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Silicon Valley Bank UK Acquired by HSBC UK

HSBC has recently broken the news that it will be acquiring the UK branch of collapsed Silicon Valley Bank. In this article we will give a brief overview of what SVB is, its branch in the United Kingdom, and what we know regarding HSBC’s move to take over its operations.


What Does SVB Stand For?

SVB stands for Silicon Valley Bank, a financial institution providing banking and financial services to technology startups, venture capital firms, and private equity firms. It is located in Santa Clara, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, where many technology startups and venture capital firms are located. SVB mainly focuses on the technology sector, particularly emerging technology and startup companies. It provides financing and banking services, including debt financing, venture debt, asset management, cash management, foreign exchange, and other financial services to these companies. It also offers venture capital investment, private equity investment, and other investment banking services.

SVB is known for its close relationship with the technology startup community, and has a reputation for being a supportive partner to entrepreneurs and investors. It has been instrumental in funding many successful startups, including Apple, Cisco, and Google.

The SVB UK Branch

Silicon Valley Bank’s U.K. branch was established in London in 2012 to expand the bank’s services to the growing fintech industry in the U.K. The branch primarily serves firms in the U.K. and Europe, providing them with tailored banking and financial solutions.

The U.K. branch of SVB has become an integral part of the U.K.’s fintech ecosystem, and has supported many successful fintech startups, including TransferWise and Nutmeg.

SVB UK offers various services, including foreign exchange, corporate banking, venture debt, and other financial services. The branch has also established relationships with many of the U.K.’s leading fintech accelerators and incubators, including Techstars and Level39, to support the growth of the U.K.’s fintech industry.

The bank has been recognized for winning the “Fintech Bank of the Year” award at the 2020 Fintech Innovation Awards. The award highlights the bank’s contribution to the growth of the U.K. fintech ecosystem, and its support for early-stage startups.

Overall, Silicon Valley Bank’s U.K. branch has been a successful addition to the bank’s global operations.

March 2023: Silicon Valley Bank UK Acquired by HSBC UK

HSBC UK Bank plc, a UK ring-fenced subsidiary of HSBC Holdings plc, has acquired Silicon Valley Bank UK Limited (SVB UK) for $1.22. SVB UK had loans of around $70 billion, deposits of around $8.16 billion, and recorded a profit before tax of $1.07 billion for the financial year ending December 31, 2022.

The acquisition is expected to strengthen HSBC’s commercial banking franchise, and enable the bank to serve fast-growing firms in the technology and life-science sectors in the UK and internationally. The assets and liabilities of the parent companies of SVB UK are excluded from the transaction, and the acquisition will be funded from existing resources.

HSBC will provide the final calculation of the gain arising from the acquisition in due course. The transaction was completed immediately, and HSBC will update shareholders on the acquisition during its 1Q 2023 results on May 2, 2023.

SVB and Crypto: Where it Started

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) started its operations in 1983. It has been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2014, when it formed a partnership with a Bitcoin exchange, Coinbase. It was one of the first traditional banks to recognize the potential of the blockchain technology that underpins Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and provide banking services to the cryptocurrency industry.

It also offered various other services to crypto startups, such as lending and foreign exchange. It had a team of bankers dedicated to working with cryptocurrency clients. SVB’s early support for the crypto industry helped it become a significant player in the space, and attracted many cryptocurrency startups as clients.

The bank has provided banking services to some of the biggest names in the industry, including Coinbase and Kraken.

Early Adoption

In 2014, the bank established the first dedicated fund for blockchain and cryptocurrency startups, the SVB Capital Blockchain Fund. The fund was designed to provide financial support to companies working on blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency projects, helping them raise capital and grow their businesses.

The bank’s support for the crypto industry helped to establish Silicon Valley Bank as a trusted partner for companies working in the space because, at the time, many banks were hesitant to work with cryptocurrency companies due to the regulatory uncertainty and potential risks associated with the industry.

Partnerships with Crypto Companies

The bank’s partnership with Coinbase enabled the exchange to offer its customers FDIC-insured accounts, and instant purchasing of Bitcoin using their bank accounts. This was a significant development for the industry, as it provided legitimacy and credibility to cryptocurrency.

The bank also provides Kraken with access to its payment processing network, enabling the exchange to offer faster and more reliable customer transactions.

Support for Crypto Startups

The bank has provided financing and other banking services to a range of early-stage companies, like Bitmain, helping to fuel the growth of the ecosystem.

It also backed Circle, which later became a major issuer of USDC stablecoins, and it held $3.3 billion of Circle’s $40 billion worth USD Coin reserves before its collapse. As of 2021, SVB was the go-to bank for 44% of U.S. venture-backed tech companies, many of which were in the crypto industry.

SVB has also been involved in the development of blockchain technology, which underlies many cryptocurrencies. The bank has invested in blockchain startups, and developed its blockchain-based platform for managing equity and other securities.

Thus, SVB has played a significant role in the development of the cryptocurrency industry, providing critical banking services and support to companies at all stages of development. Its early recognition of the potential of Bitcoin and blockchain technology helped to legitimize the industry, and pave the way for its growth.

The Demise of Silicon Valley Bank

It was recently announced that SVB collapsed. Its insolvency has echoed amongst TradFi and Crypto Finance alike, creating ripple effects throughout the US and Europe. The crypto-friendly bank met its end due to a chain of events that would either have set it up for great success or a fall from grace. We have covered the how and why this happened in our Silicon Valley Collapse dedicated post.

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