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Latest Release: First NFT Slot in the Metaverse World

The Metaverse and NFTs are often confusing topics. Not everyone fully understands their use case, but things become more apparent when emphasizing the gambling industry. As NFT utility for gamblers, especially as the Metaverse hype grows, becomes recognized, it’s just a matter of time until the industry merges into the Web3.


Multiple attempts have been made to integrate NFTs and create an immersive gambling experience in the Metaverse. Yet, none have been able to leverage NFTs into traditional gambling mechanics completely.

Lucky Crypto, a Cyprus-based DeFi gaming platform, has managed to multiply the excitement of owning and minting NFTs by integrating them into a slot machine. The slot machine will be placed in a decentralized Metaverse like Decentraland or The Sandbox and offer players the opportunity to spin and win NFTs.

The idea of NFT slots might seem a bit far-fetched, but it successfully aligns with the growing need for innovating the gambling industry. Even more so, this is one of the first times an NFT project is gamifying its minting event and taking a more gambling-oriented approach.

The way the NFT slot machine works requires plays to enter a decentralized metaverse, go to the Lucky Degens Embassy, position themselves in front of the gigantic slot machine in the virtual world, and spin to win an NFT. At the same time, this does not make perfect sense for people that haven’t interacted with a platform like Decentraland.

As the company frames it, a win on the NFT slot machine is actually a mint of the Lucky Degen NFT collection. Lucky Casino has taken a more unconformist route to market its NFT collection. While the collection can also be purchased through traditional means, the NFT Slot machine showcases how gambling mechanics can be used as launchpads for new projects, especially if they are targeting the gambling industry.

The NFT slot machine will include two collections. It is, however, not clear how the pricing will be modelled, but one thing that we can say is that it is an exciting way to enter the NFT market.

The metaverse gambling paradise

The virtual offers businesses, especially gambling companies, novel ways of interacting with players. Unfortunately, the current iteration of the decentralized Metaverse seems to be lacking UI consistency, but NFT and some top crypto casinos are turning on the pressure and building out forms of interactions.

Metaverse and NFT gambling require a strong catalyst to onboard more users. When META’s Metaverse finally launches, more users will become accustomed to the process, and it will become much easier for gambling companies to attract players to the virtual world.

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