devices or forget their login information. The platform’s help center contains a detailed article on the recovery process.
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    Complains Received

    While it's common for a cryptocurrency platform to perform poorly on TrustPilot, Swissborg is an outlier. The platform has a rating of 3.6/5 based on 1107 reviews. The rating is 67%, which is an excellent result. Customers praise it for being a safe, user-friendly mobile app for buying and exchanging assets that are also community-focused and transparent. Interestingly, the Swissborg has responded to almost every review, good or bad. While it can never be perfect, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with its withheld funds and poor customer service.
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    Is Swissborg Exchange safe?

    Swissborg SecurityThe Swissborg platform has implemented several safeguards to protect users’ funds. Moreover, even though the app is relatively new, there have been no reports of hacking.

    While the platform does its best to keep intruders out, you should take extra precautions to self-protect your money. For instance, enable two-factor authentication and avoid saving your login information on your mobile app.

    Swissborg Exchange Features

    Orders Types

    • Limit order
    •  Stop order
    •  Market order

    Staking / Earning Interest Accounts 

    Users can earn passive income on supported crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, stablecoins such as USD coin (USDC) and Tether (USDT), and, of course, Swissborg’s native token, CHSB, using the smart yield feature.

    The procedure is straightforward. Simply transfer your funds to the yield account and let the platform use them by lending them to others. Then all you’ve got to do is wait for your rewards according to how much profit the site earned. There are over 20 assets that can be yielded. The rates range from 0.2% for Bitcoin to 3.8% for ETH, 14% for SushiSwap, and 25% APY for Swissborg Token.

    Exchange Token

    CHSB is a crypto utility token developed by Swissborg. It’s an ERC-20 standard coin with a 1 billion token supply. Currently, just under 30% of CHSB circulating supply is staked, with over 55% of CHSB tokens held in yield accounts, which has a significant impact on supply

    The crypto exchange purchases CHSB tokens weekly using Smart Yield program fees. 20% of all revenue earned from exchange fees is used to purchase CHSB tokens.

    The native coin holders receive numerous benefits such as:

    • Future exclusive wealth management products and services will be available in the app.
    • Premium membership with excellent exchange rates and no fees. This is known as “staking” on the wealth app.
    • The right to vote on referendums and the future of the Swissborg Platform.
    • Earn incredible benefits for investing in the Swissborg ecosystem.

    Price volatility is one of the most serious issues confronting the crypto market. Swissborg used to have a Protect and Burn policy, which supported the price of CHSB tokens by buying back and burning circulating tokens whenever the price of CHSB was falling. This has evolved into the Protect and Choose feature, in line with the need to be a community-centric platform. So, instead of buying back and burning CHSB tokens, Swissborg switched to buying back the tokens and putting them into a pool where loyal token holders can vote on how the funds should be used.

    Asset Classes

    NFTs are ERC-1155 tokens issued by Swissborg. These tokens are created and infused with the Enjin coin on the Enjin platform. The Enjin platform is a pioneer in the world of NFT. Swissborg doesn’t mention its NFT offers other than telling users to invest in NFTs through their app.


    Leverage in cryptocurrency refers to borrowing funds to increase one’s buying or selling power. For example, 3x leverage means that your $100 will turn into $300. Investors use leverage to increase their profits. Unfortunately, Swissborg doesn’t provide this option.

    The OTC Desk

    Over the counter (OTC) desks carry out client trades. It acts as a broker for investors who want to trade in bulk. An OTC desk finds the best price and manages the transaction on the client’s behalf. Our Swissborg review found out that the platform doesn’t support over-the-counter trading.

    Other Key Features

    Swissborg Thematics

    Swissborg Thematics is a wealth app crypto bundle feature that allows you to invest in the crypto market effectively. It also assists investors in diversifying their portfolios. Because crypto investing can feel like throwing darts at a moving dartboard, this feature allows investors to put their money in crypto bundles that contain pre-selected digital assets grouped to mitigate risk and boost performance. The crypto bundles are rebalanced automatically regularly, with funds going into higher-performing crypto assets to maximize gains while remaining diversified. The bundles available to investors are organized around themes. Investors can choose a theme in which they’ve got a long-term belief.

    The Swissborg Exchange Smart Engine

    Swissborg’s Smart Engine features provide users the best liquidity and exchange rates available in the crypto market. This is accomplished by scanning hundreds of trading pairs in seconds and searching the best exchanges for the best rates to buy or sell in your local currency or digital assets. It also recommends the best routes to take to complete your orders as quickly as possible.

    This method can provide access to 1,650 distinct crypto-to-fiat trading pairs, even if they are unavailable on an exchange. Swissborg will handle all of the conversions. It also keeps its trading fee structure simple, charging an exchange fee instead of a market spread. It’s also worth noting that if you’ve got a premium account, staking CHSB can help you reduce your fees.

    As a result, rather than users executing orders, the platform fulfils its customers’ orders at the best affordable price. As a result, you won’t find an order book in the Swissborg app. This is a fantastic feature, especially for cryptocurrency newcomers. This isn’t the platform to use if you want to set price triggers and stop losses.

    Swissborg features

    Swissborg Exchange AI Portfolio Analytics

    The Swissborg analytical tools and advisors are excellent resources for investors, particularly newcomers. Users can gain deep insight into their profile performance, get real-time advice on improving it, and better understand their costs and weak points using the Wealth App’s hourly asset analysis and deep learning algorithms. This includes analyzing a user’s overall performance, providing real-time advice, and displaying their personal return on investment (ROI) for gains made and losses suffered.

    Deep learning algorithms are also used by Cyborg advisors to predict the direction of trends and assist users in making better investment decisions when investing in any crypto asset offered by the Wealth app.

    The Cyborg Predictor employs machine learning to forecast the movement of an asset by combining historical data and technical indicators. The Swissborg indicator, which combines the most popular technical indicators, allows traders to assess the strength of a market quickly.

    The volume of transactions in the Swissborg app over a 24-hour period calculates the Community Sentiment indicator. The support and resistance indicator highlights critical levels to be aware of.

    Swissborg Community App

    This app is a good choice for those who are new to the world of cryptocurrency. With this app, Swissborg has effectively gamified the learning process of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and users can earn a small amount of cryptocurrency. At the same time, they learn about this new financial revolution.

    It’s available for both iOS and Android.

    Smart Send

    The smart send feature allows you to send cryptocurrency while paying no gas fees easily. It works with all Swissborg assets and is available in over 115 countries. To send money, you don’t need a cryptocurrency wallet. To send money instantly, enter your phone number. To employ smart send:

    • Choose the coin you want to send.
    • Locate the recipient in your contact list or enter their phone number.
    • Enter the amount to be sent.
    • Select Send.

    Swissborg’s Reward Program

    The Swissborg Rewards Program is a referral program in which users can invite friends and earn CHSB. Every successful invite earns the user and their friend a Swissborg token reward ticket worth €1 to €100. The procedure is straightforward:

    • Visit the rewards tab in the Swissborg app to share your invitation link.
    • Your friend downloads the Swissborg app and deposits at least €50 into their account.
    • You and your friend receive a reward ticket and can claim your CHSB reward.

    Please remember that you won’t be eligible for the program if you’ve already downloaded the app. Also, if you downloaded the app without first “pairing” it with your phone, you aren’t eligible for the Rewards Program.

    Swissborg Available Tokens 

    Swissborg is compatible with over 43 different cryptocurrencies. They are as follows:

    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Swissborg Token
    • USD Coin
    • PAX Gold
    • Enjin Coin
    • Binance Coin
    • Aave
    • KyberNetwork
    • Dai
    • Compound
    • Ren

    Swissborg accepted cryptos

    Trading Pairs Available

    Swissborg trading pairsSwissborg trading pairsSwissborg trading pairs include:

    • CHSB/BTC
    • CHSB/ETH
    • CHSB.USD
    • CHSB/LTC
    • CHSB/EVR
    • CHSB/RUB.

    Swissborg Fees

    Swissborg doesn’t charge any deposit fees. However, depending on your bank, you may incur bank charges.

    Users will, however, incur varying withdrawal amounts and network fees. For BTC, ETH, and CHSB withdrawals, the platform charges 0.10%.

    Swissborg trading fees are an intriguing offer. While standard users must pay a 1% fee for trading between fiat, stablecoins, BTC, or CHSB, premium users pay no fee for this type of trading.

    Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

    Users of the Swissborg Wealth App can deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts using Direct Bank Transactions and Crypto Funds transfers. Clients can only make deposits from bank accounts that match the Swissborg App’s names.

    It should be noted that the Swissborg platform will return all deposits from other third-party bank accounts.

    Users of Swissborg can fund their accounts in 16 different fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, and GBP. Withdrawals are simple, and because Swissborg banking partners are members of the SEPA and Faster Payments networks, bank transfers can be completed in as little as 5 minutes.

    Swissborg paymentsLimits

    Swissborg has a minimum and maximum amount of assets that must be ordered. These are:

    • The bare minimum is $5 USD/EUR/GDP/CAD, or the equivalent in digital assets or CHSB Tokens.
    • Maximum amounts: 20,000 USD/EUR/GDP/CAD or digital assets equivalent, or 5000 CHSB Tokens.

    Swissborg has several account levels with varying transaction limits that necessitate varying KYC/AML approval levels. The following classes are available:

    • Level 1: Deposits are limited to EUR 5,000, and withdrawals are also limited to EUR 5,000.
    • Level 2: Deposits are limited to EUR 50,000 and withdrawals to EUR 1,000,000.
    • Level 3: Funds Proof: Deposits and withdrawals are both unlimited.

    Level 1 approval is granted when a user provides proof of identity. Levels 2 and 3 are awarded when users reach deposit and withdrawal limits.

    How to use Swissborg app Step-by Step

    Trading on the Swissborg app is easier than you may imagine. Here is a step-by-step guide to perform an exchange on the platform.

    Step 1: Hit the exchange button from the portfolio tab.
    Step 2: Select the currency you want to exchange.
    Step 3: Choose the fiat or crypto you would like to exchange for.
    Step 4: Specify the amount of money you want to spend.
    Step 5: Tap "Next," wait for the exchange engine to compute the rate, then hit "Confirm" to complete the transaction.

    Swissborg User Experience


    Swissborg doesn’t provide a desktop application. While a desktop app makes the experience more seamless, users will appreciate the Swissborg mobile app’s intuitive and user-friendly design.

    Swissborg appMobile App 

    The exchange has a well-organized and intuitive app accessible to both iOS and Android users. To gain access to Swissborg’s products and services, download the platform’s mobile apps: the Wealth App and the Community App. Download takes a few seconds to minutes depending on your internet speed. Pick the account type you prefer and register. Keep in mind that you will have to submit KYC documents for a wholesome experience. There are two types of accounts: Standard Accounts and Premium Accounts. Both of them have similar interfaces. However, the premium version comes with zero exchange fees on select cryptocurrencies such as CHSB, stablecoins and BTC. The dashboards for both standard and premium accounts are exceptionally powerful and easy to navigate even for first timers. Each token has a simple explanation beside it making crypto investing easy for everyone.

    Customer Support at Swissborg

    An exchange can only be as good as its support. Swissborg app has a live support feature where you can talk to a live representative directly. Unfortunately, we experienced situations where we got transferred to other agents multiple times, increasing our wait time. You can also use th help page where you simply fill in your request and submit a ticket. The average response time for simple issues we raised during this Swissborg review was 24 hours. It may take over a week to handle complex issues due to the slow response time. Swissborg has offices in Lausanne, Switzerland, Toronto, Canada, London, England, and Tokyo, Japan. You can go there and get customized solutions to your problems if you’re near any of these centers.

    Swissborg vs Other Crypto Platforms

    Celsius vs Swissborg

    Celsius Network is among the top competitors of Swissborg. It is a cryptocurrency lending platform that allows users to buy, borrow, and make payments in various cryptocurrencies. Both platforms have exciting offers for their users. They both, for example, have native tokens (CEL for Celsius and CHSB for Swissborg) whose holders receive amazing benefits such as discounts. However, several features distinguish them; for example, Celsius is available in more than 100 countries, whereas Swissborg is available in more than 115. Swissborg charges withdrawals. If you use Celpay, the network payment service, Celsius deposits and withdrawals are free. Both platforms must improve their customer service. Celsius provides email and phone support, whereas Swissborg only has a comprehensive page, a request form, and live chat. As a lending platform, it doesn’t support cryptocurrency swapping and thus doesn’t have trading pairs or fees. Swissborg, on the other hand, charges a 1% trading fee to standard users and has over 37 trading pairs. Celsius has more than 40 digital assets in crypto support, comparable to Swissborg’s 43+ assets. It accepts USD, EUR, AUD, and CAD, whereas Swissborg accepts approximately 16 fiat currencies, including Swiss Franc (CHF), Czech Koruna (CZK), British Pound (GBP), and South African Rand.

    Nexo vs Swissborg

    Nexo is a platform for crypto lending and borrowing. It was founded in 2018 in the UK with its headquarters in London. Nexo supports 17 crypto assets, while Swissborg boats over 43 cryptocurrencies. Supported fiat currencies are EUR, USD, and GBP. Nexo customer service includes live chat, online messaging, and email support, while Swissborg has only live chat and help ticket request forms. Unlike Swissborg, which charges a network fee and a varying withdrawal fee, Nexo’s withdrawals are free. Additionally, Nexo offers users up to 3x leverage on their crypto holdings, somethign you will not find on its competitor’s app. Nexo payment options include debit/credit card, or bank transfer, whereas Swissborg supports SEPA and bank transfers. Other features include the NEXO card, which allows users to spend their crypto and earn interest, and Nexo ambassador programs, through which users get paid for promoting crypto adoption. On the other hand, Swissborg offers a referral program and a smart send. Depending on your loyalty level on Nexo, you can also get a loan with an interest rate between 13.9% and 6.9%. This feature resembles the Swissborg smart yield feature can get you up to 25% APY for Swissborg Token. While there are some differences in the apps, there is no doubt that the two competitors have more similarities. The choice rests in your hands.

    Is The Swissborg Exchange Right for You?

    Swissborg is it right for youThe Swissborg shines out as being a user-friendly app with wealth management tools. And while it may be suitable for every investor, it’s best suited for:

    • Investors who need a self-trading platform
    • Crypto investors looking for a portfolio management app that supports trading, crypto interest earning, and a native token.
    • Novices looking for a beginner-friendly exchange to enter the crypto world.

    Final Verdict

    In summary, Swissborg is a free financial planner and portfolio manager. It’s secure, has no hidden fees, and is a significant exchange to buy, sell, and swap crypto assets. It also offers valuable analytics; hence, you can rely on it to make solid crypto investment decisions. Because it works with many other DeFi protocols, it will provide you with the best price, liquidity, and yield rate.

    We recommend Swissborg because it is a well-thought-out platform for those looking for asset management and exchange platform. Download it now.

    What are the benefits of using the Swissborg Exchange?

    Users enjoy the diverse asset management and trading tools such as portfolio management thematic, smart exchange engine and AI price analytic tool. The platform also offers free deposits and zero trading fees for premium users.

    Is the Swissborg Exchange safe?

    The exchange is highly secure. Some security features include two-factor authentication, MPC cryptography, cold storage, account recovery, and platform stress tests.

    What are the key features of the Swissborg Exchange?

    Some features of the Swissborg exchange are a referral program, smart send, a community app, a smart engine, and crypto portfolio bundles.

    How straightforward is it to use the Swissborg Exchange?

    Swissborg’s founders wanted to build a user-friendly platform. The wealth app is simple to use, and users don’t need crypto knowledge to use it.

    What are the fees associated with using the Swissborg Exchange?

    Users are charged a network fee, a variable withdrawal fee, and a trading fee. The platform charges a 1% trading fee for standard users, while premium users pay no fees. To withdraw BTC, ETH, or CHSB, you will be charged 0.10%.

    What options are there for customer service?

    The platform has few support options. It only offers a live chat and help page where users can submit a support ticket.

    Are there any restrictions on who can use the Swissborg Exchange?

    The exchange is available in over 115 countries, including France, Hongkong, Greece, and Denmark. Its exclusion includes the US and Australia.

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