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Ape In Poker is bringing the excitement of poker to the Metaverse

Poker is the preferred casino-type game that will benefit from the expansion of blockchain into an immersive digital space. A skew of blockchain platforms are developing a metaverse poker experience, and with each one, the experience gets much better! Ape In Poker is one of the platforms that’s taking things a step further.


The metaverse is starting to become a digital norm, and Ape In Poker is among the platforms that aim to provide players with an immersive Web3 experience.

Ape In Poker is versed in traditional casino and sportsbook affairs; the new iteration of the platform will focus on adding cryptocurrencies into the platform’s mix. Thus, their new Poker Room Cashier is intended to attract cryptocurrency gamblers as it seeks to bridge the gap between traditional casinos and the instant blockchain cashout experience.

Cashout speed is Ape In Poker’s main benefit, as poker players can now have near-instant cashouts. Long are the days when each cashout required additional verification. Even more so, the new platform offers several blockchain cashout possibilities.

Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin are among the currently accepted blockchains, and cashouts are just the first Web3 layer added by Ape In Poker; the company is building out a completely immersive experience where players will be able to interact with others in a virtual space.

What’s more, to come is in line with the industry standard: a metaverse is in the works, which entails that digital avatars will have a metaverse casino experience, where they can walk around, select their table, and chat with other players. Again, it’s similar to how players would behave in a casino setting, only this time it’s based on Ape In Poker’s Mixed Reality.

The Ape In Poker ecosystem is live; players can play Poker and take advantage of the instant crypto cashout.

The New Meta Of Metaverse Gambling

A new digital casino experience is brewing due to the expansion of tokenization and NFTs. As cryptocurrency companies understand the need for a digitized push in terms of crypto gaming experience, metaverse platforms like Decentralnd or The Sandbox are constructing digital permissions to enable metaverse interaction for any type of game.

As casino players get frustrated with the shortcoming of digital casinos, Web3 platforms like Ape In Poker or Decentaland’s Atari Casino become alluring substitutes for players with cryptocurrency and blockchain experience. As the Metaverse industry continues to rise, gamblers will look for platforms that can satisfy a new type of gambling experience. As a result, a possible surge in metaverse casinos is on the horizon for the next two years.

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