Feeless World Cup Betting Made Possible On The Solana’s BetDEX Exchange

BetDEX has finally released its exchange on the mainnet of the Solana blockchain platform and has already started to accept real-money wagers, which happens to be right in line with the 2022 World Cup that is currently ongoing in Qatar.


BetDEX claims that its platform provides sports fans with an experience much better than conventional means since it doesn’t plan on charging any fee targeted at the World Cup games, which, in turn, will provide profit margins that are more enticing.

BetDEX has recently become one of the first completely licensed, regulated exchanges where sports betting takes place on the blockchain. Under the OGRA (Online Gambling Regulation Act), BetDEX has acquired an Isle of Man license to provide every kind of online gambling or gaming, including online sports betting. 

The exchange currently accepts bets from countries across Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. Also, it is based on the Monaco Protocol and is completely non-custodial.

BetDEX has continued its efforts to expand its availability and offer wagering possibilities in more than a few countries. The exchange has also stated that it will accept bets on cricket and tennis, alongside football, by 2023. 

Since it launched its open beta in October, BetDEX has collected wagers from more than 12,000 members who had early access, which signifies the interest the platform had already garnered before its launch on Solana. Moreover, BetDEX is focusing on expanding towards international markets and continuing to explore the regulatory requirements in various other countries worldwide. 

Varun Sudhakar, co-founder and CEO of BetDEX, commented on the launch, stating that it represents a significant turning point in the company’s history as it works to provide sports fans all around the world with novel experiences.

The growth of the crypto gambling market

The cryptocurrency gambling scene is poised to grow a lot in the coming years, which is true for the general online gambling sector. By launching on Solana, one of the fastest blockchains out there, BetDEX has made betting on World Cup matches possible without incurring any fees. 

With some gamblers looking to crypto gambling as a viable decentralized option, it’s worth noting that crypto casinos have gained a lot of recognition in the past year. 

Not only that, but as the Metaverse continues to expand and offer new digital gambling alternatives, it won’t be long until more users become accustomed to and demand a more transparent and systemized way of gambling.

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