1XBit adds Polygon to make gambling faster and cheaper

Crypto casinos are expanding their network horizons and equipping users with numerous ways of depositing and withdrawing various tokens. 1xBit is one of the crypto casino leaders that’s improving their deposit choices nearly every month!


1xBit is on the cryptocurrency tear at the moment as the blockchain casino is expanding its token deposit variety. New and existing 1xBit players will now be able to deposit and withdraw MATIC tokens and decrease their waiting times.

The addition of MATIC tokens to 1xBit is a move made by the established cryptocurrency casino that’s expanding its foothold into the world of crypto gambling. Recently 1xBit also added COSMOS crypto to the already big list of accepted cryptocurrencies.

By linking with the Polygon Chain, 1xBit aims to change how gamblers experience crypto casinos. Thus, by adding MATIC, crypto gamblers will enjoy a similar experience as regular casinos. Faster or near-instant deposits or withdrawals will be on everyone’s table!

Why Polygon is such a big deal

Polygon is a Layer 2 blockchain protocol that’s built on the Ethereum blockchain. The main benefit of Polygon and the MATIC token is its ability to have a higher transaction output and lower fees. This helps crypto gamblers as they can have a near-instant gaming experience.

The Polygon network uses the same main chain as Ethereum but has the edge over the main network. Using MATIC as a deposit and withdrawal method will enable 1xBit to take their profits as they please without waiting for more than necessary.

As MATIC can perform near-instant transactions, players can take full advantage of 1xBit’s anonymity feature and gamble anonymously without worrying about long withdrawal times. Even more so, players can gamble using more than 40 cryptocurrencies. However, adding Polygon on 1xBit makes this easier simply because MATIC is a widely accepted cryptocurrency.

Crypto gambling is getting closer to real life.

The addition of new cryptocurrencies on the crypto gambling platform is a re-occurring event as more players seek to take advantage of the financial anonymity of both cryptos and the gaming platform.

Gambling platforms are making more tokens available to increase the ease players can access the gambling platform. At the same time, game providers implement new ways for players to be profitable while withdrawing and have a gambling experience similar to that of centralized casinos. 

The winning crypto casinos will be those that will allow gamblers to quickly deposit any cryptocurrency without changing additional fees for the token variety.

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