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Immutable and Polygon Partnership to Boost NFTs Adoption in Gaming

Immutable, a leading player in the NFT (non-fungible token) space, has partnered with Polygon to create zkEVM, a new implementation of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that is optimized for gaming and NFTs.

Immutable and Polygon Partnership
Immutable and Polygon Partnership

What is zkEVM?

Let`s break it down: zk stands for zero-knowledge proofs (aka zk-proofs) while EVM stands for Ethereum Virtual Machine.

A zero-knowledge proof or protocol is a cryptographic technique that enables one party to demonstrate to another party that a statement is true without revealing any additional information other than the validity of the statement itself.
The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is software designed to run smart contracts and calculate the state of the Ethereum network after the addition of each new block to the blockchain.

In short: zkEVM is an EVM-compatible virtual machine that uses zero-knowledge proofs (aka zk-proofs or zk-rollups) to verify and execute smart contracts. 

Why is zkEVM so significant?

The partnership between Immutable and Polygon is a significant development for the NFT ecosystem, as it addresses some of the key challenges that have been holding back the adoption of NFTs in the gaming industry. One of the main challenges has been the high gas fees associated with Ethereum, which have made it prohibitively expensive for users to buy and sell NFTs.

Another challenge has been the slow transaction times associated with Ethereum; by using ZK-rollups technology, Immutable X can reduce transaction times to a fraction of what they would be on Ethereum.

What does this mean for the Gaming Industry?

The alliance between Immutable and Polygon is expected to bring significant benefits to the gaming industry, as it will enable developers to create and distribute  NFT-based games that are both fast and reliable. It will also enable players to buy and sell NFTs without the high gas fees that are often associated with Ethereum.

Utilizing the Immutable Platform in combination with the Immutable zkEVM will expedite the development of Web3 games, and reduce the level of difficulty and risk involved for both independent developers and large game studios.

This means gamers can anticipate a surge of AAA Web3 games that will redefine the limits of what’s achievable, thanks to the collaboration between these two leading players in the Web3 gaming industry.

What`s next?

The partnership between Immutable and Polygon is just the latest example of how blockchain technology is being used to revolutionize the gaming industry. NFTs are a natural fit for gaming, as they enable developers to create unique and valuable in-game items that can be traded between players. This has the potential to create a vibrant economy around gaming, as players can buy and sell items with real-world value.

This alliance is likely to be a major step forward in the development of the NFT ecosystem. The gaming industry is a huge market, and the adoption of NFTs in gaming will be a game-changer. We at dappGambl are looking forward to seeing how developers and gamers respond to the new technology, and how it will be used to create innovative new games and experiences

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