DraftKings makes Steve Aoki its NFT marketplace ambassador

A merger between popular figures and established gambling platforms is not a novelty, and new NFT marketplaces require established figures to vouch for their credibility. Unfortunately, bridging the gap between traditional and NFT gambling isn’t easy, and DraftKings has found a way around it!


DraftKings, the popular sportsbook platform which has started to embrace cryptocurrency and NFT betting, announced Steve Aoki as its NFT brand ambassador. The move is set to target the specific NFT native audience to bring additional users to DraftKings.

The famous DJ will promote a specific section of the DraftKings digital marketplace: the Reignmakers franchise. DraftKings has emerged into the world of crypto with an NFT system allowing its users to compete against each other in financially rewarding fantasy events using their digital cards.

Steve Aoki will not only promote the franchise but will also have a hands-on take by having his own digital collectible collection. Launched on September 14th, the Aoki 2022 All-Star Access Pass allows users to access unique Rainmaker events and earn Aoki prizes.

Aoki’s NFT pass is focused on giving out unique prizes as experiences. The top 100 finishers will enter a championship contest, and winners of the competition will receive a special poker night experience with Steve Aoki and Matt Kalish.

After launching its NFT marketplace in August 2021, DraftKings has focused on digitizing famous and influential sports figures as memorabilia. Among those digitized as NFTs are Tony Hawk, Wayne Gretzky, and Tiger Woods.

Signing Steve Aoki is one way of generating awareness of the franchise’s NFT capabilities, and DraftKings will be able to increase its branded roaster to create the next-generation platform for fantasy sports that actively rewards its participants.

Fantasy sports with NFTs

Sports fans have always looked for ways to interact with other fans, and fantasy football or other sports have made that a possibility. However, time and hours were spent drafting the perfect team, and the reward was simply platform-based.

As NFTs help foster digital ownership, fantasy sports can provide new ways for sports fans to leverage their knowledge and generate revenue. Some companies like DraftKings are reframing how fantasy platforms interact and reward users.

Yet, as crypto is still a novel technology – I know, surprisingly, it will take some time until a decentralized and financially rewarding Web3 fantasy league will make it into the mainstream.

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