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Best Crypto Volleyball Betting Sites

Volleyball might be a more niche sport, but it is available at many online sportsbooks. With our guide, users can discover the best Volleyball betting sites, wagering tips, and ways to bet with crypto.

volleyball betting site
volleyball betting site
volleyball betting crypto

Top Volleyball Betting Sites

  1. Stake – Best Overall Crypto Volleyball Betting Site
  2. BC.Game – Best for Daily Free Crypto
  3. 888Starz – Best for Mobile Play
  4. Bitsler – Best for Good Value Odds
  5. CloudBet – Best for Crypto Selection

Top Crypto Volleyball Sites Reviewed

With so many amazing crypto bookies, finding the most suitable one is challenging. Our mini-reviews make it simple to discover which site is best for each player.

1. Stake - Best Overall Austrian Bitcoin Casino

The service at Stake is excellent. From the outset, it gives users of all budgets access to betting features. The minimum stake sits at just 100 satoshis, so even the smallest budgets can easily place a wager. It’s not just the low stakes, there’s also an excellent welcome bonus at Stake. Although it can vary from time to time, users can regularly claim up to 200% on their first deposit.

It backs up the low minimum stake and impressive bonus with a superb betting selection. Bettors can wager on a substantial range of sports, with plenty of markets and a comprehensive crypto casino. It covers everything from the NFL and Soccer to Snooker and Volleyball betting with Bitcoin. There’s also a regular range of promotions, so any bettor can add to the budget.

Despite all of the positives, Stake does have some downsides. Firstly, KYC is a requirement when signing up. So, users waive their right to anonymity when creating an account here. Secondly, bettors will see fees for some transactions, which can eat into any profit margin.


  • An excellent selection of different crypto bonuses
  • Has a low minimum stake of 100 satoshis
  • Incredible sporting event selections
  • Top-class choice of betting markets


  • KYC is a guarantee at Stake
  • There are some withdrawal fees at Stake

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
200% up to $1,000 30x 0.0002 BTC BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, XRP, TRON, BCH, and EOS
stake homepage

2. BC.Game - Best for Daily Free Crypto

Anyone who enjoys betting will be aware of BC.Game. It has one of the most prominent reputations in the industry, and it’s not without reason. Although there’s an excellent welcome bonus available to crypto casino players, it doesn’t provide an option for sports bettors. However, the daily bonus wheel ensures there’s constant free crypto for players without any wagering requirements.

The wheel provides up to 1 BTC in bonuses daily, although the reward is typically smaller. As already mentioned, there are no wagering requirements, so it’s an excellent bonus for bettors on any budget. The site isn’t just free crypto, though. It also offers some impressive sports betting options, with a robust choice of markets. For users looking for a different selection, it also offers a fully stocked casino, with everything from slot titles to provably fair releases.

Despite the positives, no crypto sportsbook is perfect. BC.Game has KYC verification in place, so bettors must provide personal information to create an account. As a result, players can’t remain anonymous when betting here.


  • Each day, the bonus wheel provides a free spin
  • No wagering on the bonus wheel with up to 1 BTC available
  • Plenty of sporting events to bet on
  • A comprehensive selection of betting markets


  • Sports players can’t claim a traditional welcome bonus

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
Daily wheel spin up to 1 BTC N/A $10 14, including BTC, LTC, and ETH

3. 888Starz - Best for Mobile Play

Mobile betting is a requirement in the modern world of sports betting. Without the ability to bet on the go, many users just look for another site. Fortunately, 888Starz offers bettors an excellent selection of mobile betting options. Players can enjoy a mobile browser site without additional downloads but can also add an iOS or Android app. It makes for a complete experience, perfect for fans of live betting. The welcome bonus is also fantastic, with up to $150 available as a 100% matched deposit with just 5x wagering.

While plenty of popular sports are available, such as NBA, NHL, EPL, and more, 888Starz also covers niche options. So, field hockey and volleyball are two options bettors can enjoy. With some excellent betting markets, there are many reasons to enjoy playing with 888Starz.

KYC isn’t an instant requirement when creating an account with 888Starz. However, bettors must be aware it is a possibility. The site reserves the right to ask for verification but only tends to enact this policy when there’s suspicious behavior. So, as long as crypto bettors play in a sensible manner, they should be able to retain their anonymity.


  • Provides an excellent mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Extremely low wagering requirements of just 5x
  • No guarantees of KYC requirements
  • Instant processing when carrying out a crypto transaction


  • The customer support has room for improvement

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
100% up to $150 5x 0.0000001 BTC 9 Cryptos, Including BTC, ETH, and LTC

4. Bitsler - Best for Good Value Odds

Experienced bettors will know all about finding good value bets. However, beginner players may not fully understand the concept. One aspect which is vital for a good value bet is competitive odds. Bitsler offers users some of the best odds in the crypto industry, instantly increasing the chances of finding a good value bet. It does fall down slightly with the lack of a welcome bonus, but there are plenty of free bets, which makes up for this.

Bitsler has an excellent choice of sports betting options. It covers many of the biggest sports, with Soccer, NFL, and even eSports available. It adds to this fantastic niche options such as Volleyball, so there truly is something for everyone. Bitsler also provides high-quality betting markets, making for a wonderful overall experience.

Unfortunately, KYC is a possibility with Bitsler. Although it’s not a guarantee, users should always be ready to provide documentation if the site requests it.


  • Provides consistently fantastic odds to players
  • Lots of free bets, perfect to boost smaller bankrolls
  • A comprehensive choice of different betting markets
  • A substantial selection of sporting events


  • Players can’t claim a traditional welcome bonus

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
N/A N/A 0.0001 BTC 17, including, ETH, LTC, and BTC
bitsler homepage

5. CloudBet - Best for Crypto Selection

Crypto isn’t a world of just Bitcoin anymore. There are a significant number of options available to users. As a result, it’s no surprise to see crypto sportsbooks offering more diverse selections. CloudBet has one of the most extensive choices on the market, offering over 20 cryptocurrencies for users to bet with. Additionally, there’s a welcome bonus of up to 5 BTC, which uses an innovative wagering method to reward bettors.

The betting choice is fantastic at CloudBet. The sporting events cover everything from Soccer to Volleyball betting, so all users can find their favored sport. It also provides comprehensive market options, so bettors can easily find good value. With a substantial crypto casino, it’s one of the best overall betting choices in the industry.

What does drag down the overall quality of CloudBet is the KYC policy. Bettors must complete the verification process when creating an account, so there’s no way to retain anonymity. With anonymous betting synonymous with crypto, it does take away some of the quality of CloudBet. As a result, players must keep their documentation on hand to begin playing here.


  • Has one of the most comprehensive crypto selections
  • The welcome bonus has an excellent wagering system in place
  • The sports betting choices and markets are substantial
  • Players can claim up to 5 BTC with the welcome bonus


  • Users must complete the KYC process when creating an account

Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
100% up to 5 BTC Unlocked over time 0.001 BTC 23, including, BTC, ETH, and LTC

History of Volleyball Sports Betting

While Olympic Volleyball was available in brick-and-mortar bookmakers every four years, it wasn’t an option regularly. However, with the advent of online sportsbooks, crypto Volleyball betting options are more widespread.

It’s available at most bookies now, ensuring anyone who wants to start betting on the sport has the opportunity.

Key Factors to Consider Before Placing a Bet on Volleyball

Before selecting a bookie, users must be aware of some critical factors. Our list makes it simple for everyone from beginners to experts to brush up on the most vital aspects.

Firstly, bettors have to be aware of the legal betting age. Some countries allow 18-year-olds to bet, while others only allow 21 and over. Ensure the legal age is adhered to, as it can lead to further issues.

Some sites also provide different platforms to play on. Ensuring the correct platform is available is essential before signing up. Punters must also ensure they have the correct registration information, as each site will require different details.

Finally, research before betting is critical. No research can mean placing a wager without knowledge, which increases the overall risk.

How to Place a Crypto Bet on Volleyball

Users only have to follow a few simple steps to begin betting at Bitcoin sportsbooks. Our guide makes it a pain-free process.

step 1 light

Choose a Sportsbook and Create an Account

To start Volleyball betting with Bitcoin or other cryptos, users must first create a sportsbook account. Our toplist and reviews make it easy, providing a selection of the finest options. After choosing bettors can create an account.

step 2 light

Deposit Crypto into your Sportsbook Account

After creating the account, users can make a deposit to start finding betting Betting Volleyball options. Just find the deposit wallet address and send the funds using the correct crypto wallet.

step 3 light

Browse Events & Markets

With everything from Beach Volleyball betting to NCAA Volleyball betting, there are plenty of choices on the market. Bettors can just look through the list of events and find the market which is best suited to their research.

step 4 light

Select the Betting Options

After choosing the most likely event, bettors can set their stake and decide whether to place the best. 

step 5 light

Place Your Wagers

After choosing a stake it’s time to place the bet, and wait for the final outcome.

step 6 light

Withdraw your Winnings

If the bet is a success, players will see winnings appear in their account. At this stage, users must ensure they have completed any wagering requirements, and then they can make a withdrawal.

Benefits of Betting on Volleyball Online

There are plenty of benefits to betting on Volleyball with crypto. In fact, some would argue crypto provides the best Volleyball betting online. However, beyond generic positives, some specific factors offer distinct advantages to users.

The first is the opportunity to bet legally. In the past, betting with crypto often sat in a legal grey area. It’s not the case anymore, with it legal in many jurisdictions.

The safety of betting with crypto is highly impressive. Users get high-quality encryption, the safest transactions, and the ability to retain financial anonymity. It makes for one of the safest ways to make payments online.

The rapid nature of crypto payments is also a substantial benefit. Players can claim funds almost instantly, far faster than any fiat payment method. Using crypto also allows access to significant bonuses, with up to 5 BTC available with some crypto sportsbooks.

Best Crypto for Volleyball Betting

cryptocurrenciesAlthough a massive choice of cryptos is available, they’re not all in place at every crypto sportsbook. So, while most sites will allow for Volleyball betting with Bitcoin, it’s less likely to see more obscure options on offer. So, for anyone wanting to try a specific cryptocurrency, our list of the most common options makes it easier to pick the right choice.

  • Bitcoin: BTC is available at most of the best online Volleyball betting sites. It’s secure, accessible, and provides the biggest chance for price increases. 
  • Ethereum: Less popular than Bitcoin but still available at most crypto sportsbooks. ETH offers staking options, which give passive income opportunities to users.
  • Litecoin: LTC is faster and cheaper than Bitcoin but is just as secure. It’s an excellent alternative for users on a budget.
  • Dogecoin: Anyone using Doge will know its origins as a meme coin. But it’s grown into a secure, cheap, and fast crypto alternative. It is one of the most versatile altcoins on the market.

What You Can Place Bitcoin Volleyball Bets On

checkmark tick

Match Result

The match result is a simple bet to understand. Users place a wager on the result of a single match.

checkmark tick

Moneyline Bet

A moneyline bet is the same as match betting.

checkmark tick

Set Betting

It’s a wager on each individual set. It provides slightly more control over forms of Volleyball betting, as a single set is more likely to offer an underdog winner than an overall match.

checkmark tick

Handicap Betting

Placing a handicap bet adds either a positive or negative modifier to one of the team’s scores. If betting on an underdog, the handicap adds points to their total. If the added points would create a win, then the bet wins. By contrast, if betting on the favorite it removes points. If the favorite still wins, then so does the bet.

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Point Spread Betting

When carrying out point spread betting, it’s similar to handicap betting. Users will choose a spread, and as long as the points sit within the spread range, the bet wins.

checkmark tick

Total Sets

This is a wager on the total number of sets in the game. It works similarly to total points, but instead counts up how many sets the game requires to determine a winner.

checkmark tick

Total Points

A total points bet is a wager on the over/under market. It adds up the points from both teams and then depending on the player’s wager, it will calculate if they won. So, if a player wagers on over 18.5 points, the combined scores would have to be 19 or more for the bet to win.

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Volleyball Parlay Betting

Many bettors offer Volleyball betting tips to use parlays to create extra value. It’s a collection of multiple bets where the betting odds combine to provide a higher payout. The consequence of this bet is the risk is much higher as all bets have to win for the total bet to win.

Volleyball Betting Tips & Strategies

While many users would say finding betting odds that work for them is a solid strategy, it’s not the only Volleyball betting tip worth following. Our guide covers this option and more to help users increase their chances of success. 

  • Odds

Finding the best Volleyball betting odds is critical to being successful. If they are low, the payouts will also be minimal. While some bettors prefer to play lower odds games, it’s still best to find the optimal odds on the market. So, if two sites offer 1.05 or 1.15 for the same bet, it makes sense to play for 1.15.

  • Key numbers, Patterns and Tendencies

There are key numbers in every sport. Users should check out the possible key numbers for the most common margins. While key numbers don’t guarantee a win, if they keep appearing it can help players choose the best bets.

  • Data analysis

It’s always important to analyze the data behind a bet. Many players just go with their gut, and while it can be successful for some bettors, it’s unlikely to be sustainable in the long-term. Effectively using data analysis is one of the top tips as it provides reasoning behind what is likely to happen.

  • Injuries

Any team can be impacted by injuries, and it’s no different with Volleyball. If a star player can’t play, it can turn a losing bet into a winning one.

  • Athletes & teams

Some teams just have the best players. Just like Leo Messi in Soccer, sometimes an incredible player can turn an average team into champions. Look out for players who have the biggest impact and use it to your advantage with betting.

  • Home-Court Advantage

Playing at home has long provided sports teams with an advantage. It can often help to turn a slight underdog into a favorite when Volleyball betting. While many players ignore the home advantage as a myth, the data backs it up as a mitigating factor.

  • Head-to-Head Records

Some teams have a bogey side. Looking at head-to-head data will provide perfect information to show who’s likely to win when playing a Volleyball bet.

  • Consider Match Conditions

The conditions for a match are critical for live Volleyball betting. If the wind is making it challenging for the favorites, it can help to create profitable conditions for Beach Volleyball Betting. Users should always keep a close eye on what’s taking place on the field.

  • Stay Updated on Team News

A surprise to a line-up can change the odds for an event rapidly. As a result, if players are quick enough, they can place high value bets before sportsbooks can change their odds.

  • Schukin’s strategy

Using Schukin’s Strategy is a low risk, low return strategy. It requires players to use live Volleyball betting, and they watch out for games where one team hits 22 points easily. Then, bettors place a wager on under 44.5 points and the team to win. The odds will be relatively low, but it has a high likelihood of winning.

Most Popular Volleyball Tournaments and Leagues to Bet on with Cryptocurrencies

fivb logo

FIVB Volleyball World Championship

As the biggest tournament on the calendar, the FIVB World Championship covers both men’s and women’s events. It takes place every four years, but is switching to every two from 2025, and allows for a variety of Volleyball betting opportunities. The biggest countries appear and Italy won the competition in 2022.

norceca logo

NORCECA Championship

It’s a tournament for North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. The top three teams qualify for the World Championships. It features men and women’s events.

olympics logo


The Olympics is the biggest event for many athletes. It takes place every four years and covers beach and indoor Volleyball. The indoor events have been part of the competition since 1964, with beach competitions starting in 1992.

volleyball world championships logo

World League Champions & World Grand Prix Champions

These events ran until 2017 when the Nations League and Challenger Cup replaced them. It provides some fantastic opportunities for Volleyball betting, particularly for fans of International events.

world cup volleyball logo

World Cup

The World Cup was played in the year after the Olympics until 1991. Since then, it takes place in the year before the Olympics.

5 Most Popular Volleyball Teams to Bet On

The USA isn’t a hotbed for high-quality Volleyball teams. However, there are some amazing squads in the world. While it may be challenging for people who aren’t fans of the sport to get detailed knowledge, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best sides and their star players.

  • Zenit Kazan: Playing in Russia, Kazan are one of the most popular Volleyball teams in the world. They have Micah Christenson who’s one of the best players on the team.
  • Poland: Poland is one of the top squads in the world, and not just by popularity. Part of the reason for this is Wilfredo Leon. As an incredible player with a loyal following, he helped the Polish national side to unprecedented plaudits.
  • Lube Civitanova: With the Italian league the top competition in the world, it’s no surprise to see an Italian team on our list. A big part of this team is the Gold medal winner Barthélémy Chinenyeze, who helps them compete at the top.
  • Brazil: Having won almost 70 international tournaments at men’s and a similar number for the women’s, Brazil is a superpower of Volleyball. Carol Gattaz is a top player for the women’s team.
  • Berlin Recycling Volley: 13 time domestic league winners, the German team is a highly impressive outfit. Adam Kowalski is without a doubt the star of this team!

Final Thoughts

Volleyball may be a niche option, but it still has a loyal following globally. It offers impressive events, and our betting sites provide some of the top online betting experience. As a result, finding the most suitable sportsbooks with our toplist and reviews is the best option for users.

With the ability to grab some betting tips, find the best teams, and discover the most suitable crypto sportsbook, our guide ensures users can step into the world of Volleyball betting without any hitches.

Q&A Session

In this section, Will Wood will address your inquiries and the most common questions regarding Crypto Volleyball Betting and offer guidance to newcomers in the field. Feel free to submit your questions through our contact form, and we will strive to respond within 48 hours.

Where can I bet on college volleyball?

Betting on college Volleyball is available at many different crypto sportsbooks. Users must check the different sporting events before creating an account. Because each site will have a different selection on offer, the impetus is on bettors to find an appropriate sportsbook. Our toplist provides the best way to sign up to a suitable site.

Is volleyball betting with bitcoin available?

Yes, players can place wagers on Volleyball using Bitcoin. Although there are a small amount of sites without Bitcoin payment options, it’s still the most widespread crypto. As a result, bettors can typically feel comfortable they can place a wager with BTC.

Are ethereum volleyball betting sites available?

Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum is an extremely popular crypto. As a result, bettors can feel comfortable if they sign up to play with ETH. Although it’s always best to check first, it’s likely they will be able to do so.

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