BC.GAME releases new features to improve gaming experience

There’s a growing demand for crypto gambling casinos and websites like BC.GAME are upping the ante. Blockchain casinos can differentiate from the rest of the pack by creating a refreshing look to the gambling platforms to lure in new user demographics. And that’s what established casinos are starting to do!


BC.GAME, one of the most popular crypto casinos, has just announced that it has redesigned and improved its casino experience by adding new features. The latest iteration of the website aims to give players a higher gambling satisfaction rate and bridge the gap between traditional and decentralized gambling.

BC.GAME’s updates focus on creating a more visually appealing UI, improving the previously updated layout. In addition, the casino has expanded its recommendation features as a new way to entice gamblers to try out new games.

New platform features provide more value to the end user as they are provided in-depth recommendations on possible game alternatives. They can select from several options and have detailed game descriptions and an overview of the game providers.

BC.GAME is one of the most popular are loved crypto gambling platforms. The company has partnered with notable names in the sporting industry, such as the AFL or the popular American eSports organization, Cloud9. 

New features, such as more available platform languages, game ratings, and comment or share section, aids BC.GAME in making the game experience more interactive. The platform also improved its security features with an updated KYC feedback function and an Official Staff Verification page, which conveys more trust for casino players.

After launching in 2017, BC.GAME has rapidly become a staple for top crypto games, being the first casino to implement the Lightning Network and process BTC withdrawals faster.

The move to update the UI to a fresher look helps the Crypto Casino of 2022 casino establish itself as a leading platform and a pillar of reference for its competitors.

The gap between crypto and fiat

Undoubtedly, crypto gambling is getting the attention it deserves. Even traditional casinos add crypto as deposit or withdrawal methods. However, on-chain casinos have an upper edge against most other platforms because withdrawal and deposit speeds are no match for traditional FIAT currency. Even so, that comes with the risk most players are willing to take.

As crypto casinos are starting to mimic the game experience of traditional online casinos, the need for more crypto diversity is increasing. Platforms are adding more and more depositing options, which will drive adoption while pushing established game providers to join the new casino meta. As it stands, crypto casinos have a long way to go, but that won’t be for long!

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