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Top Crypto Handball Sites Reviewed

  1. BC.Game – Best Overall Handball Crypto Sportsbook
  2. Stake – Best for Low Minimum Bets
  3. Club Riches – Best for VIP Scheme
  4. Bitsler – Best for Good Value Odds
  5. Cloudbet – Best for Crypto Choice

Our Top Picks When it Comes to Handball Crypto Betting

  • Personalised bonus offer
  • Provably Fair Games
  • Low House Edge
Up to 270% and 1 BTC
  • Personalised bonus offer
  • Provably Fair Games
  • Sportsbook with eSports
Exclusive Bonus: 200% up to $1000!
  • 2500+ Games
  • Generous welcome bonus
  • Fully licensed
Up to $3000 + 100 Free Spins
  • Many cryptos available
  • Quality Casino Games
  • Esports
150% up to $1050
  • Popular casino
  • Sportsbook with eSports
  • Some of the best odds
100% matched deposit bonus of up to 5 BTC!

Top Crypto Handball Sites Reviewed

Looking to find the best Handball betting sites? It might be challenging for beginner bettors, but with our Handball betting guide, it’s straightforward to find the most suitable Handball betting website. Keep reading to discover which sportsbooks offer a superior experience.

1. BC.Game – Best Overall Handball Crypto Sportsbook

As one of the premier crypto sportsbooks on the market, it’s no surprise to see BC.Game is at the top of the list. It offers an incredible selection of betting options and is completely fair. With a top-class reputation and many different features, it’s a site which grabs the attention of many crypto bettors.

The first impressive aspect is the bonus wheel. Here, users can spin it daily with free crypto available on each spin. Although it’s generally a smaller amount, it can be as high as 1 BTC and has no wagering requirements. As a result, it makes for some fantastic opportunities to boost the bankroll. Bettors can also bet on everything from Soccer to Handball, so there’s a varied selection of sporting events. It backs it up with excellent markets to make it easier to find good value bets.

A slight disappointment is the KYC requirements. Bettors don’t have to go through KYC when they create an account, but there’s always the chance the site will ask for verification. It usually only asks in the event of suspicious behavior, but bettors should still always be prepared to provide the information.

  • Pros
  • The bonus wheel doesn’t have any wagering requirements Pro
  • Players can spin the bonus wheel daily and claim up to 1 BTC Pro
  • There’s an impressive range of different sports and betting markets Pro
  • BC.Game has one of the better VIP schemes Pro
  • Cons
  • The sports betting promotions aren’t as comprehensive as the casino options Con
Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
Daily wheel spin up to 1 BTC N/A $10 14, including, BTC, LTC, and ETH

2. Stake – Best for Low Minimum Bets

Often, crypto sportsbooks ignore the requirements of lower-budget players. However, Stake sportsbook doesn’t make this mistake. It attempts to provide services for all players when they sign up. So, it has a minimum wager level of just 100 satoshis, which is one of the lowest on the market. It’s excellent to see this, as some bettors don’t want to play for the biggest prizes. The welcome bonus varies, but it has hit 200% as a matched deposit in the past, which is a generous reward.

Stake provides a high-quality choice of sports betting options. Users can pick from the most prominent sports all the way down to niche selections. So, it wouldn’t be shocking to see Soccer, Basketball, and Handball on the same betting slip. For anyone who wants to access different choices, there’s also a crypto casino available with Stake.

There are KYC expectations at Stake. As a result, bettors have to complete the process when creating an account. It removes the ability to play anonymously, which can be a significant requirement for crypto players.

  • Pros
  • The minimum stake of just 100 satoshis is extremely low Pro
  • Has a wide selection of different bonuses Pro
  • Provides many different sporting events Pro
  • There’s an incredible choice of betting markets available Pro
  • Cons
  • KYC is a requirement with Sake Con
  • There are withdrawal fees on some payment methods Con
Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
200% up to $1,000 30x 0.0002 BTC 8, including BTC, LTC, ADA, and ETH
stake homepage

3. Club Riches – Best for VIP Scheme

The VIP program is an often ignored aspect of crypto sportsbooks. Many sites offer a standard chance to get rewards without putting too much effort into it. It’s not the case with Club Riches. It gives bettors better rewards for playing more often, which should be the whole premise behind a VIP scheme. As a result, it makes it worthwhile for regular users to sign up. Of course, it doesn’t only offer regular bonuses, there’s also a welcome bonus offer, a 100% matched deposit of up to $200, which is a nice addition for new signups.

The sporting selection is also fantastic with Club Riches. Users can discover events from many different sports, making it appealing to anyone who enjoys variety. Additionally, the market choice is top-tier, so finding good value is possible. Club Riches also gives players access to an excellent crypto casino for anyone who wants a change of pace.

The KYC policy disappoints Club Riches, as bettors must complete the verification process when creating an account. So, crypto players can’t retain their anonymity when they begin betting.

  • Pros
  • Has one of the best VIP schemes in the industry Pro
  • Provides an impressive welcome bonus to users Pro
  • An excellent range of sporting events and betting markets Pro
  • There’s access to a crypto casino Pro
  • Cons
  • The welcome bonus has high wagering requirements attached Con
Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
100% up to $200 50x $15 BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC
club riches homepage

4. Bitsler – Best for Good Value Odds

Odds are a critical aspect of the betting process. Poor odds can turn a solid bet into an unfavorable choice. As a result, it’s essential to research where the best odds are before placing a wager. Fortunately, Bitsler has some of the most impressive odds on the market. Players can find many good value bets, which helps towards overall success. While there’s no welcome bonus, Bitsler offers over 1,000 free bets each week, so bettors can access a risk-free wager that could boost their bankroll.

The sports selection at Bistler is fantastic. It gives bettors access to the most prominent sports, such as Soccer, Basketball, Football, and Hockey, but it also covers more niche options such as Handball betting. It adds to this some incredible markets and, as we already mentioned, highly competitive odds.

Users don’t have to complete the KYC process when they create an account with Bitsler. However, the T&Cs confirm it is a possibility. So, bettors who behave in a suspicious manner will trigger a verification check.

  • Pros
  • Provides some of the best odds in the crypto betting industry Pro
  • More than 1,000 free bets are available each week Pro
  • Covers many different sporting events Pro
  • Provides some fantastic betting markets to players Pro
  • Cons
  • There isn’t a welcome bonus available Con
Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
N/A N/A 0.0001 BTC 17, including BTC, ETH, and LTC
bitsler homepage

5. CloudBet – Best for Crypto Choice

Crypto is a rapidly evolving industry, it regularly has new coins appearing, offering new features to blockchain enthusiasts. So, it can be difficult for crypto betting sites to provide a valuable range to bettors. CloudBet does its best to keep up with the ever-changing landscape by offering diverse cryptocurrencies. It makes it easier for players with significant portfolios to use their favored coin and adds more functionality to the site. It also provides a substantial welcome bonus, with up to 5 BTC available, and uses a wagering mechanic, which awards the bonus as it completes.

CloudBet has an outstanding choice of different sports for bettors, with coverage for the major events in the world, all of the way down to niche competitions. It makes it perfect for anyone who enjoys researching the best value wagers. It also has excellent market options, so delving into over/under markets or handicap betting isn’t an issue.

An unfortunate downside to playing at CloudBet is its KYC policy. Bettors must provide their information to create an account. So, players lose their anonymity when they sign up to bet with CloudBet.

  • Pros
  • Has one of the most comprehensive crypto selections Pro
  • Covers a wide range of sports and betting markets Pro
  • The welcome bonus is substantial and uses an innovative wagering mechanic Pro
  • Instant crypto processing allows for rapid withdrawals Pro
  • Cons
  • Players have to complete the KYC process to sign up Con
Crypto Bonus Wagering Requirement Minimum Deposit Available Currencies
100% up to 5 BTC Unlocked over time 0.001 BTC 23, including BTC, ETH, LTC, ADA, and USDT

History of Handball Sports Betting

Handball has a complicated history with bettors. Although it’s been a near-constant fixture in the online betting world, it was only available at specialist sportsbooks before then. So, it’s been unable to build up the popularity it deserves. It’s a fast-paced game providing plenty of excitement, so it’s no surprise to see the crypto revolution helping people participate in Handball betting with Bitcoin.

Key Factors to Consider Before Placing a Bet

Betting on Handball can provide some exciting moments for players. But, there are some serious factors bettors must take into account. Our guide covers all the most vital aspects to help users place their first bet.

The legal age for betting can impact whether betting is allowed. While it’s 18 in many countries, it can be 21 in others. So, a 19-year-old traveling between jurisdictions may be unable to bet when traveling to certain areas.

The platform can also be different. Both mobile and desktop platforms are available, with sportsbooks typically amongst those with one of each. However, not every site is alike, so players should check what’s available before signing up.

KYC is also a critical factor. With crypto typically offering anonymity, some sites abide by this. However, there are crypto betting sites which require KYC verification to create an account.

Bettors must also research every bet before placing it. Using data can help players find the best Handball betting options.

How to Bet on Handball

Choose a Sportsbook and Create an Account

Choose a Sportsbook and Create an Account

The first step is to find the best online Handball betting site. Our toplist and reviews make it a simple process.

Deposit Crypto into your Sportsbook Account

Deposit Crypto into your Sportsbook Account

Making a crypto deposit is the next step. To start wagering with crypto, the account requires funds. It’s a straightforward step, with deposits made directly to the sportsbook wallet.

Browse Events and Markets

Browse Events and Markets

After funding the account, it’s time for users to search for the best events. The best online Handball betting sites will feature a wide range of competitions. Using these makes it easier to find the best value wagers, particularly if there’s a substantial selection of betting markets in place.

Select the Betting Options

Select the Betting Options

Users must set the bet they want to place and the stake. Additionally, it could be a case of using the live betting function, and waiting for the right moment.

Place Your Wagers

Place Your Wagers

After setting the stake and waiting for the right time, bettors now place their wager.

Withdraw your Winnings

Withdraw your Winnings

If the bet is successful, then the winnings will be in their account. However, it’s essential to check wagering has been completed, otherwise they won’t be able to make a withdrawal.

Benefits of Betting on Handball Online

Using online bookies offers many advantages to players. While most bettors just think of the prominent factors, such as access to more payment options, there’s plenty more to benefit users.

The first is the widespread adoption of legal crypto betting. It allows unprecedented levels of access to online sportsbooks. In the past, it could be a legal grey area to use crypto for betting, but it’s not the case in the majority of situations now.

The safety levels of crypto are on par with military technology. It ensures bettors can retain protection when playing with crypto. An additional benefit is the rapid speed for processing transactions. Users can access funds almost instantly, making it much more convenient.

Of course, Handball betting bonuses are superior with crypto. Promotions offering up to 7 BTC are available, and no fiat bonus comes close to it in terms of value. With bettors also able to remain anonymous, crypto offers the most well-rounded way to bet.

Best Crypto for Betting

cryptocurrenciesThere are plenty of crypto choices available, but they’re not all equal when it comes to betting. Anyone looking to bet on Handball must understand which cryptos are likely to be available and which is best for their needs.

  • Bitcoin: As the biggest name in the industry, it’s likely to be available at most sites. It also has the highest potential for profit, but offers the largest risk.
  • Ethereum: Offers more evolution than Bitcoin, but has a lower value. ETH is available at most crypto sites, and offers a solid way to stake on Handball.
  • Litecoin: It offers most of the benefits of Bitcoin, but is much faster and cheaper. As a result, it’s a better option for low-budget players.
  • Tether: It got its name due to it tethering to the price of the US Dollar. It provides the benefits of crypto while removing some of the risks of volatility.

What You Can Place Bitcoin Handball Bets On

There are plenty of different options for Handball betting, allowing bettors to find the best option for their requirements. Some of the most common betting choices are as follows:

Handball Betting Tips & Strategies

Knowing how to bet on Handball isn’t the be-all and end-all. Knowing how to apply different tips and strategies is the best way to increase the chances of success. With our guide beginner bettors can add to their skills in no time!

  • Odds

Searching crypto Handball betting sites for the best odds is an excellent way to improve the chances of making a profit. Better odds means a better payout. So, users will make more money from the same hit rate if they shop around for their odds.

  • Key numbers, Patterns and Tendencies

There are patterns in every sport. Key numbers are part of this, they can appear in any game and even particularly between two specific opponents. Checking these can help to improve bet success.

  • Data analysis

Analyzing data is an excellent way to get an insight into how a game might pan out. With plenty of statistical information available, bettors can discover which bets are most likely to win from a research perspective.

  • Injuries

A star player being hurt can always impact a team. So, keeping an eye on updates makes it easier to find out if a potential value bet is available.

  • Athletes & teams

The quality of each team provides the opportunity to make a judgement on who is likely to win. Betting on the underdog will offer higher payouts, but also involve higher risk. Bettors must weigh this up to work out which bet is the most sensible option.

  • Start with totals betting to get started

Beginner players should use totals betting at first. It’s a simple way to find low-risk bets, and to learn how to bet on Handball.

  • Advance your spread betting and winning margins skills

After becoming accustomed to totals betting, users can advance to spread betting. It’s an excellent way to find good value, particularly when using research to improve the chances of winning.

  • Use accumulators after increasing knowledge

Accumulators are a great way to increase the potential payouts of wagers. By combining multiple low-risk bets bettors can create a higher paying single bet.

  • Try half-time match betting

Betting on a game which is already half way through is a great way to increase winning chances. Although the payouts will be much lower, they will also be more likely to win. It’s also an excellent way to learn about Handball betting when first starting out.

Most Popular Handball Tournaments and Leagues to Bet on with Cryptocurrencies

World Championship

World Championship

The Handball World Championship has occurred since 1938, so it’s not a new event. However, initially, there wasn’t a specific period between events. While the Second World War may have played a part in the decision, it still took until 1993 for a two-year gap to be implemented. The Danish Handball team is the best team in recent years, winning three tournaments in a row between 2019 and 2023.

EHF Champions League

EHF Champions League

Similar to the Football Champions League, this event is between the best club sides in Europe. It’s a massive tournament which takes place yearly.

ANOC World Beach Games

ANOC World Beach Games

The World Beach games take place every four years, but it’s not just Handball. So, although there are some great Handball events, users can actually bet on other sports as well such as Wrestling and windsurfing!

Olympic Games

Olympic Games

The Olympics is often seen as the pinnacle of sport. It occurs every four years and is an event most bettors will know about. It gives both men’s and women’s Handball teams the chance to compete to be the best in the world!

Super Globe

Super Globe

A super cup between the top champions from each governing body from different continents. It brings together the best Handball teams in the world, for the title of best club team.

Emerging Nations

Emerging Nations

The emerging nations cup is an event for the weaker countries to participate in. It offers the chance to battle it out to be the best, and potentially make it to the bigger competitions.

Wheelchair Handball

Wheelchair Handball

Just like other wheelchair sports, Wheelchair Handball is similar to the standard version of the game, but the competitors play in wheelchairs. It’s just as fast-paced and exciting and in some cases can be even more aggressive.

5 Most Popular Handball Teams to Bet On

Handball has many popular teams, but they are not as well-known as other sports. For newcomers to the game, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest sides and some important facts.

  • FC Barcelona: It might come as a shock to see them here, but Barcelona actually have many teams across multiple sports. In fact, Paco Seirul•lo made the switch from Handball to Soccer (Football), so there’s a lot of synergy between teams.
  • SC Magdeburg: Playing in the German Bundesliga, they’re an extremely successful Handball team. Philipp Weber is one of the top players for the German team.
  • PSG Handball: Another team which covers multiple sports. PSG isn’t just successful in Soccer (Football), it’s also a top-class Handball team. In the 2021-22 season, PSG became the first French team to hit 60 points in 30 games.
  • HBC Nantes: Although not as successful as PSG, Nantes still managed to finish second in the Champions League in 2018, which is a difficult task to achieve.
  • Wisla Plock: This Polish Handball team also shares its name with a Soccer (Football) team. It’s a common occurrence in Europe. It’s won the Polish league seven times and has finished 3rd in the Champions League.


Handball might not be as popular as some of the most prominent sports, but it still offers much. It features a similar game style to Soccer (Football), Futsal, or Hockey, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to understand for fans of those games.

With some excellent betting bonuses available at crypto sportsbooks, it’s an excellent time to look at what the sport offers. Our superb toplist and sportsbook reviews ensure players can find the best choices for their punting style.

Our guide makes it simple to start betting, providing crypto bettors with straightforward steps to create an account, deposit, and place a stake. With so many exciting options, handball is worth taking a closer look at!

Q&A Session

In this section, Will Wood will address your inquiries and the most common questions regarding Crypto Handball Betting Sites and offer guidance to newcomers in the field. Feel free to submit your questions through our contact form, and we will strive to respond within 48 hours.

What is the app for handball betting?

There isn’t a specific app for it. Bettors can find some mobile apps depending on the crypto sportsbook they are using, but most sites allow players to access them through a mobile browser.

Can I bet crypto on handball?

Yes, there is a substantial selection of different crypto sportsbooks which offer Handball betting. Our toplist and reviews cover some of the best websites, allowing users to create an account and begin betting.

Are there ethereum handball betting sites available?

There are. Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptos in the world, offering lots of functionality. Because it’s so widely accepted at sportsbooks, there’s a good chance users will be able to make a Handball bet with a crypto betting site.